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And Then There Was Gerard.

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So My Bestest Buddaayyy Amy Helped Me Write This Next Chapter (Honestly She Did Most Of The Work) So I Hope You Guys Enjoy. It Goes Back And Forth From Ashley's And Sky's POV..

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"Ashley Marie, you wake up this instant!"


I roll over and cover my head with a pillow. My mom bangs on the door, screaming about school and how I shouldn't miss the second day an' all, but I drown it out and roll over, trying to find a comfy position. A little while later I groan, sit up, and make my way to the bathroom where I take a quick shower. After that I put on some clean clothes and head downstairs to make some breakfast. Mom's already making french toast and my little brother, Mark, is sitting at the table playing his gameboy. I yawn and sit down next to him.

"Whatcha playin'?" I ask, leaning over to sneak a peak. He frowns and moves away from me. I roll my eyes and take a sip from his orange juice cup. He doesn't even seem to notice. "Morning mama," I call.

"Well well well, look who's finally up! Have a good sleep?"

"Yeah, for the most part. The neighbors kept screaming, though."

"I noticed. Mark, put that piece-of-crap game down and finish your homework," she says, piling a few slices of yummy french toast onto a plate. My stomach growls and I rub it. Mark mumbles something I can't hear and tosses his machine into his back pack, throwing me a look that says, "Don't you dare tell," and works on his homework. I roll my eyes again and turn back to mom.

"So uh, what time do you have to work?"

"I don't...oh shit-sorry Mark-I gotta go right now!" She throws the rest of the food onto another plate and runs up stairs. "Ashley, would you take your brother to school for me? I'm running a little late."

"Me? But I-"

"Look, just take Mark to school and you can stay home, okay?" I smile.

"Alright, fine by me. C'mon Mark, hurry up and eat." He squints his eyes at me and takes a big bite. I laugh and eat mine in just a few bites. "Alright, you can eat at school or something. Let's go. Oh and make sure the car's turned on." He shovels the rest into his mouth, grabs the car keys, and runs out to the car. I lock up the house, skip to the car, climb in, and turn the radio on. Guns N' Roses are the highlight of my day.

"Ugh, turn this shit off!" Mark yells over the loudness of it. I frown at him and then turn it down, just a little bit. I don't even bother telling him to watch his mouth, considering he's almost thirteen, and I've been cussing since I was about eight. Hey, ALL the cool kids did it. But then again....I'm not exactly cool anymore, am I? Man..I keep forgetting this isn't elementary or junior high anymore! Up until now, everyone knew who I was. So technically I was cool and popular. But I was also at the top of the food chain last year in eighth grade, whereas now I'm a little shrimp again. OK, not a shrimp-shrimp, considering my height, but whatever. I pulled up to the curb and dropped Mark off.

"Have a nice d-"

"Bye loser."

Mark slammed the door and ran over to a group of short nerds, gameboys in the hand of each of them. I roll my eyes and laugh. Behind me a car honks and I flip them off, then drive away down the street. I drive a little farther down the road until I reach my school. Huh, what d'ya know; I'm late! I smile and continue driving, not realizing until I pulled up in front of a crappy looking run-down house where I was. Hm...Bob better be in the mood for company. I shut the car off, climbed out, and walked up the front walk way. I peeked in the window and saw none other than Skylar sleeping on the couch. I knocked on the door.


Loud knocking on the door wakes me up, right out of a dreamless sleep. I stand up and rub my eyes, then walk over to the door, look out through the peep hole, and see Ashley's familiar face. I groan.

"Robert Nathaniel Bryar, you open this cotton-pickin' door right now!" she yells. She is so lucky I'm not black. "Bob!" Huh, she must've been knocking for a while. I walk over to the stairs.

"Bob! Somebody's here for you..and if she asks..I'm not here." I hear Bob's door swing open and he stomps downstairs. I walk into the kitchen as the front door opens.

"Oh, hey Ash."

"Hey Bob. Can I come in?"

"Uhh yeah, sure, make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back." I hear Bob climb the stairs again.

"So," Ashley says loudly. "I hear there's a lovely young LESBIAN hiding somewhere. Bob, did you eat her yet?" she yells up the stairs. I close my eyes.

"Fuck," I whisper to myself. God,she's so annoying! Can't she just-wait. How does she know Bob?

