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Anyone wanna be in a story? Plot inside.

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I want to write what is basically a continuation of my one-shot Identity, and if you would like yourself (or your character) to be in it, you can fill out the form below.

Just to fill you in about the plot though, it takes place in a mental hospital, and you/your character will be a patient there. The story will most probably be in Frank's point of view, and you/your character will in various ways interact with him. Please specify if you do not want to be "mean". One girl/guy MIGHT be paired with Frank later.

I NEED BOTH GUYS AND GIRLS. Since there's mostly only girls here, I request some of you to create guy characters. If not, I'll just make em up.

Anyway, in the form, you'll have to make some stuff up. Without further ado...

Name (nothing totally unrealistic):

Age (keep it teenaged):

Disorder/why you are in the hospital:

Since when have you had this disorder?:

Preferred partner (MCR, Bert McCracken, or original):

Appearance (note that you are in a hospital; piercings will be taken out):


Additional information:

The more details you give, the more reasons I can find to pick you. The additional information section is where you can feel free to rant about yourself/your character
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