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Chapter 53

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Kat's P.O.V

“HELP ME!” I screamed, the puddle on my jeans spreading. My waters had broken. This wasn't going well, first Gerard and I argue and then he gets pulled away from me. And now I was going to give birth to the baby without him.
William picked me up from the ground and went to take me to the living room. I noticed that a shiny square package lay on the ground and realised that Gerard must have dropped it. “Wait, get that! I need that!” I pointed to the abandoned CD on the floor and Ellie grabbed it quickly.
William lay me down on the couch gently and I lay frozen. “What do you want me to do with this babe?” Ellie knelt down beside me and laid her hand on my wrist. I pulled it from her quickly and lay it on my stomach. My tight wounds stung as they were pressed down on the smooth cotton of my t-shirt. I flinched and motioned at the CD player with my hand. She gathered my thoughts and pressed the CD into the disc player.
“GET OUT! EVERYBODY OUT!” Trace came to stand beside me but I screamed at him and he left slowly. Ellie nodded at me and pressed the play button. The door closed behind her and I was left alone. Just me, my unborn baby and a CD.

“If I could stay once more I think would,
If could give some more you know I could.
My words won't sting again I promise you.
Sorry won't be the word I use to say,
goodbye to you. Goodbye to you.”

Gerard's voice echoed eerily around the warm room and goosebumps prickled my skin. The background strings warped the ghostly shadow of Gee's voice as if cocooning it in broken pleasure. Gee's voice echoed in my mind as his earlier screams as his best friend had dragged him out of the front door. We still loved each other, that much was obvious, so why were our families trying to keep us apart? Did they really think we were that bad for one another?
And why wouldn't Gerard apologise to Si? He knew he'd hurt him, nearly killed him in fact. SO why wouldn't he do the right thing and apologise. It was one word, sorry. 5 measly letters. Sorry.

A sharp pain shot across my stomach and I screamed out. Ellie came stumbling through the door and fell down to my side. “The ambulance will be here soon. It going to be okay. Where's the pain?” I rubbed my swollen belly and Ellie sighed. “This is it. It's coming.” It was if she was reassuring herself. William and Trace were in the room now and I grabbed Will's arm. “Where's Gerard? I need him.” Will looked from Trace to Ellie who shrugged.
“Him and Ray have gone. They have to go meet Bob.” He brushed down my hair gently and I screamed once again as a sharp pain pushed against the wall of my stomach. “Kat keep going, your doing fine.” The baby continued to move around and the pain was getting worse by the minute. I needed Bob, he was supposed to care about me. He should be here, holding my hand. And what about Gerard? If I could have anybody with me it would have to be him. Donna came rushing in then, her arms laden in bags. Trace had had me pack just in-case. The only problem was that Donna wasn't sure of which bag was which and so Trace took the load from her arms and took my criminal damage bag from the ground and slung it over his shoulder. “Have we got everything?” he asked me quietly I nodded slowly as another wave of pain swept through my body. “OMG! Where's the ambulance?!” My voice was shrill and angry. Trace peered out the lace covered window and smiled as the ambulance turned onto the side walk.
“This is it Kat. Are you sure your ready?” Ellie and Donna both took my hands and led me slowly to the front door where we were met by the ambulance crew. A wheelchair was placed at the bottom of the stairs and I was guided down to it . The air was still hot and the sun was high in the sky, no clouds surrounding it. “Please,” I took Ellie and Donna's hands again, “Please, make sure Bob and Gee now what's happening, please.” And with that I was pulled up into the sterile environment of the back of the van and the metal doors were shut, closing us off from the rest of the world.

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