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Room 03

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Room 03: Stallion's Defeat

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Crowded Castle

Room 03: Stallion's Defeat

Tir's mouth fell open in shock, his eyes, wide and his expression regretful.

"Stallion!" Kirkis called, as he saw the fall of one of his own kind.

"Oh no!" Sylvina exclaimed, she never thought she would see Stallion facing a blow so sudden that not even with his super fast reflexes he could avoid it.

The commotion brought the attention of several others and the first few to arrive were Gremio, Cleo and Mathiu. "Give him some room to breathe!" Mathiu urged.

"This is terrible, but please do not blame Young Master," Gremio examined Stallion's injury.

"I'll get the first aid kit!" Cleo ran off to do just that, returning a few minutes later as a crowd continue to gather around the inured elf. "Let me pass!" She pushed through with the first aid kit in her hands.

"Stand back, give him some room!" Mathiu insisted to no avail.

"Enough!" Stallion yelled at the top of his lungs, as he pushed past the crowd at top speed, running around them and coming to a stop next to Tir who stood frozen, as if rooted to the spot. The blue haired elf rubbed his nose, "my poor nose."

"I'm sorry!" Tir quickly apologized. Stallion had been walking past when Tir opened the door; the hit was so sudden that no even the fastest of the elves could avoid it.

"Never mind," Stallion shook his head, "you don't have to make such a big fuss about it, I'll live." With his nose a little flatter than it was before, Stallion ran off to get some fresh air at the castle's rooftop, and to escape having the overly concerned Gremio bandage him like a mummy.

End of Room 03

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