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II - Cigarette Burns, Fast Cars, Fast Women, and Cheap Drinks

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Hm. We find out who the mystery person is. hahaha.

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Or, at least what I thought was the happiest way possible… or he was just taunting the shit out of me… and turned to help another girl out of the bus. Fucking figures. Brendon Urie couldn’t ever be with one girl through a month grace period of not seeing someone. Frowning a little bit, I figured I could take this as my prime opportunity to leave my thoughts about him behind. I bet your wondering the background story of he and I. well, I’d share all of it, but it’s pretty intense, so I’ll give basic details.

He and his band got recognized by Pete, because they were up and coming, Buzznet sent me out on a trip to meet them. Brendon and I hooked up over dinner, and managed to think we could last. We lasted till I left, two weeks later (I was interviewing a few unsigned bands as well while I was there.) I saw him again and he was with Audrey Kitching. The cotton candy haired bimbo I can’t stand with a fucking passion. He broke up with her, because of some reason I still don’t know the exact reason to. We got back together… to make a long story short, it happened a few more times that we broke up, got back together… but in the times we weren’t together, I was with someone else. I will completely tell anyone (if provoked enough) that I have a need to be with someone because I have a hole where my mother left me, and I feel abandoned by her and even though I have my dad… ugh, anyway, back to the original story here… we were together, just a month ago, and we promised each other to be good while we were off… I made a mistake on my part, and kissed someone on tour, drunkenly… granted, it wasn’t just a kiss, but that’s besides the point… and that’s a whole other story. Well, I felt so bad, I didn’t tell him… kept it to myself, but I told Andy, and Patrick. Who know everything… So, anyway, Brendon completely missed fifteen calls I left him in the course of two days. And the ten texts I left him over three days. So I figured, he had moved on, or his phone was off again (and trust me, I kept believing it was the latter of the two). But now, seeing him exit the fucking tour bus with a black haired twiggy, flat fucking board girl, who looked like something smacked her face with a two by four and dragged it down to give her a fucking horse face, I grew enraged. The dick left me for THAT?! A groupie who I know follows me on buzznet, and constantly leaves comments telling me how much better she is than I… oh no. This is not going to go down well.

As I stepped forward, ready to walk the fuck over there and deck the girl, I felt two arms latch themselves across my waist. And even though I was still pulling, trying to get over there, the rage so evident on my face, and hers covered with a smug grin, I kept my face so stiff, the arms pulled me back so hard I smacked my back into them. “Harper, relax. The bimbo isn’t worth your fucking time. Seriously.” A male voice said against my ear. I tried to relax. The tension was still built up, and cause my fingers to turn white as she walked with Brendon over to the group of people. I was pretty sure her name was Tiffany, in accordance with her overly scene “TiffyTrouble” username on the site. Letting out some of the frustration in a huge “UGH.” I stomped my foot, and went to turn around, but the arms held me there. Finally, looking up, I smiled at William Beckett, who managed to see that I was about to lose my cool, and walk over there and punch the shit out of the girl. Yes, we all knew I didn’t smack people. It was too pansy of a move to pull. And the guys knew that if anyone was going to punch anyone, it would be me. I wasn’t violent… I just had a short fuse when it came to certain things. And this happened to be on my list of ‘lose my temper’ items. As I looked up to Beckett, I sighed a little bit. That was probably the biggest mistake of my life with him. Ever. I’m friends with his girlfriend! And its wrong.

Sighing, I looked back to the girl, who was all over Brendon. As he was grinning, at her being touchy feely, I glanced over to Ryan, who on the other hand, looked disgusted at it. Trying to focus more on the small meeting I had been paying no attention to, I noticed that it had finished, and Brendon and his girlfriend thing were walking over. Beckett’s arms still wrapped around my waist dropped as Caro grabbed his attention. He walked off with her, and I was alone, waiting for the thing and Brendon to walk over, and taunt me with their disgusting relationship. Brendon managed to wrap his arm around her waist, and as they stood in front of me, all I could smell was some disgustingly cheap rose purfume.

“Hey Harper.” Brendon said, grinning.

“Hi Brendon. Who’s your new … erm. Thing?” I said, grinning, and popping my hip out to place my hand on. This was going to be great.

“Tiffany… actually. Not thing. I’m a friend of yours on buzznet. I thought it was cute how you were with Brendon a while ago. But I love him to bits! And we’re so happy together. Together for three weeks! Right Brennybuns?” She said, her voice so obnoxious and troll like, I wanted to vomit.

