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Crowded Castle

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A collection of funny Suikoden short stories.

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Crowded Castle

Room 01: Out of Season

"No way..." Cleo couldn't believe her eyes; she had seen a lot of odd monsters, but none like that one in the great forest. "It's a..."

Camille tilted her head curiously to look at the flying monster that passed above them, not bothering to pick a fight. Of all the monsters they could find, "it almost looks like a mistletoe fairy."

Viktor only grinned, while Kirkis, unaware of human culture, asked "what's so important about mistletoe?"

"It's a lucky find," Viktor replied, "a very lucky find indeed and we happen to be in the precense of two-"

"No," Cleo interrupted.

"But it is our duty!" Viktor argued.

"Duty this!" Camille held her weapon against his throat.

"You two have no sense of pride in your own culture," Viktor grumbled and backed off.

Gremio shook his head, "it's not even Christmas; it would be breaking tradition, right Young Master?" One couldn't tell if he was pointing out a cultural fact, or simply trying to calm the atmosphere.

Teo's son paused, then nodded, he thought it was best to just agree with Gremio. Though Gremio had to admit, without actually voicing it, that Camille's disregard for the mistletoe, even if it was the wrong season, was rather a pity.

End of Room 01

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