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Chapter 11: School Removes My Will

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Is there really a place in the world for a half daemon boy haunted by his past and mocked by his future? Alternate Universe.

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Chapter 11: School Removes My Will

by: ellyse the silent



I walked to school slowly that Monday morning. My mind was filled with confusing thoughts: most of them centred on Inu-Yasha. I wondered vaguely if he would talk to me at school.

The classroom was a buzz with the talk about the party. I heard Hojo talking with Eri.

"I heard that the police came. Is that true?" Hojo asked. Being a good mama's boy he hadn't gone to the wild party. He was a very good boy I guess. I doubt he'd ever do anything so wild as go to a dance.

Eri grinned, "Yup, they broke it up and got a few kids names."

Hojo's eyes got huge. "What kids?"

"Kids who were bringing in beer." She grinned wider if that was even possible. She seemed way too excited about that.

I tuned them out and stared out the window. My stomach growled loudly, protesting that I had skipped breakfast. Someone came up and stood just behind me at my shoulder. I thought for a moment that it was Sango, but then the person cleared their throat. Male. I looked back over my shoulder. Inu-Yasha stood looking down at me.

I almost fell out of my seat in my haste to stand up. "Inu-Yasha! Uh... I mean Shiro-kun..." I could feel my cheeks getting hot. "Hi!"

One side of his mouth curved upwards. "Hi."

He held out a plastic bag to me. I stared at it for a moment before taking it.

"Your clothes." He said in a low voice so the other people around us wouldn't hear. I blushed a little.

"Oh..." I thought of Kaede's clothes, wadded up on my floor where I had thrown them last night.

"Okasan, says to keep the clothes she gave you."

"But I couldn't!" I protested thinking of the rich materials and how much they must have cost.

He shrugged, "I just deliver the messages."

My stomach spoke up just then and he looked at me for a long moment before handing me another bag. It was a smaller ordinary looking brown paper bag, but looks could deceive.

"What's this?"

Inu-Yasha shrugged again. "I told you, I just deliver the messages." He did a little grin.

I opened my mouth to press him for answers but the teacher, Shinri-san, came in. Everyone hurried to get into their seats. I stuffed both bags underneath my desk and straightened as she began role call.


There was no answer from the empty seat. The teacher simply moved on to the next name on her list but the class looked at each other and started whispering about alcohol and school parties. I didn't care if Kouga ever came back to school... the bastard!


"Here," Hojo called from the front row.


"Present, Shinri-san."

Shinri-san smiled at him and then her eyes searched out my desk. "Higurashi?"

"Yes." I answered.


Yura glared at the teacher and shifted her red comb to her other hand. "Here."



I turned to look back at him, in the last row. He was leaning on the desk, his head balanced on one hand so his hair fell forward over his shoulder. The whiteness of it was shocking against the black T-shirt he was wearing. He shifted a little in his seat and the loops of chains attached to his black pants scraped again the metal of the desk. He wasn't wearing the dress code again. His blatant rebellion looked out of place among the neat students in their olive green and white uniforms. He usually didn't bother with the uniform if he was leaving early for Kendo practice.

His eyes flicked over the class and then met mine, resting there. How could someone have such bright golden-amber eyes? He had to be wearing contacts. It was a strange colour choice for a Goth. Rather too bright and cheery... and yet on Inu-Yasha the colour was almost brooding.

Inu-Yasha didn't break the eye contact and we sat there staring at each other; me, unable to look away and him, not releasing me from his golden gaze.

It was strange to see Inu-Yasha looking at me without even a hint of a glare. His were the eyes of someone who had seen too much. A person who had been through too much and who had yet to go through a fire that was to come. His gaze cradled me and held me up and away from the hidden secrets inside.

Secrets... the secrets that Kaede had warned me about. My thoughts were interrupted by Shinri-san.

"Book discussion, class. Get in your groups."

Inu-Yasha blinked and released me. I stood up slowly, suddenly drained of energy. The people in The Phantom of the Opera group moved to the place we had our rather violent discussion last class period.

"I hope you all completed the assignment and read the next three chapters." Shinri-san said rather menacingly from the front of the classroom.

Hojo started asking the questions again. "What did you think of the chapters?"

"Raoul is a stupid flop." Inu-Yasha pointedly glared at Hojo.

Hojo didn't seem to notice. "Well... I like Raoul..."

"Why don't we study something Japanese?" Mikazawa was determined to be as much of an asshole as he possibly could.

"Maybe Erik was Japanese." Sheta offered.

Mikazawa scoffed, "That's the dumbest thing I ever heard!"

"You obviously don't listen to yourself." Inu-Yasha snarled.

"I have to listen to you, which is worse." Mikazawa shouted. InuYasha looked at him blandly.

"Mikazawa!" Shinri-san came running over to our group in the hopes of stalling any physical violence between the two. "Both of you to the principal!"

"For what?" Mikazawa asked.

"You for disrupting the class and Shiro for disregarding the dress code... again!" Shinri-san's face was turning red with anger. I hoped the vein pulsing in her forehead didn't explode. Although... it did look kind of funny.

Inu-Yasha stood up and walked out of the class without a backwards glance, but Mikazawa stayed and fought for his case. Mikazawa looked rather like a rabbit that had taken a wrong turn and finds itself backed into a corner.

