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Chapter 10: Fight to the Light of Pure Minds

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Is there really a place in the world for a half daemon boy haunted by his past and mocked by his future? Alternate Universe.

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Chapter 10: Fight to the Light of Pure Minds

by: ellyse the silent


((A/N: Warning! There is some violent/sexual-molestation-of-children related dialogue in this chapter. If stuff like that bothers you, just skip the end of the chapter.))



Kaede and I were walking back from the bus stop on the corner when I suddenly saw Sango's car in front on my house. I grabbed Kaede and dragged her over behind a bush separating the wall around the shrine from another house's yard. Sango stood on my front porch with my purse in her hand; ringing the doorbell.

"Kago-" Kaede started but I hushed her.

Sango shot a look around the yard and then trotted around the house. Kaede shifted beside me as Sango came back around the house. Kaede left my side and calmly walked out to meet her. I stared after her in concern wondering what she was doing.

"Hello dear, lovely morning isn't it?" Kaede smiled at Sango.

Sango blinked confusedly then she attempted a smile back at her. "I guess."

"What's wrong, dear?" Kaede asked.

Sango looked around quickly before speaking, "Do you live around here?"

Kaede nodded. "Yes, I am Kagome's neighbour. Why?"

Sango looked around again before leaning forward and saying in a lower voice, "I put her purse in the well house. Can you tell her?"

"Yes, I will tell her." Kaede smiled at Sango before turning towards her house and walking away with a wave.

Sango waved half-heartedly back and got into her car.

After Sango left, roaring down the street, Kaede turned to look at me. I walked around the bush and gave her a thumbs up.

"Thanks Kaede!"

She smiled a little and nodded at me. "If you want to come for dinner later... five-thirty maybe, we would love to have you."

I pushed open the gate and looked back at her. "Maybe... Thanks for everything Kaede."

Kaede nodded and turned away, walking back towards her house.

I ran to the well house and found my purse, just inside the door.


The kitchen was dark when I slipped into the house. Feeling almost like a stranger in my own home, I walked through the dark kitchen. Afraid something would jump out at me. The red light on the answering machine was flickering. I walked slowly over to it and pressed the button.

"-You have ... two ... new messages-" The robotic sounding man said. "-First message-"


"Kagome? This is your mother. I have been calling your cell phone! Where are you? Call me back right now!" I shivered from the anger radiating of the message but then I shrugged it off; she could wait.


"-Second message-"

"'Gome... this is Sango." The slurred voice giggled a little. "We're here and... where are you?" Sango hiccupped. "You and Inu-Yasha didn't... Oh my god! You didn't hook up did ya?"

I pressed the delete button angrily and turned away from the phone. The fridge was almost empty and the dim light from the open door cast weird shadows behind me. Disinterested in really finding something to eat, I closed the refrigerator and walked to the stairs. I felt depressed. How could Sango have done this to me? In a fit of anger I grabbed for the phone and pounded in Sango's number.

"Moshi-moshi," Sango answered her mobile phone.

"Sango, you left me at the party, alone! And without my keys! This calls for a major bitch-slap!" I seethed. I loved staying with Kaede and Inu-Yasha but my betrayal ran deep. "I can't believe you got drunk and ditched me!"


"And you have the audacity to call my house and leave a drunken massage asking where I was!" I wasn't done but she interrupted.

"Kagome! I'm so sorry!"

There was a short pause and I took a deep breath. "Yeah me too. I need a little time Sango, please."

She sounded like she was crying, "Take all the time you need. You are my best friend; I need you to be my best friend!"

"I'll talk to you later, Sango."

"I am so sorry!"

"Bye." And I hung up and tossed the phone on the floor.

I felt like a heartless bitch, but I really needed the space. Pulling out a notebook I grabbed a black pen and started scribbling away. A few minutes later I looked down at my paper rereading what I had thrown there.

no one knows what I need

no one should have to deal with me

I can't contain my sadness

I have no anger-

only madness .

