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Cards 15 to 21

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Cards 15 to 21

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Duel Deck

Card 15: Chocolate Parfait

Mokuba's Point of View

When Ryou borrows something he always gives it back, Bakura doesn't. The other day Bakura borrowed my chocolate parfait. He borrowed it without asking and when I went to get it in the refrigerator, it was gone and not too far from there, I found Bakura holding the empty cup. I told him not to eat my chocolate parfait ever again and he promised he wouldn't.

The next day I knew I had another delicious chocolate parfait made especially for me by my brother waiting in the refrigerator. Bakura said he wanted to look at it, only look at it, so I let him, but he ate it. It's not fair, that was my special chocolate parfait that Seto made just for me!

I started crying after that and Bakura didn't know what to do. He kept complaining about Ryou making him baby-sit to prove he's not evil anymore and about Seto running off to do who knows what. Seto says he working on Kaiba Corp stuff but Bakura laughed when I told him that. I don't know what's so funny about it, it sounds perfectly normal to me.

The next day, I made sure to eat my chocolate parfait before Bakura got to it. He couldn't steal it, I didn't let him. I'm satisfied I finally ate my chocolate parfait all by myself. The coolest part is that today I didn't have to go crying to my brother about it. Bakura says I do that too often and that I can't do stuff on my own, but I showed him!

End of Mokuba's POV

Card 16: Tell Me (SerenityxTristan, MaixJoey)

Serenity's Point of View

Today, among other things, I accidentally put salt instead of sugar in my brother's coffee, but he drank it anyway. Joey and I have been living in an apartment in Domino city for a while now. Mai comes to visit often; it's nice to have her come over. Mai and my brother make a good couple and so did a certain someone and I while it lasted.

It was my fault really. I should have showed more appreciation. He came to think that I looked at him as a friend and nothing more. It's like we never told each other what our status was, but for a while we might have been dating, but I never made it clear I thought so too. He must have finally given up and put distance between us so we could really be just friends.

My brother kept asking me what was wrong. I think he already knows, but won't say it until I tell Tristan. I don't want to talk about it and I don't want to worry Joey, so I smile and say I'm alright. I really don't want to cause a fight between them. I want them to be friends and I don't want to be the reason they're not.

I remember that day when I came home and Tristan was here. He was standing just outside the apartment, waiting at the door to see me as soon as I got there. I really appreciated that and it was days like those that made me fall in love.

As I sit here writing in my diary, I can't help it but to wonder what would have happened if I told him how I felt when I had the chance. Why did I keep it to myself? Did I assume he would know? Should he? No, there's no way for him to know unless I told him, or showed it somehow...

"Serenity," there's someone at the door to my room so I stop writing in my diary and put it away. That voice isn't my brother's voice.

"Come in," it's Tristan, he's here. Now or never, I have to tell him now, even if it's too late, I need to get this off my chest. "I love you."

Tristan smiles, "I know and I love you too." I guess he figured it out. Even if I didn't tell him before, he must have felt it somehow. Maybe I was the one who needed to figure it out.

End of Serenity's POV

Card 17: Lobster Boy

Seto Kaiba's Point of View

I await the inevitable remark as a come face to face with the mutt. His little friends Yugi, Tristan and Tea also have comments about my current situation. I can see it in their eyes, but unlike the mutt, it looks like they'll keep quiet. I guess the mutt isn't as smart as the others. He's going to say it, I know he will.

"Kaiba," he starts, but laughter interrupts his sentence.

I give him a deadly glare as I think back to yesterday. Why did I have to give in and take Mokuba to the beach? He kept insisting that I needed to relax and kept giving me the sad kitten eyes. Well at least he's happy. I must admit it was good to take some time off, once. I haven't build a sand castle since that time when we built a model of the amusement park I told Mokuba we would have in the future, that was in a sand box at the orphanage. We built it again at the beach and it turned out even better.

"You're," the mutt tries to communicate his comment again.

"Don't say it," I warn him seriously. The mutt's friends are smiling, holding back laughter, while staring at my sunburned face.

"Lobster boy!" As soon as those two words come out of the mutt's mouth Yugi, Tristan and Tea burst out laughing.

"Shut up!" I scream. Sunburn alone is bad enough, but having sunburn and being laughed at, is too much. This is unacceptable.

"Sorry Kaiba," Yugi apologized between laughs. "I know sunburn is really annoying and painful."

I ignore him and continue glaring daggers at the mutt. Not literally, but I wish I was. Ten minutes pass and he finally backs way, creeped out by my deadly icy glare. I don't think I've ever held a glare without blinking for this long before. I walk in a straight line between the mutt and Yugi, then past Tristan and Tea.

Judging by the things they're carrying, it looks like they're going to the beach. I doubt that after going all the way to the beach they'll turn back when they get there and realize they don't have any sun block. I grin as I reach into my gravity defying coat and pull out four bottles of sun block, which I throw away in the nearest trash can once I know I'm out of their sight. Paralyze your enemy and take what you want before they even know what happened. Sometimes knowing the basics of being a ninja can be very useful.

