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Dating With Panic...

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Oh brother...

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It took me a while to convince my parents that I was going on a date with Brendon Urie whether they liked it or not, the hard part was convincing Molly and Lou that I wasn't fucking around. Molly practically had a heart attack and made me call just to be sure that it wasn't a joke and Lou kept questioning my truthfulness. The shock still hadn't passed for me either.
Cody, my thirteen year old brother, thought I was just paying some look alike to go out with me to prove him wrong. Does anyone know that I don't always lie? Only in those desperate times when I need to.


The phone rang and I picked up quickly. I didn't know who could be calling these days, next thing you know the president might call just to say hi. The voice that came through the phone was Molly's, and her voice sounded... suspicious.

"Please don't tell me you're bailing on the date Molly!" I said, clearly stressed about looking good for Brendon.

"No of course not, it seems you're so stressed you forgot about swimsuit shopping. If we don't go now we will be wearing worn out baggy bikinis for the holy date," Molly replied, sounding unphased.

"True, I will pick you up in five. and we'll change at my house, that's where the guys are picking us up."

"'Kay bye." I flipped my phone shut, grabbed my purse, and ran out the door. 12:30. We had an hour and a half.


We got our swimsuits, rushed to my house, got ready, and finally Lou got to my house just as we heard a honk outside the door. We all hopped into the car.

"Are you girls ready for an awesome pool party?" Brendon said excitedly.

"Psh, duh," everyone replied in unison. We were well on our way to the party. I asked Brendon who would be at this Party.

"Fall Out Boy, and Cobra Starship. And well us of course," He answered, smirking to himself. None of us had any idea how fucking crazy the first date would be.


We walked into the gate of the backyard of who ever's house this was at and were automatically greeted by curious eyes. Brendon introduced us and then went to hang with Pete. I layed down but then sat up realizing that I for got my sunglasses in my bag. I bonked heads with Ryan Ross.

"Ouch..." He said rubbing his forehead.

"I am so sorry, I-um-wow... sorry," I said, realizing I seriously just bumped heads with Ryan Ross, my cheeks flushed red.

"That's okay, it was my fault anyway, I should have watched what I was--" He was cut off by a yelp and Joe yelling at Pete.

"Pete you are going to wish you never bought that water gun!!!!" A whole chase scene unfolded then and there and ended with Pete jumping into the pool and Joe jumping in after him, sending tidal wave of water at me and Ryan.

"Pete you got me all fucking wet god dammit," Molly yelled at Pete, enraged by her new found enemy. Gabe and Jon fell off their chairs laughing and Brendon was holding himself up on the fence. Ryan was chuckling next to me and Lou and I were giggling quietly. I think I am liking this new crew.


After sadly saying goodbye to everyone we all hopped back into the car and prepared for a long ride home. Molly and Lou stayed at my house that night and after they went in the house I got a little something extra. Brendon cupped my face in his hands and pressed his lips lightly to mine, his hands on my hips and mine now tangled in his silky hair. He pulled away, tucked a lock of hair behind my ear and then whispered into it

"Sleep tight."

I was speechless, red, and absolutely sure there would be more where that came from.
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