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Room 04

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Room 04: The Cave

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Crowded Castle

Room 04: The Cave

Tir wasn't sure why he went back there, to think, to be alone, to clear his head, those were some reasons, but if there was a main one, he didn't know. The point was that he entered the cave behind the shrine identified as the Cave of the Past.

As Tir ventured further into the cave, carrying only what he took with him. His footsteps echoed in the emptiness as he advanced with a slow but steady pace. Then he heard it, another set of feet approaching noisily, as if running.

"Master," the echo was distorted and eerie; Tir did not recognize the voice muffled by the harsh breathing.

Tir turned around and held his staff ready to face whatever monsters were after him. Then he saw the strange creature.

It was the size of a grown man, it's face black, it's breathing harsh, it's voice muffled, "Young Master!"

"Gremio," Tir was at ease, putting his weapon away when he recognized the one before him. He should have known Gremio would come. "Why in the world are you wearing that ridiculous mask?"

"Oh this? It's a gas mask, a new invention that I was given the task to test. I couldn't very well skip out on my duties, but I couldn't postpone my search either, I know you don't need my protection, but I worry about you, so I came to find you while testing the mask." Gremio explained.

"How would you know if it works, there's no gas here," Tir pointed out.

"Never mind that, Young Master," Gremio took off the mask. "It is best not to question inventors sometimes, or they might get inconvenient ideas."

End of Room 04

Disclaimer, I don't own Suikoden. Everyone should have been able to catch it, since this is a well known scene, but in case you missed it, Room 04 is a parody of the Star Wars scene where Luke enters the cave while training with Yoda.
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