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Another chapter. (2)

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Back in time to when she had a house. Well. Sort of. (:

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The last one was sort of the end of a story,
but this one is going to be more of a story of how she ended up on the streets and the lead up to that one.
Hope you enjoy. ^_^
Oh, and thankyou so so soooo much for the reviews.
They made my heart warm. (:

Christie's POV.
I have seriously, never felt this unloved. It's my 18th birthday, and I have no presents, and my family aren't even home. They weren't when I got up, and still aren't. They never usually leave the house, just stay in and yell at me. This seriously sucks. I make myself some toast, and get a glass of mango juice. It's kind of off. But I don't care.
I go into the living room, the tv is usually always on, one of them is watching something usually, but now, it's off. I switch it on, and then sit cross legged in front of it. I need to manually change the channels on the sky box, due to the fact they don't let me watch tv so when they aren't watching it, they hide the remote. They were too stupid to even realize I can do this. I press the button over and over and over. Mindlessly. It started on Sky one, 106. And I wanna watch a music channel, which is 350 onwards. I eat my toast as I click click click. Eventually I get to 368, Kerrang! And just in time too.
Fall out Boy's Dance,Dance is on. I sing along to the words and keep my eyes locked on the screen. I've always had a thing for the lead singer. He's just so cute, but I don't think of him in the way most fans might, I just, think about him, all the time. It's pretty depressing that I might never get to even meet him, really. He's not much older than me. The song finishes, fading out after Pete kisses the girl. I sigh. Next a My Chemical Romance song plays, I love them to, so sing along. But don't really stare into the screen like I did for Fall out Boy.
After about an hour of mindlessly watching the channel I am laying on the floor, head on hands, staring at the cigarette stained ceiling. I sigh again, the family aren't home yet.
"This birthday sucks more than the last one." I mutter. I start to day dream about Patrick, the usual type of thing, him coming and saving me in the middle of one of the big family fights. Just then, the door opens. I sit up, and my family walk in. Arguing, I switch the tv off quickly and walk upstairs, and Patrick is sitting on my bed playing his acoustic guitar. I almost faint, Patrick looks up at me.
"Hey Christie." he smiles.
"Uh.. hi." I say nervously. He taps the bed beside him, and I walk over and sit down. He plays the happy birthday tune and sings it to me. I smile and loose myself.
"Happy birthday." He smiles at me, and then kisses my lips. Then I open my eyes. I'm still laying on the floor, the family aren't home yet. But I can still taste him on my lips, still feel where they touched mine. I lay for a bit longer, taking in the feeling. Then my back starts to ache, I sit up and look at the time, it's 10pm already, I've been down here for hours. The tv is playing a band I don't know. I turn it off and walk up to my room, I go and check in my sister's room to see if she has come in, she's only 14. She isn't in there, but there are clothes all over the floor. I walk over to her wardrobe and see there is nothing in there. Her teddy has gone from her bed. Why would she take it out with her?
I run into my parents room. There are things scattered on the floor here too. I check the wardrobes, nothing. But there is a note.
if you read this before they came to ask for payments for the house then well done for looking.
we've gone away, we're moving houses and countries, without you.
bye x
p.s happy birthday. you are now officially old enough to live alone.

I stand there, open mouthed in shock.
"What the fuck?" I say to myself. At first I don't believe it. I fall to my knees. So they've finally left me behind? Great. Fucking great. I kneel there for a long time, thinking. I can't get a job, or somewhere to stay. I have no friends to stay with, nowhere to go. I suddenly feel really lost. I go to my room and look around, I can't stay here for more than another two nights, I know the next payment for the property is due in two or three days.
I look for a bag big enough to carry stuff, I have to start packing and planning. There are tears rolling down my face, no sobbing, just the tears. I grab my old mp3 player and all the batteries I have and put them into the biggest backpack I have. Then I grab a few light items of clothing, band tees and underwear. I put them into the bag, then I put in my newest sketch pad and a pencil. I remember to pack a sharpener. Then I take a poster of Patrick off my wall. And put that in. Then I grab chewing gums and also put them in.
I sit on my bed, hugging my knees and thinking about where to go.
I don't want to go where there are many people, so I think I will go and hide in a field somewhere, until I need food. There is a hill with forest near to my house. I'll go there. I get my old mobile out of my pocket and text my parents.
Thanks for the birthday wishes.. I send and then start a new one.
twats. I send. Then I put my phone back into my pocket, then lay down on the bed in my clothes and hug a pillow. I cry into it, and eventually fall asleep. I dream about Patrick again.

Patrick's POV
Another show. Another country. Another load of screamy girls to talk to after the show. After all that usual stuff, I got on the bus after Joe. He went straight to his bunk to sleep, as did Andy. Pete went on his laptop. I went and sat by him,
"Hey Patrick." He smiled,
"Hey Pete. Mind if I join you?" I asked,
"Sure." He said, he opened up google, and then googled Fall out Boy. He went onto our site to check if it had been updated yet. He opened the 'Tours" page and checked where we were, and where we were going next. Then he went onto MSN and talked to Ashlee and his friends from other places, I got bored eventually. He was so nice to have let me sit there watching the screen.
"Thanks Pete. I'm off to bed." I said and got up, heading for my bunk.
"No problem." He smiled, he understands how lonely I get sometimes. He's a good friend most of the time. I undress and then get into my bunk, closing the curtain thing then dropping asleep. My dream is empty, again, like most nights. I wake up too early and go to sit in the back room and think. The bus is moving so I can't get any fresh air. I start writing some music, I never have anything better to do these days anyway. But, eh, life's good, right?

Hope that was good enough.
I will be writing more hopefully if I get any reviews on this. (:
Thanks again for the last reviews,
Oh and it won't all be as boring as this ahaha.
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