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The Wizard and the Genius

Spell 07: Happy Birthday

"If Magus won't come to the party, then the party will go to Magus!" Marle had taken to planning surprise birthday parties for everyone this past year and Magus wouldn't be the exception.

"But we don't even know when his birthday is and besides, he'd kill us," Lucca pointed out, putting extra emphasis on the last part.

"Then we'll take a guess. He'll know that we'll throw him a party anyway and he'll end up telling us so we at least do it on the right day, next year," Marle reasoned. She still ignored the most important part of Lucca's argument.

xoxox xox xoxox

Lucca stared at what her invention had created. The Cake Master 30 was capable of producing large delicious cakes much faster and effectively than any regular oven. All the ingredients were placed into separate tanks in the large machine and it took care of combining them in the best way possible, to create a mouth watering flavor that no one could resist. She had to admit that particular cake in front of her looked absolutely delicious.

Lucca remembered a very strange and unusual dream she had several nights ago. She would have never thought it would come true. A few details were quite different, but the essence of the dream was there. Of all the kinds of filling the cake could have, which included everything from fruit to ice-cream, she never expected that to be inside... and neither did Magus.

Magus had figured out what was going on and stormed in to stop the party. Robo and Ayla were putting up the last decorations at Guardia Castle while Marle and Crono had gone off to try to talk Frog into going to the party. That left Lucca alone in her kitchen, since her parents had gone out.

The wizard's cape got caught in the conveyor belt where the cake dish would be placed, as Lucca accidentally pushed a level while backing away from his menacing glare.

To put it simply, the machine pulled him in and he was baked into a cake. The result was a tanned, very angry Magus cake.

Before Magus' anger exploded in a fiery display ultimate doom, Lucca couldn't help it but to smile and say "happy birthday!"

Spell 08: Searching

Everyone searches for something, even if they don't always know. They are searching for freedom, searching for adventure, searching for knowledge, searching for honor, searching for fun, searching for revenge, searching for love or simply searching for something to search for.

Lucca's life had been rather boring lately, or maybe it appeared to be that way because she wasn't off saving the world anymore so now her life looked boring in comparison. She was as genius as ever and her inventions blew up less often now. Seeing the future brought new challenges for her mind. Even if that future that was changed was in ruins, she still had the chance to catch small glimpses of what was left of the advance civilization from before. She was bringing the future to the present little by little, even if not everyone saw it that way.

She missed Robo, she missed repairing him, giving him maintenance and learning about his technology. She wanted to make a robot of her own. One much more advanced than Gato. She wasn't looking for a replacement for her dear friend, she was looking for a new friend.

Friendship, that's another thing people often search for. Most of the time they are aware of the goal of their search or at least they think they are, but sometimes they don't know until they find what they're looking for.

Lucca stared up into the clear blue sky. She was planning to sit there in that clearing for the rest of the afternoon as she had in the past few weeks when it didn't rain. She had brought a pencil and papers along to keep busy drawing plans for new inventions. This is something that she would usually do in her room if she felt like working alone or in the living room when she was working with her dad. But she felt tired of the same scenery of the house, not that she didn't like the house. It's just that she wanted to go somewhere else. The fresh air might help her get new ideas or so she kept telling herself, but she didn't know what she was searching for, at least not yet.

A soft breeze began to blow, but Lucca ignored it. She was sitting on a tree trunk with a book on her lap and a paper on top of the book. Several more papers were folded inside the book. The pencil in her hand was carried slowly and precisely on the paper's surface creating shapes, numbers and small notes with words that had been abbreviated in such a way that only the one who wrote them could later read them.

The soft breeze became a little stronger but not enough to bother Lucca. She wondered how that same soft wind would feel from the top of a tower at Guardia Castle and suddenly remembered a certain someone who thought he was the wind. She shook her head and pushed away the thoughts.

Crono and Marle were busy now as king and queen, since Marle's father decided to retire, leaving them to assume the throne. They still got together to talk about anything and everything every now and then, but Lucca felt as if it wasn't the same. They had changed, which wasn't necessarily bad, but she had stayed the same. Change is another thing people search for.

Lucca wondered if she would stay the same forever or if one day her life will move on to the next stage, except she wasn't sure what the next stage was for her. She wasn't like other people, she was different, she had always been different. She was fascinated by things that most of the human population of her time completely ignored. She wanted to learn and she wanted to invent, it was something she would always do. But what else was there besides that? Another adventure maybe? To do what? Lavos had already been defeated and there was no need to time travel.