“Brennybuns? Right. Cause of your ass. Got it. So, yeah, three weeks. Love. Got it. I think I’m going to go with Three oh Three’s thought process on that one, and go “El Oh Vee E is just another word I never learned to pronounce… at least to you Brendon. I mean, really. You had me, and went to that… I—“ I was cut off, by a hand placed over my mouth.

“Yeah, you had this Brendon, this adorable blonde bombshell who actually has a working job, and not just sleeping with people and shit like that. Make sure you wash, and check for signs of the clap. She’s got it all written over her face. The acne she has is giving her applause for it. That’s how you tell.” The voice said. I grinned, I knew who it was, and was just going to let it roll out in a way of getting back at Brendon. I didn’t need him. It took him getting together with a thing like that to realize it, but I knew it from the beginning. I’m better than that. “Come on Harper. We don’t want to get in too close of proximity to the horrendous diseases like the HIV and shit.” And with that, I followed the male a decent distance from the couple who was standing in shock at the words thrown at them.

“Shit Caleb. That was good.” I told the redhead that stood in front of me. He and I had always gotten along, and it was one of the best things we had about each other, is that we were such amazing friends.

“Yeah, well… he’s a dick. Didn’t we all tell you that last tour? When you were with Jonathan?” he asked, a far look crossing his eyes when he mentioned my brief relationship with Jonathan.

“Yes. But since when do I listen to other people? I mean, really.” A smile crossing my face as I told him this. “So, Caleb, on another note, why did you come to my rescue? Did you doubt my verbal attacks?” a raised eyebrow graced my face as I asked. I was usually pretty good with verbal abuse towards arguments… but Caleb’s pretty much beat my skills.

“I was just standing on the sidelines, incase things got physical, but the whole 3OH!3 line that came out of your mouth made me laugh, and think you needed help.” He chuckled a little at the comment he stated, and as I reminisced over it, I frowned a bit. “I mean, really. When are you going to not quote songs for arguments… I think we had a discussion, and you mentioned something really depressing from The Academy Is…” he chuckled again, and mimicking me, he raised his hands to his head. “I’m pretty sure it was ‘Are we wasting time, or is it wasting us Caleb, keep that in mind.’ That came out of your mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh for days after that.”

“THAT’S why you laughed at me every time I was at your set?! Jesus Caleb. And why do you remember that?!” I asked, laughing at him.

“Because some of the things that you say are incredibly memorable. Even if they are silly remarks.” He said, his hazel eyes connecting with mine. A smile crossed my lips as I reached in to hug him.

“Well thanks Caleb. I think this is going to be the start of something new on this tour.” Frowning a bit, as my head rested on his chest, I made another remark… “and I really need to find someone to help me with my quotes… because High School Musical is an epic fail on my part.”

He chuckled, and only remarked with a few words, “Yeah, you do. But it’s a good phrase to use in this case.”


OOH! I updated. Nice. Haha. And yes, so you all know, I do tend to quote lines from songs… and I have made the mistake of quoting HSM before, thanks to it taking over my entire junior year in high school with chorus and theatre. Ugh.

On to reviews!

CaroBECKETT: you help with my amazing plotting. I love it. And Pete’s not allll creepy. He will at some point change the creepy shit he’s got going on. xD.. and when you said I’m the david blaise of fan fiction, that’s like calling me god, right?

Ixamxnotxaxnugget: you and gabe are like the signature couple in my opinion. Haha. No idea why. You just are. And you SO killed JCook for me with the Selena thing… ughh. –cringe- but, I’m glad you loved it.

Adalae: I DID CLIFFIE YOU HO! Bwahah. And the SIO show was epic, I bet.. and the call from Cody made it even better. I plan to see them in Orlando, and we will be besties. Haha. It will be a plan… oh, hey HEADLAMP! A BUMCH OF FORKS! Ring a bell?

Xnataliex: I only abandon my social life at three in the morning, when I have work the next day. Haha. Glad you liked it.

Ohhai: I did the same thing, I was like “HOMG NINE?!” and then realized… nevermind. Haha. And Harper is a whore. But, not one like Tiffany in this story… and Tiffany is based off the person who decided to steal my pictures for personal gain in making me look like her? It’s a long story… but! I am super glad you loved it. And like I told Caro, Pete’s not going to just be a bad guy.

TheTrohmanator121: Well thanks. I’m glad you liked. I updated soon! Haha.

Danceislife: drama owns. And when is your hand going to be better to update your stories? Hmmm. And I hope it’s better… if you didn’t catch that.. haha.

CoffinChelsea: I warmed it up for you! And I have fantasies like that about my boss… does that count? Haha. And you need to update now. xD please.

Or, at least what I thought was the happiest way possible
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