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I chose. Finally.

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Sorry it took awhile for this, I just wanted to make sure everyone could get their auditions in. I was very pleased with the amount of people interested :) Unfortunately, I couldn't choose everyone, or the story would end up being completely plotless. So, here are the people whose "auditions" I not only liked, but also fit in with the story.

The characters that will be in the story

Thalia - IeroMyHeroMCR

Cassadee - puddangclaner

Ash (guy) - _Amy_Revenge_

Elliot - KrissElECtRiKK

The characters that will be minor characters in the story (occasional cameos?)

Lynai - shehadtheworld12

Chey - xmcrmentalx

So, congratz for whoever made the story. And the others, I apologize. Thank you for taking the time to fill out all that information anyway.

And, all the guys won't be main characters. I think Frank, Ray, Bert, and maybe Gerard. This is just to avoid the annoyance of too many characters, because I've noticed that when stories use too many characters, it ends up looking ameteurish and lame.

The story's gonna be called "Borderline". Named after the Buckcherry song, if anyone's curious.

I will put up the fist chapter of the story sometime this week, I think.

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