"Uh no..I-I haven't seen her..M-maybe she left?" Bob stutters. Stupid asshole, can't even lie correctly. Fucking druggie.

"Yeah right, like she would leave? Come on, Bob, I saw her sleeping on your couch not too long ago. Yes, that one." I almost growl, and it's about all I can do to stop myself from marching in there and beating the shit out of someone.

"I don't know what you're t-talking about, Ash," Bob lies again.

"Whatever Bob. I'll find her later. So I was wondering...since I'm already over here and I'm not leaving you have any smoke?" I frown. I didn't take her for a smoker.

"Well that depends, honey. What kind of smokes?"

Ashley chuckles. "Oh, you know...leafs?" Oh my God she's a stoner!

"Oh! Well uh, of course! But do you really want to? I mean you have school and-"

"And nothing. I'm not going in today, Mom said I could stay home." I could hear the smile in her voice. "Come on, Bobby, do I have to beg?" Bob chuckles.

"Well, you could..among other things." I almost puke.

"In your dreams, Bob."

"Yeah, in my dreams I'm fuckin' you all night long."

"Ew..what a man-whore!" I whisper to myself. "Ugh, I am so outta here." I look around for a window, find one, and attempt to jump out without breaking anything. I succeed at first...until my foot knocks over a stack of dirty plates and I end up practically rolling out the window, head first. My face scrapes along the house and I land on my back. "Oh fuck." My head is killing me!


Bob and I both hear the plates crash in the kitchen, and we run in just in time to see what could only be Skylar's shoe fly out the window. "Oh fuck," I hear her moan. Bob cracks up laughing. I hit him.

"Shut the fuck up, what if she's really hurt?"

He just shrugs. "She shouldn't have broke my plates." I roll my eyes and run out the front door and around to where she's on her knees, clutching her head. I walk over and help her up.

"Ugh fuck this hurts!" I look at her face and see a couple deep scratches, but nothing too serious. Good, I don't have to drive yet!

"I bet. Come on, let's go put some nice band-aids on that pretty face of yours."

"Shut up, it ain't pretty." I giggle at her red-neckness. "What?"


"Oh." We're pretty quiet until after she's got enough band-aids on her face. Then she says, "I'd never take you for a smoker."

"Yeah, most people don't. My mom suspects it, of course, but it's actually been quite a while since I did it last."

"How long?"

"Give or take at least six months." She nods. "You?"

"How did you-"

"It's in your eyes."

"Oh. Well I quit this summer, actually. But I've been struggling with it a little, because it's just so tempting and it helps me with my mom's tempers, ya know?" I nod. "But I'm determined to stay clean. If my mom found out, she'd probably beat me with a rake." I giggle.

"Where would she find a rake?"

"You'd be surprised."

"I bet. My mom would probably just throw a mini tantrum and then demand that I share it with her."

"Really? That's sick, dude."


Another moment of silence passes.

"So how do you know Bob?"
I laugh and then reply, "Sky, everyone knows Bob. It started a couple years ago. Ray met Bob and when he first got into trouble Bob was the one that took him in. Same thing happened last year for me, when my parents split and I started skipping school."

"Aw dude, that sucks monkey balls. What kind of trouble did Ray-"

"Ask him yourself." Sky nods and stands up.

"Well, we better get down there then. Who knows what could happen. Especially since I could use some smoke right now," she smiles. I raise a brow.

"I thought you wanted to stay clean? The rake, remember?"

"Fuck the rake. I wanna have some fucking fun!" We laugh all the way downstairs, where we find Bob chillin' on the couch along with a certain boy that I haven't seen in God knows how long. My eyes go wide.

"Hey Ashley. You remember Gerard, right?" Bob asks casually. I nod.

"Yeah, how could I forget?" my voice wavers. I swallow. They both chuckle. Sky sneezes, earning a "Bless you" from all of us.

"So who's your friend, Ash?" Gerard asks, and I slightly glare at him.

"Skylar, meet Gerard. Gerard, likewise."

"Nice to meet you. How long have you known each other?"

"We just met like yesterday," she says. I mumble that I'm gonna go get something to drink and leave the room. When I return, they go all quiet on me and I stop short.

"What were you guys talkin' about?" I ask slowly, eyeing Gerard. He smirks.

"We were just talking about school."

"Sure, and I'm a dog," I say sarcastically, tossing a glance Sky's way. She bites her lip and looks down. I get really irritated and just barely manage not to scream. "Somebody tell me what the fuck is going on!"

