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The end of a very emotional evening.

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He had the urge to simply lower her to the ground and take her. It took everything, every ounce of his willpower, to resist that urge. Yet he needed to feel her and there was nothing on this earth that could stop him from doing that. Taking a few steps backward he never let his eyes leave her body. When his leg hit the table he turned quickly and snapped off the only light he’d turned on in the room while he’d sat waiting for her to return. Now the only illumination was the twinkling lights of the city below. His breath caught, she was so beautiful. Moving toward her he felt as if he was in a trance. It was if she was calling with without sound. He reached out and gently lifted the dress she’d borrowed from Alicia over her head and let it drop to the ground. His breathing was coming faster as his eyes fell on the sheer lace bra and matching panties.
Electricity skimmed over Willows skin. Her body was on fire from his touch. She reached out and stroked his cheek. Gerard turned his face and kissed the palm of her hand. His hands spanned her waist, slipped over her ass and cupped the round fullness. She was perfect, that he knew without doubt.
Willow gave a small sound of surprise when he suddenly placed her arms around his neck before lifting her off the ground. Her legs came up and went around him, and he hoisted her, sliding her up to the hard ridge of his erection. Now he was eye level with her chest. His tongue darted out flicked her nipple through the lace covering. Willow moaned and closed her eyes.
Again Gerard touched her with this tongue. This time he licked longer savoring the feel of her hard nipples straining against the lace. Her moan was like music to his ears as his mouth opened over her nipple and he sucked long and hard.
Willow opened her eyes and looked at his head bent over her. Her fingers intertwined with the hair at the back of his neck. “Oh, that feels so good.’ She whispered.
The pressure of this mouth increased. His tongue stroked. His lips sucked. Each pull of her nipple shot a hot surge of desire. Willow tugged at the neck of his tee shirt. She had to feel his skin against hers. Once she had pulled up high enough to bare his chest she pressed herself against him. The fire seemed unquenchable. She clutched at his shoulders, desperate to relieve the pressure building inside her.
Gerard held her steady; scorching her with their fire, keeping her crotch nestled against his abdomen. But he knew she wanted more. He moved her, a frantic brush of her sex up and down his body. Willow moaned loudly as the pressure mounted. She was so close, too close. She wanted him inside her. She needed him inside her. “Stop.” She cried out.
Her word echoed through the room. But instead of pushing him away her body once again took over and she pulled him even closer to rub herself against him over and over. She felt the waistband of his jeans scrape against the lace barely covering her slit and the cold metal button was a shock against her sensitive nub. These sensations fueled her need. She felt wanton, she felt so alive.
Gerard’s dick was throbbing, begging to be set free. He knew if he didn’t stop this soon it would be over too quickly. He didn’t want that to happen. He wanted to take his time and love her. As that thought crossed his mind he stilled.
Willow felt him pull away slightly. “I’m sorry.” She murmured. “Am I hurting you?”
“No, Sugar.” He whispered as he slowly lowered her to the ground. “But I’m a selfish man. All night I’ve thought about how I wanted to see you in my bed. I want to see the look in your eyes when I slide into you.”
Willow trembled at his words. “Yes.” She whispered.
He smiled and took her hand as the silently walked to his bedroom. Willow went to the bed and sat down while he lit the candles. This time he didn’t turn on the stereo.
Retuning to the bed he sat down and caressed her bare arm. Gerard hoped she understood that by leaving the room silent he was showing her trust. She swore that when they touched she couldn’t hear his thoughts and he believed her. He trusted her. He took a deep breath and let his thoughts go unguarded. There was no music playing in his head. It was simply full of thoughts about Willow. “I want you to be in charge this time. Do what you want.”
Willow gave him a surprised look. “What I want?”
He nodded, “Yeah, do what you want. Take the lead.”
“Oh” Willow smiled. She thought a moment feeling the heat course through her body. “Undress and lay down.”
