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Getting on with it.

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Thankyou SO much for the three reviews on the last chapter.
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I really do try.
So here it is..
Sorry it isn't more interesting btw..

Christie's POV
I'm in the forest now. Sitting up against a tree. And it's cold. And I have nothing but my 'REVENGE' hoody to keep me warm. But I will endure. There's nowhere else to go, I try not to listen to my music all the time. Because I don't want to run out of batteries. I switch it off and open my eyes to pack it away again, then put it into my bag. I look through it for a snack, I am doing well at rationing. There is no food left, which means I need to travel into the town for shops. I almost get up, but then I realize it's really dark, so pointless to even try and find a shop open. I lean into the tree and hug my bag. I'm not tired a tall either.
I sigh and stare into the darkness, just thinking about what to do. I don't want to die, just yet. I always promised myself I would wait until I saw my favorite band live, then think about suicide seriously. I have enough money for a ticket for when they tour, and I've been in the woods for a long time, I don't even know how long. So I don't know if they are yet. I check the rock mag's every few days.
I hear a noise. I ignore it, but there it is again, a ruffling of a bush, a tree, something. I start shaking. It's makeing me jumpy. I take out my music again and put on Fall out Boy. I blast it through my ears. Then eventually, I fall asleep, Patrick singing the songs in my head.
When I wake up my head is sore, the music is still blasting. I take it out and see it's light now. I decide to walk to shops to check the mag's and get more snacks. I get up, and fall against the tree a bit. I notice how skinny and weak I have gotten. I hate being so skinny. But I've always been pretty weak. I throw my bag to my back and head for the shops. I keep most of my money in my shoe, but enough money in my bag to pay at shops. I have lasted this long by occasionally begging and saving up all the money. You'd be surprised at how many people actually give money to a homeless girl as young as me.
I get to the closest small corner shop and walk in, a few people take strange glances at me. I probably look terrible. Dirty hair, run eyeliner and clothes which are way too big for me. Not to mention the fact I get weird looks for the music I listen to anyway, 'Revenge', My Chemical Romance hoody. Unzipped, and an old Fall out Boy tee underneath. And light grey skinny fit jeans with black and white, cheap converse fake's. Not the way your usual 'hobo' dresses. I grab a multi pack of crisps and a bottle of coke. I go for the most trashy foods, then I get myself some healthy food too. I walk over to the mags and flick to the mag, I put my little shopping basket to the floor and pick up the mag, first thing I notice on the front is the year, I've been homeless for two years now. And it's March soon so I must be 20 in just over a month. Yipee. I always check Kerrang! because I know the way they set out the gigs at the back. I flick through until I get to the city I am in, and then I read. Suddenly, my heart stops. Fall out Boy. On the 7th of March. Soon. I almost scream, then I drop the mag to the floor and start to run, a few people look at me strangely, even more so than when i walked in here. I run to the counter and put the stuff from the basket on the desk. I pay him, then walk out onto the streets.
I carry the bag and walk fast, looking for a shop which will sell tickets, I see a little music store and walk to the desk. The man standing there looks at me like I'm a threat, then reckonizes me. I remember this shop, I begged outside here once and he donated me a few coins.
"Hey again. Glad to see you're still healthy." He smiled, "Found a place to live yet?" He asked, politely.
"Not really." I laugh.
"You seem so young for someone who lives rough." He frowned, actually caring.
"I'm twenty this year." I smile.
"Wow. Well, what can I help you with young un?" He laughed,
"Do you sell tickets here?" I asked, blushing at not knowing,
"Yeah I do. And I'll cut the price for you." He smiled, he was so friendly.
"Fall out Boy?" I asked, he nodded, "How much?"
"For you, dear, ten pounds." He smiled. I didn't want to get the money from my shoe, and luckily I had that much in my bag. I took it out and passed it to him.
"Thanks." I smiled.
"No problem." He took out the ticket and passed it to me, "Have you got enough money to live?" He asked, sounding serious.
"Yeah for now." I smile.
"Where are you sleeping, if you don't mind me asking?" He asked, I decide it is safe to tell him as there are lots of forests around here.
"In a forest." I shrug. He looks shocked.
"Look. Do you want to stay here tonight? I'll lock you in when I leave to go home if you want, and the phone is here, so if you want to leave you can ring me." He seems so nice, I nod. That sounds good.
"Thank you so much." I smile again.
"No problem. Also, anything else you want to buy here, I can give you discount." He motioned the rest of the shop. I look around, I need something to wear to the concert. I see a nice black hoody with white stars, and a Fall out Boy tee I don't have yet. I nod. I go and get the stuff.
"How much you want?" I ask. Seeing the prices are really high.
"Ten for both, together." He said, I passed him the money from my shoe, he doesn't seem to care.
"Thanks, again." I smile.
