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And here's chapter two... lets see, introductions some background... hm.

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Waking up to the blaring of an alarm clock, and someone banging on your door, is not the most pleasant way of being woken up on a day that you have to be running around like a maniac. Yeah, that’s how it was. My alarm clock was beeping incessantly, and I was having a “HARPER YOUR FACE IS GOING TO BE IN THAT PILLOW WITHOUT OXYGEN IF YOU DON’T GET UP!” come from the other side of the door. Sighing, I rolled out of bed, smacked the alarm clock off, and walked to the door.

It would have been pleasant to have someone go “Oh, good morning sunshine! We have pancakes on the table for you and your favorite blueberry syrup!” but no, instead, I got a very agitated looking Paige at my door giving me a death glare. And everyone thought I was a monster in the morning.

“FINALLY. I’ve been out here banging on your door with Caro for the past twenty minutes. What the hell, I know you sleep like a rock, but did you have like… ear muffs on too?! Jeez.” Was all that was said out of her mouth, before she barged into my living space, and made herself at home, which was normal of all of us. As I watched her do so, I was closing my door slightly, only to have it open wide again, and have a dark haired girl come in, decked out in her purple skinny jeans, and her signature v-neck tee. “Morning Caro.” I said, my voice groggy with sleep.

“Psh, it would be better if you were up before we came to get you. Natalie is down in the car, talking on the phone to Gabe, being all lovey-dovey with her boyfriend while the rest of us, meaning, Paige and I get your ass out of bed, and down to the car.” Was all that came out of her mouth. Followed by a huge yawn.

“Well, listen… I was tired. I blogged last night, because I was tired as shit of getting messages telling me I need to get a paternity test for Daddy-O. SO I have a decent reason. AND! I packed last night. You will be proud to know I planned in advance for once.” As I said this, I gestured to my bags by my door.

“Yeah, don’t care. We’re still tired, cause we’re not morning people… so, we’re gonna wait here, till your dressed, and presentable. Apparently, one of the guys from camera at Buzznet is coming along too. he said you knew… though, why Jack isn’t doing it, I have no idea… cause that’s what usually happens… but, anyway, go get dressed. We have to be at the lot in like, twenty minutes.” Paige said, falling backwards on my bed, and taking the pillow Caro had decided to cuddle up with as her own.


About a half hour later, and with many goodbyes being said to Dad, and such, we managed to get to the lot where the buses would be. Granted, it was technically a parking garage slash some big ol’ corporate building, but whatever, it’s where we were meeting up with the bands, and buses, and the other people that would be rolling around with us on this tour. Some people would find it awkward to be around other people you have history with, but I’ve never been the one person to hold a grudge over something that happened in the past. It was never a trait of mine. Granted, the only person I hold this over is my mother, but that’s a whole other reason behind that one that goes way way deep.

As I got out of the car, and headed to the trunk that Natalie popped for me before running off to see Gabe, I couldn’t help but stop to see the look on Gabe’s face at seeing Natalie again. Granted it was probably the time that she was at my house that she hadn’t seen him, but it was the whole concept of how happy they made each other, and how they complimented each other. Way better than Gabe and I ever looked together. Oh, yeah. That’s another relationship I’ve had with one of the people on this tour. We’ll probably be digging into that pit while we’re going through introductions… because some of the guys haven’t told their girlfriends of past relationships after ours, and don’t plan to. I never wanted a rep of being a whore, or a groupie, because I’m always on tour for work… never play, though it ended up that way in some cases. Watching Gabe and Natalie be all huggy, and cuddly, I wondered when my last romantic encounter would come up and be all cutesy with me… but I suppose that would have to wait, seeing as how his bus wasn’t even here yet. Nor were any of the other members in his band. Pulling the suitcases out of the car, I dropped them on the ground, and closed the trunk… only to turn around and come face to face with Pete Wentz. Now, for someone who I actually have no history with that I can recollect, he seems to make a big deal of wanting to get in my pants constantly.

“Hey Harper, glad your joining us on tour again.” he managed to say so sweetly, and gross at the same time. He leaned over, and picking some of my hair, he twirled it around his fingers. “You know, I still think your one of the prettiest interviewers I’ve ever met.” He’s used that line so many times on other people I can’t even continue to count on my fingers and toes.

“Really Pete? Cause I was under the impression that you still just wanted in my pants. Which isn’t going to happen any time soon.” I told him, wishing, and having the scene play in my head of me closing the trunk on his fingers, and him not being able to go on tour. … Ah, the dreams one can have when they are being harassed.

As I picked up my bags, Pete insisted on helping me carry them over to the bus I was on, so I let him, no harm in letting him think he’s getting to me, right? As the two of us walked over to the group gathering around, I spotted plenty of the guys I knew, either holding their girlfriends hand, or smiling. Probably because they heard that I was back on tour with them. For some odd reason, I managed to get a grin and a wave from Jonathan from Forever the Sickest Kids, while Caleb elbowed him in the ribs. Jonathan and I had a thing last tour. It was a thing that managed to happen whenever one of us was bored out of our skulls… it evolved into us being a couple for like, two weeks… and figuring that it was way better as friends with benefits… but then the other one came along, and that changed. The other one, you might be wondering, is the same one who’s bus isn’t even here yet.

Thinking about that, I sighed, and Pete, who was standing next to me took this as a prime opportunity to place his arm around my shoulder, and pull me close… a bit too uncomfortable for me, but he seemed to be enjoying it… and with it, I got a very confused look from Jonathan across the way, only to give him back one of me rolling my eyes, and frowning a touch. Everyone knew Pete liked me… whether it was for my name, or what, but he has always had a thing for me. I just deal with it, and let him think he’s going to one day manage to have me fall endlessly in love with him, and he can marry me, and be related to Mark Hoppus, as his dream always was. Whatever. As he was about to lean down and put a kiss on my head, Andy, who was standing next to me, turned to him, and went rather loudly, “Dude… come on. She’s still not into you.” And pulled me away from Pete.

Andy was the older brother I wish I had all the time, and whenever tour came around, he was right there, hanging out right by me, being a brotherly figure. And having to approve of the guys I ‘dated’ or ‘hooked up with’. Andy knew all. He knew eeeeeverything. Him and Patrick. The two boys who helped me out when I went on my first tour with out Dad.

Once I looked up again, and waited for the head honcho of the tour to take over, the last bus pulled up. And for some odd reason I waited for him to pop out, and be all “HOMG! HARPER! I’VE MISSED YOU!” but little did I know if that would actually happen or not… but, the bus stopped, and out he walked, and glancing at me, a smile crossed his face in the happiest way possible.


OOH! Cliffie. Figure that one out bitches. HA!
I kid… I kidddd.

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Waking up to the blaring of an alarm clock, and someone banging on your door, is not the most pleasant way of being woken up on a day that you have to be running around like a maniac. Yeah, that
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