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As you PANIC fans know....

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As you know Panic at the Disco has joke...I cried. Ryan and Jon have left to pursue their own music...because Ryan said that him and Brendon have two totally different ideas of how they waqnted the new record to go. Breandon and Spencer have decided to keep going as Panic at the Disco....also welcome back "!" because the "!" is back in Panic. Just the way we liked it!
Im sad by this news...I found out a couple of days ago..sorry to be the bear of bad news.
I feel like I cant write this story for a while.

I just hop they didnt get into a stupid fight and are all still friends

Promise to try to update...even tho the last bit of Rydon just got destroyed.

No more hot Rydon moments on stage...just wish I could have seen them in concert before this.
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