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III - Peacemaker

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shenanigans. weee. and a new friend?

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Standing at the Buzznet booth at the venue, I was finishing telling this adorable little blonde girl about how if she wanted to be a model, she should just work hard on it, and talk to people, and make sure things are not scams. She seemed pleased with the knowledge given to her by me, and so she walked off with a smile on her face.

The tour had just started, and much like warped tour, it had it’s own set of tents for all the different bands playing, the different stages, and the different tents for all the random things, like clothing brands, and magazines, and websites… where I stood currently… in the booth for Buzznet… with the flyers for all sorts of random things around, and how if you join, and blah blah blah… and meet me! Haha. Like that was what everyone wanted… but, according to how busy my booth was, it seemed to be. That, and we had merch for the bands signed and up for auction, which was neat, because the money was going to go into whatever foundation the kids picked… and yes, it was my idea.

As I sat down in the chair behind the booth’s table, I looked up to see a black haired girl headed towards my table, a very specific one at that. And no, it wasn’t Caro, because she was up, watching The Academy Is…’s set.

“Hey Harper!” the troll like voice said to me. Cringing, I looked up, and glared at her.
“What?” was all that I stated, my voice showing my snark.

“Buzznet called me, and told me that they want me to hang out at our booth. You know, cause we’re both Buzznet famous. Well, I mean, I am. Your just famous because of your Daddy.” She said, a smirk crossing her face. As she stood there, I thought about the meeting that I had with a couple of the Buzznet execs. And recalling that I would be the only one at the booth FROM their top people, besides Caro, Paige, Nat… and the rest of the posse… that I’d be alone in my plight to help raise some money, and make the site bigger, and more populated.

“Yeah, right. I never got a call.” I told her, a smirk on my face as she stood there, stunned. “And, because I have the numbers to all of the executives there, the ones that I told I’d love to help out, and raise some money for a foundation towards getting third world children toys, I’m pretty sure they would have told me whether or not I’d be joined by an internet famous bimbo like yourself.” At the bimbo comment, she frowned.

As she turned and looked behind her, and then back at me, she leaned over the table, and got closer to my face. Her fake eyelashes glued on too much, and her face piled way too high with make up close to my face. “I’m the bimbo? Who’s slept with half of the guys here? Hm? You or me? Lets think about this for a minute. Lets think of who has been on tour with each of these guys around their bunks?” she grinned, and I stood up, and pushed her back from the table.

“Until I get a fucking call from the execs, stay the fuck away from this booth. Kay? Thanks.” I shouted at her, Jason, my awesome camera guy, stood up, and coming over to the side of the tent that was obviously have a show down between the two of us, stood between us, knowing how I almost attacked her weave covered head before, waiting for someone to say something else. But, all that was said, was Tiffany’s troll-like voice, “Fine. I will. But just wait on that phone call Harper. Just fucking wait.” She said in a huff, and walked off, only to be found by the adorable blonde from before, ‘accidentally’ dropping a bottle of red Gatorade on her white skinny jeans. As a shriek came from the darker haired girl, the blonde came running over to the Buzznet booth, and as she did, I held out a shirt for her.

“You are the fucking best, so you know. And I don’t even know your name.” I told her.
“It’s Jordan.” The girl said. A smile huge on her face.

“Well Jordan, wanna hang out back here for now, or whenever your not out hanging out on the back flies of the stages?” I asked, as I also handed her a wrist band.

“SURE!” she shouted, but looked down at her watch after she did. “But I have to go see Forever The Sickest Kids in like five minutes!” She said, her bright blue eyes shining.
“Well, I’ll go with you. You know, now that your going to be one of my new best friends for that amazing skill you had in dropping your Gatorade on her.” I said, hugging the girl, who was just a few inches sorter than I. Her face lit up again, and I knew I did find a friend in the girl. Or at least, someone who would drop red Gatorade on the white pants of my archenemy.


As Jordan and I headed over to the FTSK set, on the “Lets Go” stage, I asked her a few questions about herself, as she asked me about myself.

“Well, I’m sixteen, and I want to go into modeling, and I want to be an artist, and I live with my mom, and I have this huge love of concerts.” She was talking so fast, using her hands, and looking up at me every now and then with these huge blue eyes, and it made me smile so much.

“Well, your sixteen, I’m eighteen, you know, you could do a lot of things in those two years. Like, help out some organizations, and talk to some people. I can talk to people for you. You seem like you’re really into this whole idea of being a model. I’ll let you know though, it’s a lot of lack of sleep.” I said to her, laughing a bit at the last statement. The nights I had been so tired, but knew I had a shoot the next day, I was incredibly thankful for the amazing strength of MAC make up. Grinning as we reached the stage, I took her hand, and headed towards the gates at the side, where there were some security guards hanging out.

