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Expect the unexpected.

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Ashley Martinez and Bridget Knight are two best friends in love with My Chem. ITs kinda weird because they all went to high school together and Gerard doesnt get along with the girls. So whats gon...

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My name is Ashley Martinez. My best friend's name is Bridget Knight. We basically grew up with each other. We also have a lot of things in common. Our favorite band is My Chemical Romance. We both own all their cds, t shirts, posters, etc. So here is other stuff to know about us. Both her and i were outcasts in school. The popular people hated us and they always had some stupid coming out of their mouth. They would come up to us and grab our wrists and check them to see if we have and cuts on our wrist. And one time when Bridget had a cut on her wrist from her cat, and they decided to make a rumor up about it and say that we cut our self and all that happy-go-lucky shit. Oh yea then there was this one group that like the "leader" of it always reminds me of Gerard, but they weren't all that mean it was the "Leader" dude. Our parents weren't the greatest people with us. my parents and sister were the worst. Anyway, i don't have to worry about it because I'm out of there and Bridget and I are going to see MCR in concert tonight! We are going on a vacation to California and that is where we will see them. We had these tickets for like weeks now. But since we are going to california, I thought that we should leave a day early and be able to shop for new clothes.

I stop daydreaming on what i would do when we got there and got in the car to get to Bridget's house. When we got there we walked to t he train station and then we we got off off the train we were at the airport. It took about a hour for our plane to be called. We walked to the plane and got into out seats but then i noticed something. It couldn't have been who i thought it was. They were on tour starting in california working their way back to Jersey...omg it actually might be them. Holy was them. It was kinda wierd because when i figured out that it was My Chem, Gerard looked up at me with a face that i didn't understand then his mouth dropped down. He reminded me of someone...

Well i didnt know what to do so i sat down. Then the plane took off and the back of the plane got louder and paper balls were hitting us. We didn't know what the hell was going on but then i turned around and noticed who through it.

"I'm sorry...Ashley." Ray said with a smile.
"Wait how do you know my name?" I asked.
"Well, years and years ago, we all went to the same high school together."
"Oh my god." I said in shock remembering all the things that happened there.
"That's what Gerard said when he saw you." Frank said as Gerard rolled his eyes and looked away.

I could tell he still hated me but oh well. This is like the one time we are ever gonna get to talk to them so what's the point of getting pissed over one guy.

"So you gonna see our show?" Mikey asked.
"Yea the one on Thursday. So we have 3 days till then." Bridget said.
"Oh well maybe then we will see you guys around Cali."
"Its possable."
"So what have you girls been up to since school ended?" Bob asked.
"Well back in Jersey, Bridget and I have a our own salon shit place going."
"Is it off of this one busy street and a lake like thingy next to it?" Ray asked.
"I know where it is then."

So for the rest of the way to Cali, we just talked about little things like what we were already doing. When the plane landed we said bye and then they left and we went to the hotel to chill. We got something to eat then fell asleep till the next morning.
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