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Spell 10

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Spell 10: Birthday Present

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As it is tradition, Zipis1's birthday is celebrated with a birthday themed luma drabble. It's a bit early, but I thought it was best to post it on the weekend, since you might be busy during the week. Happy Birthday!

The Wizard and The Genius

Spell 10: Birthday Present

Lucca stared at Marle as if the princess grew a second heard with green hair, yellow eyes and three noses. The princess tended to have strange ideas at times, but this one took the cake. "What makes you think he'll listen to me?"

"He will!" Marle insisted, leaning closer to Lucca as if to whisper in her ear. It was illogical and unnecessary, since the two girls were alone in Lucca's room, sitting on her bed among a mass of cluttered research papers, which Lucca was trying to organize when Marle unexpectedly arrived. "Charm him into in."

Lucca shook her head, "Marle!" She scolded and frowned, but Marle's begging look didn't cease, "stop it, you know that won't work!"

Marle pouted, "but it's his birthday!"

Lucca looked away and remained silent, if reasoning with Marle wasn't going to work, and she knew from experience it wouldn't, then Lucca would just pretend the princess wasn't there. She would get on with her life as if Marle wasn't insistently sprouting out none sense.

"Lucca!" Nevertheless, Marle resulted hard to ignore when she was shaking Lucca's shoulder and not allowing her to concentrate in sorting her papers. "Please!"

"Let's try to think about this logically," Lucca took a long deep breath. "You're telling me to ask Magus to change Frog back to normal, even if both know that such a thing will not happen unless Magus dies. Then you tell me to charm Magus into it. What makes you think Magus could ever be charmed into committing suicide?"

Marle shook her head vigorously, her blond ponytail bouncing from side to side, "no, no, I'm not asking for that! I would never ask you to sacrifice your lover."

"We're not lovers!" Lucca argued, though she knew it was a lie. What the purple haired genius couldn't figure out was how in the world Marle had found out. Lucca was as discrete as one could be when running off to visit Magus in his time period and he hardly ever showed up in her time period. When he did, it was during their little group reunions and he opposed clear resistance to being there, leaving early, often before the 'festivities' were over.

"Right," Marle grinned, she didn't believe a word of Lucca's denial. "Anyway, I'm sure Magus was exaggerating when he said that the curse couldn't be broken until he died. He must have been saying that to be stubborn. I'm sure there is a way for Frog to be human again that doesn't need any sacrifices. Have you even asked Magus about it?"

"Why would I?" Lucca couldn't believe this.

Marle shrugged, "I don't know, because lovers talk about stuff. I tell Chrono everything, the other day I told him about-"

"I don't think I want to know," Lucca interrupted.

"Fine then, back on topic. Maybe if Magus is in a good enough mood he'll be merciful. It could be a birthday present to Frog from both of you and from me because it was my idea," Marle insisted.

"Not happening," Lucca was becoming aggravated. "Magus is never in a good mood and he would never give Frog any sort of present. Give it up; it's not going to work. Magus isn't even going to the birthday party; then again, not being there is probably the best gift he could give Frog."

"But you'll be there, right?" Marle pleaded.

"Yes, I'll be there," Lucca sighed.

There was a short moment of silence, but Marle didn't leave, she only pouted. "Can't you at least try?"

"No!" Lucca snapped.

Marle crossed her arms and frowned in defeat, "fine, but I have no idea what to get Frog for his birthday. I mean I'm helping organize the party at Chrono's house and his mom is baking the cake. I just wanted to give him some kind of present and I thought turning him into a human would be perfect. Now I have no idea what to give him."

"Why not just give him some polish for the Masamune? He really likes keeping that sword shiny, so I'm sure he must always be running short on polish."

Marle's eyes lit up, she jumped to her feet and cheered, "Lucca, you're a genius!"

The princess dashed out and the inventor shook her head hopelessly. Everything remained quiet for a few moments and Lucca became focused on her task of organizing papers, until she heard the door closing and felt someone standing behind her. "Weren't you going to buy polish for Frog?"

"Why would I do that?" The voice was definitely not Marle and it cause Lucca to jump in surprise and turn around to face Magus.

"What are you doing here?" Lucca felt genuine curiosity.

"Isn't Sir Froggy's birthday party this afternoon? Princess Hyper told me about it and invited me, why didn't you mention it?" Magus inquired.

Lucca was taken by surprise, "I didn't think you'd care."

With a defiant air, Magus replied, "not showing up is the best present I could give Sir Froggy and I have no intentions of giving him such a gift. I'll be there."

Lucca blinked, then chuckled, "I should have seen that coming."

"Shut up and get your research out of the way."

End of Spell 10

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