End of Seto's POV

Card 18: Happy New Year

Seto Kaiba stood in from of his new Kaiba Land theme park or should I say 'Kaiba Landia'. He wanted to have parks all over the world and this particular one was located in Spain. Today was new year's eve, the day in which the park was opened. A large sign at the entrance was supposed to read 'happy new year' but due to a small spelling mistake it said something completely different.

"Mira ese letrero," said a girl who was heading for the park, this means "look at that sign" in English.

"Sin cambiar de tema, viste a Kaiba?" Another girl giggled saying, "without changing the subject, did you see Kaiba?"

Those fan girls must think he doesn't understand Spanish but Seto Kaiba is fluent in Japanese, English, Spanish and who knows how many other languages. He couldn't help it but to pull down his anti-gravity coat and stomp away. Who ever made that sign was so fired. "Roland! Tell me who made that sign at the entrance?" Seto yelled once inside the park.

Roland, who was supervising random things on the first day of business, was rendered speechless by the anger in his employer's voice. The blue haired man could only manage to gulp and point at a near by employee, soon to be ex-employee.

"Mr. Kaiba is there something wrong with the sign? Because I wrote exactly what you told me to write," Seto's glare made him fall silent.

"Idiot! Insulting the locals is not a good way to start business! You're fired, now get out of here before I," Seto raised his silver briefcase, ready to hit that stupid man with it. The recently fired man ran for dear life, before Seto was able to hit him, and was never seen or heard of again. Seto lowered his briefcase and took a deep breath.

"Big brother," Mokuba voiced.

"What" Seto responded angrily, but he calmed down when he say the look on Mokuba's face. "What did you want to tell me?" This time Seto spoke with forced sweetness.

"Why are people pointing at the 'happy new year' sign and laughing, or making faces, or looking surprised?" Mokuba asked curiously.

"Mokuba, do you remember that sound I told you about in the Spanish language?" Seto tried not to explode in anger just thinking about what the sign outside said.

"The one that sounds like no, no, ño," Mokuba recalled, getting the pronunciation right on his third try.

"Yes that one, in Spanish 'feliz año nuevo' means 'happy new year' but 'feliz ano nuevo' means... It means something else," Seto explained.

"What does it mean?" Mokuba innocently inquired.

"Never mind Mokuba, just don't use that word until you learn to pronounce it right. I need to go do something about that sign now," Seto walked away. He had to get rid of that sign right now, because Kaiba Landia had wished enough people a happy new ass.

Card 19: Fetch!

Joey Wheeler stared at the flashdrive in his hand. He knew it wasn't his and he wasn't sure if he should return it, throw it in the nearest garbage can, or burn it. The owner of this flashdrive was Seto Kaiba. He had dropped it while placing his deck back in his coat pocket after the duel ended.

Joey had been the one to challenge Seto Kaiba to a duel and as usual he was ignored. This time Joey would not take no for an answer and continued his avalanche of complaints and insults until Kaiba stopped walking, turned around and ordered him to activate his duel disk.

Joey was confident he had a good chance of winning this time. That confidence was with him until he lost his very last life point while Kaiba had plenty left. This time Kaiba had won easier than ever and Joey knew this victory would not be forgotten. After that, a few more insults were directed at the blond and the CEO placed his cards back in his coat, then left. That's when the flashdrive fell out.

Now, one day later, Joey stared at the item, still wondering what course of action he should take. He remembered all the things Kaiba yelled at him. "Useless mutt, dueling monkey, luck alone won't help you now, you have no dueling skills what so ever, you should quit, insignificant idiot." All those words echoed in his mind as if Kaiba was standing right next to his ear yelling them right now.

Joey closed his eyes and tried to push away those thoughts. "Stupid money bags!"

"What are you yelling about?" Tristan asked confused.

Joey looked at Tristan, wondering for how long he had been standing there while he was lost in thought. "Nothing, never mind." Joey got up from the park bench and began to walk away.

"Where are you going?" Tristan inquired.

"I need to return something, I'll be right back." Joey didn't want Seto to think he stole the flashdrive and add 'thief' to his endless list of less than friendly nicknames.

Joey ran to Kaiba Corporation and saw Seto as he was about to enter the building. "Kaiba!"

Kaiba turned to look at the one calling him. He had to go check on some business and needed to return to work in his office as soon as possible. "I don't have time for your stupidity right now."

"You should be thanking me that I came all the way here to return this. I should have burned it!" Joey waved flashdrive around until Kaiba extended his hand. Joey tossed it into his hand and began to walk away muttering something about an ungrateful bastard.

"So you can fetch after all," Joey heard Kaiba's voice and froze. As soon as he regained movement he turned around. "One GB flashdrives are practically antiques now; the ones I use have a lot more storage space than this. I was only trying to prove a point."

"What point?" Joey was angry and somewhat confused.

