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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Published: 2009-07-11 - Updated: 2009-07-12 - 114 words

AHHH, I'm sorry, I haven't updated in so long, I've been SO busy, and honestly things haven't been so great for me lately. But it's alright, I've got things under control so I'm gonna get back into writing more..honestly, I'm still figuring out how I'm gonna go about writing this.

In other news, I have an idea for a Green Day/Paramore crossover fic..not sure if anyone else is into both bands, but both are pretty good..sooo I guess I'm saying I'll be working on that instead of this for a bit. I'm sorry to anyone who was into this, but I guess check out my new fic if you want. (:
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