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My Heart Beats For Two

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Not a copy I promise, my account password got lost so I made a new one. Basically this story is about love, romance, drama, and a fuck load of comedy.

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A once in a lifetime chance and Brendon Urie. Mix perfectly, but you've got those glitches along the way and in some eyes that is literally picture perfect and extremely normal. Yeah, not really the story of my life. Yes I got to meet Brendon Urie, but I had NO IDEA that qualified me for all the other drama that came along with it. But if I could go back to fix anything, I wouldn't change a thing. Going into a meet 'n' greet crowded with crazy fan girls, I had no fucking idea what I was getting myself into.


As we walked to the door, I excitedly flashed my tickets at the security guard who looked like he hated his job. I wouldn't blame him, not the best career track. He directed us to to a big, spaced out room and then walked away, not saying a word. There sitting at a long table, sat Panic at the Disco, in all there glory, and of course, my lover Brendon Urie. Since we were early, we were first in line and I ran right over yo the table.
"Hi, I'm Brendon Urie, though you may already know," he said his voice, hot as could be.

"Um... Hi I-I'm Lexi, I-I'm a h-huge fan, I-I-I-I..." I said, babbling like an idiot. My face flushed red as he whispered to Ryan who was next to him and then said,

"Are you okay?"

I nodded and over time got used to the fact that I was talking to frickin' Brendon Urie. We took the pictures got our autographs, and moved on. Lou(one of my best friends) was asking Jon Walker every single question under the sun about Fall Out Boy and Molly (my other best friend) just staring at Jon Walker and making fun of the others. She is weird in that way.

"Ready to go? It's concert time!" Molly said, nudging me.

"Yeah, okay." I said to her, a little dazed. We walked out, and maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I heard a jingle of my info key chain, a scribble, and an excited whisper.


About a week after the concert I was stirring my ramen for lunch, and my phone rang it's high t-mobile tune. The number flashing across the screen was not a number I recognized, but I picked it up anyway. Maybe I won a million bucks.

"Hello? Who is this?" I said. The voice that responded, almost made me scream.

"Oh my god, this sounds so cheesy but uh... this is Brendon Urie."

"Tell me who this is for real or I will call the police. Seriously." That was what came out of my mouth, but I knew he wasn't lying. He found a way to prove it (singing That Green Gentleman) and told me why he was calling. He wanted to go out. With me.

"Um... yeah but why didn't you ask me a week ago, instead of stalking me and calling me by surprise?" I said, curious as to why.

"Not the best idea in a room full of crazy fan girls," he responded.

"True." I said.

We talked on and set up plans, although I still didn't beleive it, and soon enough, we hung up, sadly. But this, this was something Molly and Lou wouldn't beleive.

This was fucking unbeleivable.

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