Gerard clears his throat and I look at him, as if to say 'You gonna tell me yet, asshole?' He smirks again and says, "Chillax, Ashley. We were just talking about school and where Skylar comes from. You know how I love learning about other states." I roll my eyes and look at Sky.

"It's totally true, Ash." She flashes me a smile.

"Whatever. You know she's totally gay, right?" Gerard frowns ever so slightly, confirming his interest in her. I give him my best 'Yeah, no luck jerk' smirk and grab my coat. "Well, it's been nice chatting with you guys, but I'd best be getting home." I get all the way to the door before turning on my heel. "Oh, Bob?"


"I want my smokes. Drop 'em off later, will ya?" I say in my sweetest voice. He swallows hard.

"Uh yeah, sure. But I might have to bri-"

"Gerard stays here. Or else I'm not paying you." Skylar giggles quietly, possibly remembering Bob's remark on dreaming about me earlier. I frown. "Got it?"

"Yup, sure thing hun. Sure you don't wanna stay a little while longer?" I shake my head.

"I don't wanna be around that thing any longer than I have to. Bye Bob, Skylar...Gerard." I turn on my heel, walk out the door and climb in my car, then crank the radio and drive off. Stupid fucking fucker wants to mess with my head, huh? Well I can mess right back!


After Ashley storms out, I look over at Bob curiously. "So uh, what happened to make her so pissy?"

Bob chuckles and Gerard answers, "She's just a natural bitch. Always has been, always will. You know why?"

"Uh, obviously if I did, I wouldn't be asking you why she's acting so uptight, now, would I?" I reply a little irritably. Damn, Ashley's attitude must've rubbed off on me.

"She wants me," he says, as if I hadn't even spoken in the first place. Jeez, what a douchenozzle!

"Ha! You think everything that walks wants you, Gerard." Whoo, go Bob!

"I do not. You're just too blind and maybe a little jealous, Bob, that you're almost an adult and still a virgin!" Oh dear Lord...

This starts a fight, which I'll spare you all the boring details and shit. This is what went down: Bob swung a helluva punch, caught Gerard square in the jaw, and Gerard fell backwards onto the couch, rubbing his jaw. He smirked and lunged at Bob, catching him off-guard, and they went down in a furry of punching and biting and scratching and, surprisingly, no yelling. In the end, Gerard had the most damage. Well I mean that shoulda been obvious, seeing as Bob is like this huge ass mother fucker who can knock you down soon as look at you. I laughed my ass off the entire time and got death glares from both of em. Oh sweet joy!


Somebody's knocking on my door. I sigh, crawl out of bed, and slowly make my way downstairs. "Hang the fuck on, I'm coming!" I yell. Meh, they probably can't hear me. Whatever, it's just Bob and possibly Sky and- Gerard?! I open the door with a creepy grin on my face. It's a forced smile, what can I say?

"Oh, hey guys. Gerard. Come on in! Oh, but you have to stay outside. Mom says no pervs in the house, after what happened last time you were here. Toodles!" I pull Skylar and Bob in and slam the door in It's face. Sky reels on me.

"OK, what the fuck! Why are you all of a sudden being such a-a-a bitch?" she all but screams. I blink and sit down on a stool.

"He has it coming," I say simply. "He treats people like utter crap, steals my friends, uses them, dates them, fucks them, then dumps them, and he thinks everyone wants him. He's worse than country music," I finish and Sky shudders.

"Man, he must be one bad egg!"

"Actually, I'm just a bad cock. No wait..nah, it's all good."
"How did you-?"

"You really should learn to lock your back door, Ashley. You never know who could get in."

"Bob," I say, ignoring Gerard,"did you bring it?"

"Yup! You wanna smoke it now? Sky and Ge-" He stops at my glare. "Uh, Sky wanted to smoke some too. That okay?"
"Oh of course!"

So we smoked. It was fun. Okay, so it was horrible; I couldn't stop thinking about how much my life sucked at this point in time. And if you haven't figured it out, me and Gerard don't get along too well. He's just..UGH! He's like this gigantic bubble and the only thing stopping him from popping is his ego. His GIANT ego. Don't ask why, but he thinks every girl out there wants him. Even me. Ew, like I could ever like him. Even if he is kinda cute..And the way he smirks is just-

Okay, I'm outta here.
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