Lucca had thought about going exploring, but kept telling herself that she should not mess with the flow of time out of boredom alone. A possible cure for boredom would be another thing to search for.

The drawing on the paper started to become clearer. The shapes were not only silhouettes now, they were part of a structure. The little notes and arrows pointing to certain parts of the diagram were more abundant all around the main drawing.

Tonight Lucca would work on the prototype. Yes, tonight, unless something more interesting happened, but that is not likely. Another evening with her machines, she liked that, but a little change every now and then would not bad. To bad very few people existed that could, or tried to, understand her.

The wind blew harder all of a sudden. The paper slipped away from Lucca and the wind carried it further away from her. She quickly stood and ran after the paper. The wind started to become weaker again and it turned to a soft breeze once more. The paper had stopped at a man's feet. Lucca stood there for a moment watching him in surprise.

He picked up the paper and looked at it. "This is yours?" She nodded and took the paper he was holding out to her. "Aren't you a little old for such doodles?" Magus arrogantly asked.

"They're not doodles, they're plans for a new invention I'm going to make." Lucca folded the paper in half and placed it inside the book. She put the pencil behind her ear and asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Searching," Magus' answer was simple and short, yet incomplete and so general it didn't give her any real information.

"Searching for Schala?" Lucca thought he would go in search of his sister in their era of origin, but then again Schala could be anywhere. Maybe he gave up, but Magus wasn't the kind to give up.

"I already know what happened to her," he started to slowly walk away.

A little curious and not about to let him ignore her, Lucca followed. "What happened?"

"You do not need to know that," Magus replied coldly.

Lucca was about to give him a piece of her mind, but stopped. Maybe Schala wasn't the best subject to discuss with Magus. "What are you searching for?"

"You're full of questions aren't you?" Magus paused for a moment. "Nothing, nothing really," the search had ended.

Spell 09: Hairbrush

"Will you just give it to me, four eyes?" Magus yelled at the end of his patience, if he had any to begin with.

"No!" Lucca stubbornly held the hairbrush protectively.

"Give it to me or I'll take it by force!" Magus threatened.

"Try me!" Lucca challenged. There was a moment of silence. "I didn't mean it like that."

"Give it to me or I'll dark bomb you!" Magus ignored the odd feeling left in the air after Lucca's last comment.

"If you dark bomb me, you'll also dark bomb the hairbrush you idiot," Lucca stated matter of factly.

"Why do you need it anyway?" Magus changed the subject from the dark bomb, knowing that wouldn't work.

"Oh let's see," Lucca started. "I could use it to open up gates, no wait that's a gate key. I could use it to recover my energy, no that's what that bucket in the corner is for. Aha! I got it! I can use it to brush my hair! Yes, that sounds like a reasonable thing to do with it." Lucca demonstrated the sarcastically emphasized fact by brushing her short purple hair, while her helmet sat in a corner, on the floor of the End of Time square.

Gaspar, Spekkio, Ayla and Robo, were watching their bickering at first, but eventually Gaspar got used to the noise and drifted back to sleep, leaning on the lap post. Ayla was the next to get bored and continued her previous task of staring into the nothingness. Robo had shut down and the other three Crono, Marle and Frog were off somewhere on the Epoch. Spekkio was the only one who continued watching, determined not to stop until he found out who would win the battle for the hairbrush.

"It's a hairbrush not a magic wand; it won't make you look any prettier. Then again, on the bright side, it can't make you look any uglier either." Magus spoke with his usual big ego.

Lucca was silent for a moment, before sending the hairbrush flying at Magus like a deadly projectile. "Shut up!"

Magus would have been knocked out cold by the force of the hit, if not because he ducked on time, avoiding being hit on the head with the hairbrush, which now traveled down into the dark and endless nothingness of the End of Time. "Look what you did, four eyes!" Magus complained, pointing in the direction that the hairbrush had fallen.

"Go get it, no one will miss you!" Lucca yelled. She then walked to a corner of the End of Time that wasn't occupied by anyone or anything, besides her helmet, and sat down with her back on the fence.

"I'm not sure how to qualify that. A draw maybe, since neither of them kept the hairbrush?" Spekkio asked no on in particular. "I guess I'll have to wait, what goes around comes around."

