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Frank sighed. “I don’t really know how to say this, but Bob said something about you that…”

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“Dude, you don’t have to go. We can go out and…” I tried to think of what we could do for fun. But I really didn’t know what fun was. I don’t know what he does for fun. “We could…” I scraped my brain for any suggestions or thoughts, but didn’t think of any. “We could…” I repeated. Now I was becoming desperate for some suggestions. I pretty sure I look like an idiot right now. Now Michael looked up at me and put his hand of his hip, his look amused. “Umm…” I looked up at the ceiling thinking. Michael laughed and looked down with a smile playing on his lips.
“Are you serious?” He giggled looking up at me in a questioning manner.
“Um, yeah?” I made a face.
“You look so stupid right now.” He laughed. I looked down at the floor embarrassed. “But it’s a good thought you would actually give up sleep to entertain me.” He smiled.
“I just felt bad.” I bit my lip and glanced up at him then quickly averted my eyes back down to the carpet. I held my head down in embarrassment.
“I don’t know where that came from but Alicia would do that sometimes. She never worked and she always ignored me saying she was tired after doing the dishes. And whenever I’m tired after work she always convinces me to spend time with her.” He sighed and sat on the bed. I suddenly felt worse than I had before. I sat next to him and smiled.
“We can do something you’re interested in. What do you want to do?” I asked looking over and waiting for him to answer.
“No, you don’t have to. If you’re really tired you can sleep. I know how you feel.” He nodded. “You’re fucking tired and then I come and make you feel bad and then you have to waste your sleep time to hang with me and make me happy.” He smiled and patted my thigh.
“I’m not really that tired anymore.” He looked over and frowned. “Honest. Now that you made me think my brain is awake and alert and it would now take me hours just to fall asleep.” I half smiled and looked down at the ground.
“Sorry.” He giggled.
“Nah, it’s okay. Now, what do you want to do?” I asked again.
“Um, well I need to play some sort of video game. But you don’t have any device to play on.” He laughed. I stood up and went out to the living room to grab my wallet and phone and head out to a store. Michael followed me with a look of utter confusion.
“Let’s go and buy some game device. I have a couple thousand I have saved up for emergencies but I don’t think an emergency is really going to happen any time soon so I can replace the money when I get my check.” I smiled and went out the door and waited for Michael to appear outside before I locked the door and headed to get my Nova from around the corner. Michael followed and gave me directions to a good store to buy games.
After an hour of shopping Michael had convinced me to buy a Wii and an X-Box 360. And I bought some really cool games. Like Guitar Hero World Tour with the whole set. Including the drum set, guitar and microphone. Then I also bought Halo and Star Wars games for the X-Box, and Mario Cart for the Wii.
Michel helped me drag all the stuff up to my apartment and he set up the whole deal. And he taught me how to play all the games. “We should invite the guys over, dude.” I suggested. He nodded but didn’t take his eyes off the TV screen. I just rolled my eyes and grabbed his phone calling all the guys. They all said that they would be here in half an hour tops. Boys and video games.
There was a knock at the door and I got up to answer it. It was the guys. “Hey!” I stepped aside to let them all in. They each gave me a hug and then took a seat in the living room watching Michael kill aliens in Halo. And I noticed Bob was sort of acting weird. He hesitated to hug me and didn’t look me in the eye when I said hi. I just shrugged it off and smiled for everyone.
“Do you have any snacks?” Frank asked.
“Yeah! C’mere,” I motioned for Frank to follow me into the kitchen. Once we had some privacy I asked, “Is Bob okay?” He looked at me in that of worry.
“He..” Frank stumbled with his words. “Bob…” Frank sighed. “I don’t really know how to say this, but Bob said something about you that…” Frank looked like he was going to pass out.
“Dude, if he doesn’t want you to tell me then don’t tell me. I don’t want you to get in trouble with a man that could easily snap you in half.” I smiled.
“No, it’s not that. He’s just really embarrassed about the kiss the other night.” Frank finally sputtered out.
“Oh, tell him he doesn’t have to be. It was great.” I smiled.
“And Bob also told me that he liked you.” Liked? He use to like me? I was confused. “He really likes you, and not in a friend way. But more than a friend.” Frank looked away as his face began to change from peach to pink.
“Oh,” I didn’t know what to say. No one has ever told me something like that before. I didn’t know how to react. “Um…” I giggled. “This is weird.” I smiled and laughed. Frank just laughed too.
“But he really does like you. He likes you more than his ex. And he liked her a lot.” Frank smiled and rubbed my arm.
“Um, should I talk to him or something?” I asked getting a little nervous about what I was going to say.
“I don’t know. But the question is, do you like Bob the same way?” He asked and I looked down.
“I don’t know.” I honestly didn’t know. This was all too weird for me. There was something when he kissed me, but I just thought I was being stupid that any guy would like me that way. “Maybe.” I shrugged.
“Well, I think that you make sure you do like him before you say anything. Because if you’re not sure then you’ll just end up breaking his heart and it would be really awkward when we hang.” Frank smiled. He was very smart. This was great advice.
“Thanks.” I smiled and hugged him. I felt all fuzzy and warm. I haven’t shown any affection like this to people forever. “Now let’s get these snacks.” I smiled and we went back to getting some snacks out on the table.