Gerard smiled and did as she commanded. He shed his clothes then settled onto the soft mattress.
Willow climbed on the bed and kneeled next to him. Her gaze moved down his chest, across his abdomen then lingered on his erection. Gerard swore to himself that he could literally feel her gaze on his body. He remained still letting her take her time. Still wearing her bra and panties she slowly climbed over his body and straddled him. Gerard had to remind himself again to stay still when the lacy of her panties rubbed against his penis. The urge to push against her hot, wet core was overwhelming so he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
“Look at me.” Willow’s voice was soft yet demanding.
Gerard opened his eyes and stared into hers.
“I need you too see me.”
There was something in the words that bothered him. “Willow, it is only you I see and only you I am thinking about.”
His words caused her heart to skip a beat. Leaning over, she brought her mouth to his forehead, nudging his hair away to kiss him at the temple then slowly moving her lips along his jaw, and towards his ear. He sucked in his breath as her tongue teased his earlobe. Her mouth was hot and wet as she began to suck on the lobe while her body rubbed against his.
Finally her mouth found his, her lips gently rubbed against his while her hips mimicked the motion. Gerard could feel her heat through the panties. She broke the kiss then lowered her mouth to his neck. Playfully she nipped the soft skin and was surprised when she felt his cock respond. Willow smiled and nipped at his neck again and again his cock rose slightly and pressed against her.
“You know what you’re doing to me.” Gerard’s voice was deep and raw.
“Do you like it?” Willow asked looking into his eyes for the answer.
“Yeah, Sugar. I like it. I like everything you’ve done to me.”
Willow rose up to a sitting position. As Gerard watched she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She tossed it aside then reached down and grabbed his arms. He smiled when she placed his hands on her breasts. He began to knead her breasts until her nipples were firm and hard. “Is this what you want, Sugar?”
“Yes” Willow moaned. She suddenly pushed his hands away and scooting up a bit leaned over him so that they were now inches away from his mouth. “Suck them.”
He opened his mouth and captured her right breast. Willow reached up and grabbed the headboard to steady herself. “Oh, that’s so good.” She hissed as he licked and sucked. He released the nipple and repeated the action on the other. He could feel her wetness on his chest. He tried not to moan out of frustration when she let go of the headboard and slid back down his body. Once again she settled herself over him and began to rub against him and he knew she was getting close. Her mouth as open and her eyes glazed. Still when she reached down and took his dick into her hands he was afraid he’d explode first. The friction of the wet lace against the head of his dick was so intense. He had never felt so used before, and he loved it. She was using him to give herself pleasure and it was one of the most intensely beautiful things he’d ever seen. He bit his lip trying to keep his body under control.
Willow could feel the orgasm coming so she quickly released him and sat back a moment to catch her breath.
“Why did you stop? You were almost there.”
Willow nodded, “Because it felt good but not as good as it does when you’re inside me.”
Desire burned through his body. “Then take me inside you now” he whispered.
His words brought a fresh wave of heat. Willow reached down between her legs and pushed the panty aside. She moved into position, took a deep breath and lowered herself on to him. As he slid into her she cried out at the beautiful sensation that rocked her.
“That’s right.” Gerard urged, “”Take me deep. Make me cum with you.” He held up his arms so that she could press her hands against his in order to move up and down on him easier.
“Oh, Gerard.” She moaned. “This is heaven.”
He had never heard a more perfect word for what he was feeling. This was heaven. She continued to move up and down and then he felt her muscles began to tighten.
“Let go, Willow.” He commanded, “Cum”
She lowered herself on him once more and the passion exploded. Gerard thrust his hips up even more and she screamed his name. It was what he had been waiting for, her release. Now he let himself go. Willow felt his seed fill her as she collapsed against his chest. Gerard put his arms around her and held her close.
“That was beautiful.” Willow whispered.
“You are beautiful.” Gerard said lost in the moment. It was the truth that these moments would end when she left that made him turn away when she raised her head to look into his eyes.
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