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Card 22

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Card 22: Rainy Night

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Duel Deck

Card 22: Rainy Night

Our story starts in the Bakura residence in Domino City, Japan, where something very unusual is happening. Most of the time Bakura, the spirit of the Millennium Ring gave the orders and Ryou just listened and obeyed, but tonight the white haired hikari had the courage to talk back and so an argument began.

One thing was clear to the former tomb robber; his hikari was not going to be the victim anymore. Ryou was tired of being picked on and wouldn't back down regardless of what that meant. Secretly admiring his courage, Bakura didn't kick or punch his hikari, but instead just argued with him. The yelling could most likely be heard from the neighbors' houses and the street, but neither of them cared about such unimportant details.

"Why can't you be..." Ryou trailed into silence. The hikari looked down at the floor sighing hopelessly. He turned around to go upstairs to his room, leaving Bakura in the living room.

"Why can't I be what?" The yami hissed, grabbing Ryou's arm and forcedly making him sit down on the stairs. "Well? Answer me boy?" He would never admit it, but Bakura was somewhat disappointed that Ryou's sudden courage appeared to be gone and was replaced by indifference.

Ryou sighed once more, holding his head and feeling the headache that was to come from all the screaming in his ears. "Why can't you just be," why can't you just be my friend? Ryou meant to ask, but it was something else that came out. "What can't you just be different? Why can't you be like Yami? Why can't we be like Yami and Yugi? I've never done anything to you, but you hate me!" The white haired boy angrily got up and ran up a few stairs; he stopped and glared down at Bakura. "I've had it with you Bakura. I just want it all to end. I thought that if I listened to you and was nice, you would eventually change, but I guess I was wrong. It's clear you're not going to change; you don't care about anyone but yourself. You selfish evil spirit, I wish I never touched the Millennium Ring!" Ryou's eyes were shiny with tears that threatened to fall any second. "I just want all the pain to end, why won't you go away?" A few tears started running down his pale face. "You may hate me, but know this tomb robber, I hate you even more!" After saying those unexpected words, Ryou ran up to his room, Bakura heard the door being slammed shut and locked.

The former tomb robber stood there for a few seconds in disbelief, staring at the stairs. He wasn't sure if he was angry or sad, or both, but he knew for sure that he was extremely frustrated. So Ryou wanted him to be like the pharaoh? Bakura considered going up to Ryou's room to make him regret his words, the door could not keep him out, but instead he turned around and left, out the front door.

Bakura didn't know why but Ryou's words bothered him this much. Some time ago, he wouldn't have cared, but then again, some time ago Ryou wouldn't talk to him that way. He had changed, didn't the hikari notice? The truth was Bakura was trying to be nicer to Ryou, but due to his hard past, it was difficult sometimes, but he tried, didn't that count? Didn't Ryou notice he was trying? Or maybe the boy had suffered so much he was unable to forgive the spirit of the Millennium Ring.

Bakura's mind was clouded by all those thoughts as he carelessly walked down the lonely streets of Domino City at night. A loud crash of thunder and lightning was heard not too far away, that would explain why there weren't any people in the streets tonight; the woman inside the talking picture box must have predicted a storm earlier. Either way, it didn't matter. Maybe the cold rain water would help Bakura calm down, he didn't know why, but he just couldn't face Ryou when he was this upset, he wouldn't admit it, but he was afraid he would return to his old ways guided by anger.

Lost in his own thoughts Bakura didn't notice the person following him. Rain drops started to fall from the skies at first few, then abundant and heavy. The rain clouded his vision and his hikari occupied his mind. He heard the roaring thunder and the crashing lightning, but he did not hear the foot steps in the rain until it was too late.

Bakura nearly jumped a mile when someone suddenly hugged him. He slowly turned around the face the person relieved it wasn't a rabid fan girl. "What are you doing out here?" Bakura asked his hikari.

"I came to find you," Ryou replied. "I'm sorry I was mean, I really am. I know you're trying to change and you've come a long way. I appreciate what you're doing."

Bakura grinned, almost smiled. "It's alright, forget it. Let's go home and get out of this rain before you catch a cold."

End of Card 22

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