“Bye, guys.” I smiled as the guys left after playing video games for hours on end. It’s already midnight and I still have work tomorrow. “Michael, I think I’m just gonna go straight to bed. Night.” I said and left to my room where I quickly changed into my pajamas and got under the cold covers. Then I heard Michael come into the room. “Yeah?” I sat up.
“I was just wondering…” He rubbed the back of his neck as he was standing in the doorway.
“Yeah, it’s okay.” I already knew what he was going to ask. He just smiled and went to change into his boxers and come to bed with me. Once back he squeezed under the covers and laid his warm body next to mine. He smiled and wrapped his arm around me.
“Thank you.” He whispered.
“For what?” I asked. He was thanking me for something I’m not aware of. What did I do? He’s the one who has been helping me.
“For everything. Being my friend, and letting me help you. Thank you for letting me stay because I’m too much of a sissy to sleep alone.” He laughed. I just giggled and nodded.
“And thank you for being my friend and helping me. Whenever you need me just call and I’ll help.” I smiled and laid my head on his bare chest listening to his heartbeat again. It was so steady and beautiful. Soon I drifted off to sleep that wouldn’t last long.

In a dark room that had moonlight pouring in from the little window. I was hiding from the monsters under my bed. I’m 27 and me being afraid of the dark is not good. Now the thick grey clouds clouded over the pale moon shading the moonlight that was coming in. I crawled over to the corner and brought my knees up to my chest. I was hyperventilating. There was a loud thud on my front door. I knew who it was and didn’t want to answer for fear he might kill me. “Phoenix! Open the fucking door!” More banging at the front door. “I know you’re in there! OPEN THE DOOR!!!” He yelled. I was too scared to even breathe at the moment. I just sat there in the corner crying.
More banging on the door and soon I heard it bust down. I cried harder and I was breathing again. Hard and rapid. My beating heart was the only thing I heard in the room. Then silent footsteps on the carpet were heard near. I buried my face in between my knees and cried. My warm tears streamed down my legs and onto the carpet only to be absorbed instantly. “Phoenix.” I heard him whisper. What does he want with me? I didn’t do anything wrong. I heard my bedroom door open and light dripped in from the hall. The light hit me directly. I closed my eyes then opened them with my head still between my knees. Beams of light flashed through cracks in my legs. I shut my eyes and opened them again.
The shadow moved closer in on me. “Phoenix,” He said softly. I looked up and saw him. “You are coming. Let’s go.” He gripped my arm and pulled me up. He led me down the hall. I wanted to scream, but it was like there was something stuck in my throat that prevented any words to come up. After half way down the stairs the lump in my throat cleared and I found my voice deep within me.
“NO!” I ripped my arm from his grip.
“You are mine.” He reached for me but I ran. “Come here!” He chased after me. I ran up stairs and headed to the balcony. I circled around the wrap around balcony and ran back in the house running down the stairs.
Tripping on my own foot I stumbled down the stairs and hit the bottom stair with a big thud. I stopped and laid flat on my back. My neck was in serious pain and my head was pulsing. I groaned and opened my eyes. My vision was blurred by my blood all I saw was red and silhouettes. I rubbed at my eyes and soon most of the blood was rubbed out. I could see light from the hall upstairs, but he was nowhere in sight. My heart was racing and I couldn’t move my leg. “You’re father made a very hard decision the day you were born.” I heard him say from afar. “You either died or were given life, but on one condition.” I saw his shadow come down the stairs. I groaned and grabbed my head. “You were to be mine when you turned 21. But he hid you from me so well I didn’t know what I should do.” He continued down the stairs and his voice closer. “At the time I was very stupid to believe you died in a car crash your dad made up. But now that you are alive and well you belong to me now.” He stopped at me and towered above my tattered body. “You’re dad was foolish to hide me from you. Very unwise to take back a promise on a vampire.” He smiled. I held my head and tried to catch my breath.. “I was young and still new to this world. I mourned you and slipped into a bad state. I needed you, and now I have you. Even though you were supposedly dead I felt you all around me. I waited 21 years and waited for your beauty to grace me, and when I found out you were still alive I promised to find you and kill your weak family.” He stroked my cheek and tangled his fingers in my hair. “Let’s live.” Was all he said before slowly lifting my head and licking my neck then biting down. I felt the blood seeping from the puncture wounds.
He began to suck the life from me. Then he pulled away unwillingly and mixed his blood with mine. It stung as I felt his blood spread through my veins. I screamed out in pain. I heard my scream echo though out the house.
I spring up in the bed covered in sweat and breathing heavily. Michael’s arm fell to his side. He was still asleep undisturbed. I laid back down and hugged my knees to my chest now laying on my side. I distanced herself from Michael. I didn’t want to be touched. I cried and cried. I just hoped Michael didn’t hear.

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