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Room 02

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Room 02: Echo

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Crowded Castle

Room 02: Echo

"Hello!" He had been tempted to yell at the spacious empty castle, and he did.

"Hello! Hello, hello..." A voice much like his replied.

Tir smiled in mild amusement, their castle was certainly big. He was always surrounded by friends and allies so he wasn't lonely, though he sometimes missed his father.

Even so, Tir wondered what it was like for the small group left behind to wait in that huge castle. He wondered if there would come a time when the castle no longer answered him like that.

xoxox xox xoxox

"Hello!" Their group had grown beyond what anything Tir could have expected. Now there was no room for echo, as the castle was filled with the Liberation Army; but the reply still came, from all around, in many different voices.

"Hi!" "Welcome back." "Good to see you." "How have you been?" "Another successful mission, eh?" And many more, because echo or not, the castle would always have something to say.

End of Room 02

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