"That you're a mutt and that's why you fetched this for me." Kaiba laughed at Joey, while the blond only managed to growl. He should have known it was a trick.

"Next time you lose something and I find it, I'll burn it!" Joey screamed at the top of his lungs before storming off back to the park.

Seto smiled in amusement. "I wonder what other tricks I can teach him besides fetch..."

Card 20: Contract

"Mr. Kaiba!" A female voice was heard, followed by insistent knocking on a door. "Mr. Kaiba, it's time for your meeting and it's not very friendly to keep people waiting!" Tea paused; then brought her ear to the door to listen to the hushed noises from inside the office. When she heard footsteps approaching the door, she immediately stepped back.

Tea glanced at the walls inside the office after Seto opened the door. All the abstract paintings that Mokuba dared to call decorative were still there. The general state of the office was as it was in the morning, save for the inexplicable layer of dust that managed to make it into all offices, regardless if windows were opened or closed.

"Clean the office Gardener," Seto instructed.

"Yes, Mr. Kaiba," Seto's office was the easiest to clean, Tea concluded, because it never had a multitude of papers scattered about.

Seto hated paperwork to the point where he considered throwing away the printers, thought in the end he kept them. People should learn to keep documents on the computer where they belonged. Why things needed to be printed to be read, Seto would never understand, he preferred to read from the screen anyway.

As Seto sat in his business meeting, he searched for the necessary contract in his briefcase. So far he had discreetly emptied its contents under the table, accidentally or otherwise, and concluded that he didn't have it. This was bad, because that contract was very important and Roland could only stall for so long.

Then Tea ceremoniously entered the room serving mid afternoon coffee and muffins that were not really requested by anyone. Before any of those present noticed Seto's predicament, she unnoticeably handed him the contract, and with the excuse of having dropped a napkin, snuck under the table and scooped all the scattered papers back into Seto's briefcase.

Then, as Tea headed out the door, Seto mused that maybe it wasn't so bad that he had lost that silly, non-duel related, bet against the mutt, promising to give Tea a job as the prince. Though the CEO never figured out why Tea decided that she wanted a job at Kaiba Corp, he would blame it on Joey, he must have talked her into it to annoy Seto; but really, it wasn't so bad.

Card 21: Odd Couple

It's a deep dark secret, such a sweet feeling. Can such opposing things be one and the same? A new emotion, is this what they call love? Or is it another thing?

Being with you is the only time I'm calm. You bring happiness to my life and simplify my problems. You define my existence and you give me strength to go on. When ever I have a problem, I come to you, when ever I feel sorrow, I come to you and in happiness I'm always with you. You were always in front of my eyes but I did not believe that this love could exist.

I wondered about this for a long time. There's something different about this relationship, not something found every day. I'm sorry for all those times when I called you less than nice names, back then I didn't realize what I felt inside.

At the beginning I thought it was nothing, at one point I thought it was hate. Now I realize it's nothing like that, is it the feeling they call love? Is it really? Is it even possible? Is it right? What if my little brother finds out? Some example I'll set. Then again, I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong, so why worry?

No one knows about this; not my brother, not his friends. If it were my choice, they would never know. No one needs to know, we'll keep this secret, just you and me. Different as we may be, we are deep down, I believe, the same. If you promise not to leave me, I will never leave you. Stay with me forever and I will stay with you. You are my love, you are my hope. I finally realized it. I need you always, do you need me?

xoxox xox xoxox

Seto Kaiba looked at what he had typed on the screen and decided it was too mushy for what it was supposed to be, a simple recording of his every day life. Deleting the text, Seto typed on his blog again.

xoxox xox xoxox

Today I apologized to a certain someone for calling this someone not so nice names. While I was doing so, I realized that I have fallen in love and declared my love to this someone. This someone feels the same way about me and that makes me very happy.

However we're not your every day couple, we're different and some firmly believe we're not supposed to be together. I find nothing wrong with it and wish they would understand. Even so, I haven't told Mokuba yet. No one else knows either. I don't mind keeping the secret forever, it shouldn't be too hard. I'll just act like I used to when other people are around and they'll believe it.

xoxox xox xoxox

Not even typing the name of the person, Seto saved his entry, feeling a certain special satisfaction when doing so. There was something special about having an online blog where he wrote about his life. Those who he kept secrets from could easily access it, yet even if they did, they would have no idea who this blog belonged to. It was so amusing that they knew so much, yet they didn't know anything at all.

Seto smiled at the object of his affection, whom he did not consider to be just an object. He petted his beloved computer and bid it goodnight.

To be Continued

About Card 18, "feliz" means "happy", "nuevo" means "new" and "año" means "year". So "happy new year" is "feliz año nuevo" in Spanish (the order of the words is different). However, if the n doesn't have the tilde on top, then it's something totally different because "ano" means "ass". Just in case you're wondering, you can get the ñ by pressing alt 164. Card 21 is SetoxComputer, crackfic surprise!
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