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It was morning. About foruth thirty to be exact. I woke up. Got in the shower and got ready for school. It would be about two weeks befor I have to find somewhere else to live. I had to start living off of friends again. I hated it. But school kept me together a little bit. It gave me something to distract myself with. So school was my only option at this point in time. I normally get there early to do homework. I was sitting in front of some lockers when some child came up to me. " What the hell is wrong with you? Are you some kind of freak?"

"No, I get all my work done. Unlike you."

"I get good grades."

"Sure. Then why dont you leave me alone then ?"

"Cuz you are a freak. We don't like freaks at our school."

"How am I a freak?"

"You have no parents." I got up. I hit him in his face. He fell backwards. I stratled him and started pounding on him. "Just because I don't have parents, doesn't mean that im a freak!" I would not get off of him for the life of me. The cops even came over and tried to pull me off. I wouldn't budge. They pulled out their tazor. They shot me with it. I fell to the ground. By the time I woke up I was in the nurse's office laying on a cot. I didn't want to move so I just laid there for a few minuets. I looked over and saw the kid I beat the shit out of laying only two cots away. I glared at him. He looked away. I felt powerful. I had never gotten into a fight befor. By the time I got up the nurse sent me down to the principals office. I walked in and sat down in the comfy little chiars. "Why did you hurt that child."

"Come to think of it, I actually have no idea."

"Did he say anything that might upset you?"

"He called me a freak because I don't have any parents."

"That might have been why. You seem to be very sensitive to that topic. May I ask why?"

"You would be to if you saw your mother kill your father." She didn't say anything. She just wrote something down on a pice of paper. She handed it to me. It was a refferal to a theripest. "You think that I need thereapy?"

"Well... It may help you a little bit. "

"I'm fine just the way that I am."

"Did you see what you did to that kid back there?"

"Yes I did And he deserved it. He shouldn't be going around talking like that to people who have had a horrible past like I had!"
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