.crazy turnings of my life

I tossed the notebook on my bed, disgusted with my feeble attempt at poetry. The phone rang, startling me and making me jump. I picked it up and looked at it dubiously for a moment before hitting the talk button.

"Hello?" I answered cautiously.

"Hi Kagome." It was Kaede.

I wondered what this was about. "Oh... hey Kaede."

"Have you decided about dinner yet?"

Oh yes... Duh Kagome. "Yeah. I'd love to but I am kinda tired and I have some stuff I need to do before my Okasan gets home." I felt bad for brushing her off but I wasn't sure I wanted to see Inu-Yasha again so soon. I needed some time to figure out how I felt about him.

"Oh that's ok Kagome. We will have you over another time." She didn't sound put off.

"Thanks again for everything Kaede."

"You are very welcome."

"Thank Inu-Yasha for taking me home with him for me please," I murmured.

"Of course."

"Thanks. Bye."




When I got home it was dinnertime and Kagome wasn't there. Kaede was reading the newsletter from the Gallery of the Innocents while stirring a pot that simmered on the stove. The house seemed cold and silent without Kagome in it.

"Inu-Yasha?" Kaede looked up at me as I slunk into the kitchen.

"Keh..." I grunted and collapsed in the chair Kagome had sat in hours before.

She glanced at me before looking back at the paper. "They are having a contest for painters. You should enter."

"And what?" I snapped.

Kaede ignored my tone and continued, "Art is what you love. Why should you not do what you love?"

"Get famous, get caught and get killed?" I growled. I wasn't in the mood for this. "No thanks."


"It's true... " I stood and stalked to the door.

Kaede looked after me, "Where are you going?"

"To kill my punching bag."


I beat the bag in the basement Kaede and I had made into a workout room with the money from my first championship. It was like my sanctuary away from my messed up existence. My messed us existence that included him... His face appeared in front of me and I hammered the bag harder, remembering his voice and, oh God, his touch...


"What do you want Inû shit?"


"What do you want me to do to you?

What to say? What they made me say. "H-hurt me." My tongue felt leaden as I whispered the words of my doom. I hate this.

"That's right."

I am dieing inside my mind. I can't escape you.

"Why do you want me to hurt you?"

I am killing you inside my mind. "B-because I..." The last word is a whisper of pain and nothingness. "L-l-like it."

"You like it?" He grinned maliciously, obviously relishing my reluctance.

Just do it so I can be alone. Just finish so I can die.

"Take off your cloths Inû shit."

Why do I do what you say? Why I am letting you take my life away?

"Come here."


"Put your hands here so I can tie them. Good."

I close my eyes and wish you away but... you are still here - touching me.

"You're beautiful Inû."

Don't say that. I think I will die if you say that again. Stop looking at me!

"Are you ready?"

You won't start until I tell you I am ready. Why? "R-r-ready." And you beat me - numb; and broken into shards. Whipping my back until it is nothing, but the colour of blood. My mirror image is filled with nothing, but blackness. My eyes see nothing but white pain, my ears hear nothing but pain. All I can smell is coppery Blood, running down the pieces of broken bodies: mine is among them.

"I like it when you scream."

And I do scream. Again - again - again - until my throat is raw from screaming.

When the night
calls my name
fading into
endless hell -
and following,
my body born
into everlasting
Is my soul flying
on black angels wings?

I don't wake from the darkness of unconsciousness for hours. When I do I am still tied to the rack, naked and cold, but alone! So wonderfully alone.


I stopped beating the bag only when it split in half, strewing granules all over the floor. I didn't realize I had been crying until I reached up to brush my hair back and found my face was wet.

"Oh God!" I groaned out loud collapsing into a heap among the ruins of my punching bag. Why did this have to be me? This... disgusting child in my mind.

((A/N: Wow formating all those HTML tags was brutal! Anyway that wasn't too bad I don't think. :-) Maybe I will up the rating anyway... I was depressed when I wrote most of this and it took a rather dark turn. I don't think I will bring this out to often. And again... I hope it didn't offend but you WERE warned. Please review! Special thank you to petpeeves12 who edit this chapt. for me.))
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