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Finish him off

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“I..” I paused. “I was being chased by some shadow and I fell off a cliff.” I covered. “Must have been hell of a chase.” He laughed.

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For the rest of the night I didn’t close my eyes or sleep or do anything but cry. Once I had no more tears it was time for me to get ready for work. I lethargically made my way into the shower and got dressed. Doing my make up and heading out the door with my iPod, laptop and cell phone. I felt like a zombie. My life is just a waste of human air.
I got to work and finally felt awake and got to interview another one of my favorite bands. Avenged Sevenfold. And let me tell you, these guys are hilarious. I felt okay and like I was actually doing something with my life. Now after I finished everything up I headed home. But when I got there Michael was nowhere to be seen. “Michael?” I called out as I looked everywhere for him. There was no note, but his bags were still in the spare bedroom he was occupying this week. “Hello?” I called out. Then my phone vibrated. I looked at the caller ID and it was Michael. “Dude, where are you?” I asked.
“I’m getting some groceries. You didn’t have anything, so I went out and bought some. I hope that’s okay?” He asked and I could here the supermarkets intercom go on calling someone to the register.
“Yeah, it’s great. I knew I wasn’t gonna get any anyway.” I laughed, and so did he.
“Well, I’ll be over soon. Bye.” And he hung up. I just sat on the couch and waited an hour before he appeared. And in that hour I was visited by Aiden. He said that Angel had suddenly died. He was slaughtered by some angels sent to kill someone else. They got mixed up and killed the wrong one. I didn’t really care, but he said he just thought I needed to know.

“Hey, dude.” Michael smiled as he walked in with two full brown bags from the supermarket down the street.
“I’ll help you.” I got up from the couch and took one of the brown bags and placed it on the counter. Then helped him store the food. He played Halo while I just watched. It was just a casual day. But I wasn’t complaining. It was nice. After we went to bed. Michael scooted under my covers and I laid my head on his chest. Once he was finally asleep I followed right behind.
His blood rushed though my veins. I slipped into the darkness, but when I awoke I heard people and thoughts beyond the cement walls I was caged in. There was a small glow of a lamp in the corner that sent shadows onto the walls. I sat up and viewed where I was. I felt a lumpy mat underneath me. The stench of a rotted corpse filled the windowless room. It was cold and I couldn’t feel my heartbeat anymore. What was going on? Where was I? “Don’t worry. This containment is just temporary.” I heard him call from a shadowed corner in the small room. What happened? “You’re mine.” I could smell blood. Why was I smelling blood.
I looked down at the floor and saw spots of crimson leading to the voice in the corner. I got up and was about to walk over but felt a sudden tug on my ankle. Looking down I saw something shine in the light. I bent down and pulled on it. I heard clinking as it rang loudly through my ears. I covered them to prevent the headache, that was already starting to build in my head, from growing anymore.
“Don’t worry, your new discovered powers and abilities will die down a bit. You just have to get use to them.” I heard his voice again. I heard shuffling come from the same corner and saw his pale face in the light. He had blood dripping from his mouth. I had a sudden urge to run and lick it off, but fought it back as best I could. “I can feel you’re hungry.” He smiled showing his fangs that were covered in blood as well. I nodded.
He stepped out in the light and saw the blood on his clothes. “Well, let’s get you fed.” He unchained me and led me to a room filled with small bottles of red on every shelf. “This is all yours.” He whispered in my ear. “Only if you wish to be my queen.” I heard the smile in his voice. He was looking for a mate. “Will you be mine?” He asked and gripped my shoulders. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.
I looked over my shoulder and nodded. He simply smiled and led me to the first shelf. “Drink all you like.” He left me. I looked over the bottles then heard somewhere from the darkness to my side. I snapped my head to the noise. The noise can again. It sounded like someone was gurgling water or a liquid of some sort. I made my way toward the noise and saw it was someone feasting on a body. Blood was everywhere. I gasped and he looked back at me. His eyes glowed in the darkness and his fangs hung out of his mouth. I just watched as he continued to suck from the body. I just cautiously around them and looked at the victim. I gasped. My brother. “Move.” I ordered, and he unwillingly obeyed.
He backed away and I looked at my brother. He was still alive. “Nicholas,” I whispered to him. He slowly opened his eyes a slit. He tried to speak but I shushed him. “Shh, I’m going to help you.” I looked up at the man still standing there. “Can you help me please?” I asked.
“For what?” His fangs muffled his words a bit.
“I need to save him.” I smelt the sweet blood that was now streaming down my hands. “He’s my brother.” I frowned and looked back down at him. He looked so helpless. “Please?” I pleaded him. He just shook his head and grabbed my brother feet and lifted him over his shoulder with ease.
“Come with me.” I nodded and he led me to a room. He laid my brother down on the bed. “Would you like me to get the master?” He asked.
“Yes, please?” He nodded and bowed to me. I didn’t know why though. Maybe it was just a sign of respect around here.
I waited by Nicholas until he returned. “What is this nonsense?” He asked outraged. I just held my brother’s head up as he tried to breath in, but nothing came but more gurgling.
“He needs help.” I said sadly.
“He’s done!” He shouted and shrinked under his tone. “Finish him off like your other family. They are done!” He shouted more.
“He’s my brother.” I let tears stream down my face.
“Finish him off!” He gripped the back of my neck and forced my lips down to where his bite gushed blood. I was very tempted, but shook my head. “Finish him!” He shoved my face to his neck. I felt his blood coat my lips. I licked it off then bit down. Nick squirmed under my bite. “That’s right,” He let go of my neck and I sucked a bit more.
“NO!” I snapped my lips away from his neck and pushed him.
“Bitch!” He slapped me across the face. I heard Nick gurgle. I felt blood from my cheek drip down my face. “Finish you flesh and blood!” One hand gripped my arm and the other took it’s place on the back of my neck again. He pushed me down and I turned my head letting my blood mix with his. He changed under the dim light. The lord was so frightened he let go of me out of shock and slapped me hard across the face again.