"You're just an egotistic maniac who wants to shove the children of this generation into little moulds!" He practically screamed in her face.

"Jeez! What has he been smoking?" Some one behind me whispered.

"What is this? Are going to start spouting pro-idiot agenda in our curriculum?" He was gaining momentum. "I think you have a thing with being dumb. You want all the kids in your classroom - no! - in the whole world to be as stupid as you! I bet you even conspire-"

He would have gone on but Inu-Yasha walked back in and dragged him out of the classroom. We could hear him yelling for a few more moments and then there was silence.

"Maybe Shiro-kun killed him." Someone said hopefully. There were scattered giggles and scoffs over the room.

"I didn't know he was so unstable." Eri whispered to Yura.

"Shinri-san?" I raised my hand.


I swallowed, "I don't feel to good... can I go to the nurse?"

Shinri-san nodded to the hall pass on the wall and turned back to the class to try and keep order. I shoved the bags Inu-Yasha had given me into my backpack before racing out the door.

I slowed at the stairs, determined to make my freedom last as long as possible. When I got to my locker I pulled out the paper bag Inu-Yasha had given me and opened it slowly. There was a white piece of paper and... cookies? Yum! Oatmeal cookies, my favourite! I finished shoving my backpack into my locker and shut the door before opening the note. The handwriting was elegant and looked like it had been written with a brush and ink.

Dear Kagome,

Here are your clothes. I wanted to wash them for you before returning them. Parties can be messy places. I want you to keep the clothes I gave you. They were my sister's but she is dead to me now. You remind me of her and they are so beautiful on you.


Heiwa Kaede

One phrase jumped out at me: "...but she is dead to me now." Now? Slip of the pen? Not important? Something deep inside me whispered, 'More secrets.'

I pulled a cookie out of the bag and stuffed it in my mouth as I walked towards the nurse's office wondering what BS I could use to pretend I was sick. Maybe I cauld sat I had a stomach ache... As I neared the office I heard angry voices arguing back and forth. One sounded like Inu-Yasha.

"You should go jump off a sky scraper!" Mikazawa's voice grated on my ears.

"You should go stick your head in the toilet and flush it a few times." Inu-Yasha snapped back.

I pushed the door open slowly and walked into the office. They both went silent and looked up at me: Mikazawa with dislike and Inu-Yasha with no emotion on his face. I realized I was clutching the bag with white knuckled hands.

"What are you staring at?" Mikazawa shot at me. I was rather surprised that he didn't tack on a derogatory name.

"Nothing." I mumbled and walked past them and the hideous orange plastic chairs left over from the 80's that were set up invitingly for the delinquents that got sent to the principal. "Hi?" I approached the lady at the desk cautiously.

"What?" She snapped; glaring over her severe wire rimmed glasses.

I swallowed and found my throat was dry. "I don't feel well."

"Test today?" She smirked at me.


"I'll let the nurse know when she comes back from her bathroom break."


But she had already turned back to her computer. I saw The Adventure Quest login screen before I turned away. So this was what secretaries did in their spare time? What a lazy butt.

The principal burst in from the hallway and stopped short when he caught sight of the two boys. A look of disgust came over his face, then annoyance with hints of anger.

"You two again?" They didn't reply. Inu-Yasha didn't even look up. The principal caught sight of me then. "Higurashi? Not you, too?"

"No sir, I am here to see the nurse." I replied.

He sighed in relief. "At least my honour students haven't started brawling. Come on Mikazawa. I only have time for one of you before my meeting."

Mikazawa stood up and shot a look of hatred at Inu-Yasha. "See you in detention pretty boy."

Inu-Yasha didn't even look up. His broad shoulders were stiff and his back was straight betraying his anger. After the principal disappeared into his office I walked over to Inu-Yasha timidly.

"Hi." I said brightly hoping to get a reaction or recognition... anything!

"Hi." He answered in a monotone voice.

"Can I sit here?" I motioned to the seat next to him. He shrugged so I sat down rather quickly, a little afraid he would change his mind.

"I am glad I didn't have much homework this weekend." I tried to strike up a conversation. He didn't answer.

"Your mom's cookies are really good." He wasn't even looking at me. I was getting desperate!

"Shiro-kun?" He looked into my eyes for a second before finding something over my head more interesting. I frowned at him. "It's like I am talking to myself."

"Ok," his eyes bored into mine with a challenge. "Fine. Ask me something."

"Uhm..." I grasped for a good question. Wait... he was an artist right? Colours are important to artists. "What's your favourite colour?"

I half expected him to make a jibe that it was a stupid question, but suddenly he went very still and looked off over my shoulder with a hot amber stare.



"Shiro-kun?" Kagome was staring at me, a worried expression on her face, waiting for an answer to her question. Can I tell you? Would you understand?

I painted a picture
full of red.
Red like blood;
red like the sunset
splintering shards
of light across the lake.
I painted a rose
in the cool morning air,
made more crimson
and alive by the imperfections
that make it perfect.
I painted an old woman
wearing a red kimono
for her funeral;
her last kimono-
silk- the richest fabric
she has ever worn.
I painted a fire
all consuming
burning my soul
in a fury of light.
Red is my friend
and my enemy
my muse
and my haunting demon.
Red is beautiful.
And sometimes red scares me.

"Red." I finally answered just the nurse came in.

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