"It's not like you needed it. You've been brushing your hair for the past hour, for lack of something better to do. I have more hair so I actually needed it. If you would have given it to me when I asked, it wouldn't be gone," Magus yelled. Maybe staying in the End of Time for so long was affecting him. All of this for a hairbrush. Well it would be nice to brush his hair and arguing with Lucca was kind of fun. Ah, the effects of boredom on the mind, insanity approaches.

"You didn't say please," Lucca voiced in an almost inaudible whisper.

Nevertheless it was just loud enough for Magus to hear it. "I never say that word and you had no problems with that before."

"Maybe I was just mad at you for what you did when we were at my house after getting the sun stone back," Lucca admitted.

Magus tried to think about what she meant. Giving up on trying to figure it out, he asked, "what would that be?"

"You insulted my cooking," Lucca pouted. Crono had fallen asleep in the same corner of Lucca's house that he always chose to nap in, while she worked on the sun stone. After the recent adventure, Lucca decided that it would be alright to stay a little longer, at least until dinner, since it was almost that time anyway. When Lucca was done with the sun stone, she tried to cook some dinner. The problem was that her mother, having regained the ability to walk, was off visiting family members from another continent, along with her father, so Lucca was left alone in the kitchen. Crono, who had unfortunately tried Lucca's cooking before, managed to stomach it without much complaint, but Magus complained enough for both of them or more.

"You should appreciate my constructive criticism," Magus sounded as if his ego was getting bigger by the second, if only to annoy Lucca.

"I don't think 'this stuff tastes like dirt' is a very constructive critique," Lucca mimicked the wizard when she quoted him. "Have you ever eaten any dirt to begin with?"

"No, I have not eaten dirt and don't want to, in case that's the next recipe you plan to cook." Magus awaited for Lucca's reply which never came. "You know," he said broke the short silence. "I couldn't cook to save my life, but at least I accept that and don't try to feed others my trash."

"Yeah right," Lucca rolled her eyes for a reason that Magus didn't quite understand. Then she realized something that caught her attention. "Did the all mighty Magus just admit that there is something he's not good at?" Lucca feigned exaggerated surprise.

"I said I was superior to you and your friends, I did not say that I am perfect," Magus corrected.

"Was? So you've realized that you're not?" Now Lucca was purposely annoying him.

"I didn't say that!" Magus snapped.

"But you thought it!" Lucca grinned. "I bet you wish you could go along with us more often. You're probably starting to feel left out."

"I don't mind, I've been used to it for years, you are not used to it," Magus retorted.

Lucca was silent for a moment. She was about to say something to deny feeling left out now that Crono had his attention on Marle, but suddenly something fell on her lap. She looked at the object and realized it was the hairbrush she threw at Magus before.

"You see? I told you what goes around comes around." Spekkio got ready to watch round two of the great hairbrush battle.

"Are you going to let me use it now?" Magus changed the subject back to their previous argument.

"No!" Lucca was once again holding the hairbrush protectively. "I've never met a man that cared so much about his hair."

"Why do you say such a thing, do you like me?" Magus was being deliberately annoying and Lucca only glared, so he continued, "is there anything else to do here? Besides, why is a man with long hair such a bad thing?" Magus sat down on the floor next to Lucca.

"I never said it was bad, it's unusual but not bad. Your hair is nice," Lucca admitted.

There was a moment of silence, this time a lot longer than before, it was the awkward kind of silence. "Does that mean you'll let me use the hairbrush now?" Magus finally ended the silence.

"I can't," Lucca replied. "I promised Marle I wouldn't let anything happen to this hairbrush. It's the only one she brought along and she told me to be careful not to lose it."

"So that's why you threw it away?" Magus reproached.

"I was angry," Lucca defended.

"Was? So you're not angry anymore?" Magus imitated her from before.

Lucca sighed, "I guess not." She was still thinking about feeling left out.

"In that case," Magus got up and sat down again in front of Lucca with his back to her. "Put that hair brush to good use."

Lucca stared at the back Magus' his head for a moment before his request sunk in. She shrugged and started brushing his hair, it's not like she had anything better to do anyway. Suddenly she didn't mind that Crono took Marle along instead of her.

Spekkio declared that the great hairbrush battle ended in a draw and returned to his room. One again all was quiet in the End of Time.

More to come...

Disclaimer, I do not own Chrono Trigger. Spell 07 is for Zipis1, happy Birthday!
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