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Chapter 2

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‘No.’ I whisper in my sleep. ‘Don’t touch her.’
‘Stop it!’ I screamed. ‘You’re killing her. Please stop.’ I broke down, tears streaming down my face as I watched her writhe in pain. And I could do nothing. ‘Stop it!’
'There is nothing you can do to stop me. The only source of your power is now dead. With you to soon follow.' Again she heard cackling laughter, except now it seemed to be all around me.
'What do you want from me? I have nothing to offer you,' I cried. 'Haven, I'm so sorry I failed. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.'
'Wynter, Wynter.' Someone was shaking her. 'Wynter, wake up. '
'What happened, Aiden? Why are you in here?'
'You were dreaming again. Repeating I'm sorry over and over. Come here and tell me about it.'
'Aiden, I don't know what is going on. I keep dreaming about the girl from work. But in every dream she dies. And then I follow. But I don't know what kills us. I can never see it. But whatever it is, it scares the hell out of me.' I start to cry. I hated crying. Crying showed weakness, which was something I didn't deal with very well.
'Shhh. Come here.' He cooed to me as he wrapped me up in a hug. 'Come, lay back down. You need to at least try to get some sleep before we have to get up,' he says before standing.
'Wait. Stay with me. Please. You know the dreams never happen if you are here.'
Aiden crawls under the covers and pulls her close. 'Well there is one benefit of us being gay. We can cuddle and it not be all awkward afterwards,' he said with a laugh, causing me to laugh with him. 'Maybe there is a reason behind these dreams, honey. Try to not let your fear blind you if you have another one. See what you are missing.'
'Okay, I will. Good night.'

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep.
Groaning as I rolled over, I saw that Aiden had already left for school. We shared an apartment so he could afford to go. He was like a little brother to me, one that had the best advice. I sighed before standing up and stretching my back like a cat and cutting of the alarm. I started the shower, turning it to luke warm before jumping in. After getting out, I dried my hair and straightened it before getting [url=]dressed[/url]. I felt my stomach flutter around as if there were butterflies inside. I was going to be sick I just knew it. Throughout the day my stomach settled down, but the teasing of why I was so nervous never let up my Kyle.
'You like her.' He said in a sing-song voice.
'I don't even know her.' I groaned. It felt like this was the fiftieth time this had been brought up in the past 45 minutes. It was getting closer to seven and Kyle wouldn't shut up.
Ding Ding.
'We're in the back,' Saphira shouted. 'Come on back.'
She shyly poked her head around the corner, hey am I too early?'
Her shyness was what made me attracted to this girl. [i]No stop it Wynter. You don't even know if she goes like that. Don't set yourself up for disappointment.[/i] 'No you are just on time. Come take a seat and tell me what you want done, where at, how big and the colors. And I'll start to set up.' I set her a reassuring smile.
She returned the smile before telling me what she wanted.
A few hours later and I was all finished. Kyle and Saphira had already went home, so it was just me and her. 'There go take a [url=]look[/url]. She had gotten it placed on both hips.

'That looks wonderful. Thanks.' She smiled brighter than before. Then she leaned in and done something neither of us I think expected. She kissed me.
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