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ii - Who Doesn't Love Intros?

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Harper's going out on another tour for Buzznet... what shenanigans will she, her friends, and a bunch of bands get into this time?

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As far as I knew, I had always known people in bands. My dad was the running factor in this. The sheer fact of who he is might be the key factor. But, as I was saying… always. Always had I known bands. Always had I known of things before they were actually released… thanks to dad. And always had I heard of songs, or heard the actual song, before it was out. It was just a bonus I had. I’ve never actually thought of this, until now. When someone blatantly decided to ask me how the fuck I got to be in the world. And “Why the fuck you get away with half the shit you do.”, as well as the people who like to ask me why it took so long for me to actually get to know my dad. Sure, the press covered it somewhat, but people might want to actually hear it from my side. The side of Mark Hoppus’ kid. The story from Harper, his only daughter. It’s something I don’t really recall half of my life, but it’s something I think I should share, from my end.

I was born in August, the 21st. My mother was happy, my ‘dad’ not so much. I wasn’t his. There was no way. He vanished, and such, and it was mom and I. So, time went on, and she realized I had mannerisms from someone she had hooked up with back in her groupie days. (More or less, when she ‘married’ my ‘dad’ she stopped sleeping around with boys in bands. She was twenty when I was born.) And anyway, as it continues, she managed to call up that guy, tell him I existed, and then managed to take a nose dive into drugs and alcohol. Daddy-o over there, took me in, and here I am. Since I was five, I’ve lived with my father. I’ve not seen my mother since she dropped me off at his home before going out to get hooked up on more drugs.

There you go. Now you know how I managed to get to live with my father. In a nutshell anyway. Now how I managed to get into music in my own way, as well as modeling, that’s a whole other story, for another time.

-love love love,

Harper. xo


With that, I signed off the blog of mine. People were asking, and I thought they should know. Know the side that the paparazzi didn’t leak out to everyone. Everyone seemed to ask me constantly now, how I managed to be a model, how I managed to get a job for Buzznet, how the hell I managed to be able to go on the tour with a bunch of bands from FBR, as well as others. I don’t know. I just said yes to anything that came my way. It was an issue as well as something I absolutely loved to do. Currently, I was supposed to be packing for the newest tour I was going on. I got a chance to have my own bus on this tour, but I honestly preferred having a bus that I could share with a shit ton of people… so I chose the roadie bus. Who doesn’t love the roadie bus?

Putting my computer on my desk, I stood up from my bed, and looked around my room. The same room I have had forever. I used to have an apartment, but when I travel this much, it’s not really worth keeping. I put all my stuff in storage, and moved back in with the parents. And for the most part it was cool. I mean, I’m only eighteen, but I’ve done enough stuff to grant that I had an apartment of my own. And you could say that the room I lived in now was an apartment, which it could be… being over the garage, and the way that it was like a friggen suite, but that’s beside the point.

Looking down at the three huge duffel/suitcases that were on my floor, not to mention the backpack that I was bringing, along with my bag that held all of my Buzznet shit, I had a ton to pack. Glancing at my desk, I smiled at the picture from the last tour that sat, framed on it. It was a picture of Paige, Natalie, Caro, Brooke, Monica, and Myself. The girls of the tour, who pretty much either kept their boyfriends in line, or kept their job on the line. Like me. Last tour, when that picture was taken, I had just broken up with my past ‘fling’ which was at that time, Jack Barakat of All Time Low. Which was… well to say the least, something I did because it benefit the both of us. He was hardcore crushing on this girl, and I was … well, finding him more as a friend, as he was finding me too. So, we cut off the twin-mentality umbilical cord, and decided being the besties who know every thought the other has was a better idea than the couple who snuck around, because it was awkward having PDA around our friends.

So that should narrow down one of the boys that I’ve dated that’s going on this tour. But that’s besides the point. The point is that shortly, I’ll be surrounded by great friends, great music, free shit, a tour bus bunk, and smelly boys. something every girl aims for. Sighing, as I walked towards my closet, I figured that I had to pack for at least three months… and that was all possible with the freebies I’d get from the different bands and from Buzznet… who always wanted me to look fabulous. Which was a plus…

So I packed my bags, and put them by the door. Only packing my make up, essential clothes… which was half of my closet, and then of course, my flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer, and all of my toiletries for … well, for the mean time, till I found something amazing in someone else’s room, and snagged. Which is how I managed to get half of the things I owned… the make up Ryan Ross used to wear, yeah, I snagged it… Which, when he found out, he really cared less… and managed to dump stuff on me that I really didn’t want or need. And in case your wondering, NO… I have NOT dated Ryan Ross… contrary to popular belief.

Looking around my room for any missing things, I plopped myself back on my bed, pulled the chain that turned off my light, and rolled over to sleep.

Tomorrow was going to be epic, busy, and incredibly tiresome. But that’s what the business is all about, right?

AH! The new story. Yes, yes, I know.. “But you have two other ones to update/finish!” yeah, I’ll get to them. Don’t worry your pretty little heads. =]
Love love loveeee!
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