Waking up after your nightmares isn’t always the best thing. Every time I have a nightmare I don’t finish it. I wake up covered in sweat wondering what was going to happen next. “Are you okay?” Michael’s voice startled me.
“Yeah,” I panted. “Just a nightmare.” I got up from the bed and went to sit in the living room. I felt like I was suffocating in my room.
Once I sat on the couch my breathing returned to normal. Michael to a seat next to me. “Are you sure?” He asked. I nodded and kept looking at the carpet. “What was the dream about?” He asked.
“I..” I paused. “I was being chased by some shadow and I fell off a cliff.” I covered.
“Must have been hell of a chase.” He laughed.
“Yeah,” I shook my head and giggled. The laugh was hollow and just so fake. I wonder if Michael could tell if it was or not. But I couldn’t help but wonder who the guy was that was draining my brother. He looked very familiar. His eyes. There was something there I’ve seen before on someone I knew, but who?
That night I finally slept and went to work the next day. It was very tiring, but all worth it.

The week went by quickly and Michael already left to the airport to pick up Alicia. She called him this morning saying she was so excited to come back home. I just felt a little jealous. I wanted Michael to stay forever. Stay every night and we could sleep wrapped in each others arms. Hearing his heartbeat and feel his body heat radiate off of him.
Now I’m here alone again. I had no more questions in mind at the moment. During the week when Michael was gone or asleep we talked about the war. About everything I asked. He had all the answers. I was also pondering on the thought of Angel just all of a sudden dying. Who killed him? Aiden had said he found him floating in the sewer. Someone had slit his throat. But who? My whole life now was spinning out of control. Everything was so hectic now I barely had time to breathe. Not that I needed to, but it’s just a figure of speech.

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