As they looked at me, I held up my pass from the carabineer that hung on my belt look on the pair of dark wash skinnies I wore. They nodded, and waved me in, not even bothering to check on Jordan. As we entered, we ran into plenty of people I knew, and Jordan obviously had heard of. Nodding and waving, we ended up running into quite a few of my friends, and their boyfriends. “YO! HARPER!” was all I heard before being pulled over by Paige to the circle of people. “Where have you been? Tiffany was walking around here with red Gatorade on her white pants.. it was epic. You missed it.” She seemed so incredibly giddy, and excited, till I grinned, and turned to Jordan.

“Thanks to Jordan here, the epic show of Tiffany walking around with red stained pants came about. That’s why she’s back here… and that’s why we’re headed over to your boyfriend’s show. I figured I’d give the girl a shirt, and a bracelet, and such for doing such a good deed to humanity.” Grinning, I had Jordan come into the center of the group that had formed.
Caro was the first to say something, “So, you spilled Gatorade on Tiffany the Troll. You are amazing. You are not a failwhale, unlike Harper over there, for being late on telling us of this awesomeness.” She grinned, and hugged Jordan, who seemed to just have this huge smile plastered on her face.

“Oh, Jordan, this is Caro, her boyfriend William, …” she managed to cut me off, and started talking, and taking the introductions her own way.

“Caro, And William Beckett, Paige, and her boyfriend Kyle, who isn’t here cause he’s in Forever the Sickest Kids, Natalie and Gabe Saporta, Monica, or Mo, who’s dating Jeph Howard, and Brooke who’s dating Joe Trohman!” She was smiling so hard, I thought her face was going to fall off.

“Well, Jordan, now that we have all of the introductions, lets get back to our mission of heading towards the kid’s show. Or, we’ll be laaaate.” I grabbed her hand, and pulled her away from the group of people she was waving to, quite animatedly. She was in heaven right now, I could tell. Just being around people she knew from the internet, or the radio it was obviously a shocker for her. She was definitely a fan girl person. As we headed off towards the stage, she still kept her grin. Even when we reached the stage it was still there. She was obviously excited. I loved it.

On the stage, the guys were just getting ready to play their first song. A glance over our way, had her reeling.


After the show, Jordan managed to tackle down Jonathan, and was talking to him as Kyle ran off and tackled Paige, and there was an epic sweaty battle going on with him being the guy he was. As that was going on, Caleb came over, and started chatting with me, a grin on my face the entire time. “So, who’s the girl verbally tackling Jonathan?” he asked, brushing his red hair off his forehead, while looking over at Jordan, who seemed to have a massive smile on her face, as she talked animatedly to Jonathan with her hands.

“That, Caleb, is my new weapon against Tiffany in this massive war on words. See, Tiffany came over to my booth ranting and raving about being a part of Buzznet’s fame whores, and how I’m only famous cause of my dad, and whatever… so, I pushed her away from the booth, banned her from it, and the girl there, dumped red Gatorade on her white pants. It was epic, let me tell you.” I told him, while crossing my arms, and grinning, remembering the epic event that happened forty-five minutes ago.

He laughed, and handing his guitar tech the guitar, he looked towards the stairs off the stage. “So, you wanna godo something? I’m willing to go do something stupid at the Buzznet booth, if you’d like?” he started heading towards the stairs, and I followed, because I was willing to watch him do something stupid for the sake of something to do.

“Sure. Why not?” I said, stepping my foot on the asphalt behind the stage. Only to be grabbed around the waist by another red head that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“HA! I fucking win! YOU FAIL HUNTER!” Travis Clark from We The Kings said, as he had me over his shoulder.

Flailing around, I started to smack his back, screaming “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” repeatedly. Although, no one seemed to answer me, and all I got as I was being taken off, over Travis’s shoulder, was the visual of Caleb pointing towards me, laughing hysterically, with the Buzznet camera Jason had on, focused on me. “Damn it.” I said, crossing my arms, being carried away by Travis, towards an undisclosed location on my behalf. “You bastards planned this! Let me down damn it! LET ME DOWN!” I screamed, flailing around, again, only to have Travis shake his head, and Hunter come up from behind him, to face me, a teasing smile on his face.

“Hells no babe. We’re making a video! You can’t get down, that would defeat the purpose.” He said, laughing, as was Caleb, Kyle, and the rest of the guys, laughing hysterically at my current situation. As I was about to say something, a piece of hot pink duct tape was placed over my mouth.

This was going to have a serious event to it.


HA! Another cliffie. I’m on a fucking roll. Be excited for the next part. Be fucking excited.

CaroBECKETT: YES! You may kick tiffany’s ass. I would love it. And I do too, I LOVE mister turman as well.
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