"I have to close up, so I'll be back tomorrow." He smiles, and then leaves, locking the door behind him then closing the shutters. But leaving the light on. I feel so safe in here. I walk around looking at the CD's and then eventually get tired. I go and lay behind the counter, using my new hoody as a cushion and fall asleep. Dreaming of Patrick again. I wake up, then get to my feet, I look to see the shutters are being lifted. I walk and sit the other side of the desk so I can see who is walking in. It's the guy who let me stay here, luckily.
"Hey again!" He says as he gets in. "Sleep well?" He asks.
"Very." I nod. "Thanks."
"Stop saying thanks." He laughs. Then walks over and sits next to me, he can't be much older than me, I notice.
"Never." I laugh.
"So you're going to see Fall out Boy?" He asks. I nod, "I don't really like them to be honest, more into harder rock." He laughs.
"Cool. I like some of that too to be honest, I only really like Fall out Boy for the lead singer. He's a great guy." I say, blushing a bit.
"The hat man?" He asks me. I nod. "He seems like an alright dude to be honest, what other bands do you like?" He asks me, I think to try and come up with some he might like.
"Uhh.. My Chemical Romane?" He nods. "Slipknot?" He nods again, "Metallica?" Nod. "Bullet for my Valentine?" Nod. "Papa Roach?" Nod. I go on and on and he nods for every one. I start naming more poppy bands, trying to get a head shake or a shoulder shrug. Just then a group of people walk in. He looks up, they look like a group of stuck up scene kids if you ask me. I mean, most scene kids are pretty friendly, but these are the type who look unfriendly. He gets up and motions for me to get up too. I carry my bag and drop it behind the desk, and stand next to him.
"What can I help you with?" He asks them, the main one, a girl, starts to smile at him. I can see she totally crushes on him. I notice he isn't really a bad looking guy. Quite good looking actually, but I can't bring myself to think of him more than a friend.
"Tickets to Fall out Boy please." She smiles, she's not very old, 15 at the most. So THIS is what I'll have to endure at the gig? I mentally sigh.
"How many?" He asks.
"Four." She grins. He hands them to her.
"That'll be 200 pounds please." He smiles, I mentally count, I payed ten pounds for a fifty pound ticket. She hands him the money,
"Thanks." He says,
"No. Thank YOU." She winks, then walks out. He pulls a face at me as she leaves. I laugh quietly.
"So yeah, name a band I DON'T like." He laughs.
"It's impossible." I smile.
"A band I don't know then." He suggests. I think for about two seconds.
"Winch House." I say and he looks defeated, he pouts. "No?" I laugh. He shakes his head. "So you DON'T sell their CD's here I take it?" I ask. He shakes his head again. "Duuuuuuude. You should they are amazing." I laugh.
"I'll get them in." He agrees. "I don't mean to sound nasty, but are you gonna wash before you go to the concert?" He asks.
"I guess I'd like to.. but.." I shrug.
"There's this thing down the road." He says. "I drove past it on the way here and went in. It's for the homeless. You can wash there whenever you want, have a shower in a private room. They are full, so you can't sleep there, but you can shower before nine." He smiled.
"I might go there then." I laugh.
"Ya'know what?" He asks. "The concert is in two days. I'm gonna be working here, taking care of the shop for my dad, for another two days. Sleep here until the concert?" He offers. I smile lightly and nod. "And the day before the concert. Go and wash?" I nod again. "And then the day of the concert, I'll come open up early and let you know whether my dad will let you stay here, and also lend you some makeup, straighteners and whatever to get ready?" I nod.
"Th-" I begin.
"No thank yous." He laughs. I stand beside him for most of the day. I get strange looks from the male customers, but most of the female's are completely concentrated on the boy serving them. He gets me a chair half way through the day and I sit on it. I realize I don't know his name. Just then a girl walked in, and then walked to the desk.
"Hey Carl." She smiled at him, he smiled back.
"Hey Kate." He leaned over the desk and kissed her.
"Who's this?" She smiled to me.
"Uhh.." He didn't know my name.
"Christie." I smiled.
"Christine?" She asked,
"She's homeless. So I am letting her stay in here." He explained.
"That's nice of you, I think I saw her walking at the other side of town." She said thoughtfully, then turned to me. "Hey, I am Katlin." She smiled, I got up and shook her hand, "I am Carl's fiance." She grinned, and showed me the ring.
"Congratz!" I smiled.
"Thanks." She smiled, "When are you closing up?" She asked, turning to Carl. He checked his watch.
"Now." He smiled, "See you tomorrow Christine." He smiled, and left. Locking the shutters.
"It's Christie." I said and laughed after they left. Then I sat on the floor, I didn't like the chair. I leaned against the wall and pulled out my mp3 player. I was so excited for the concert, and after it, I was free to end my life. Because there would be nothing left. I blasted all my songs on random. Enjoying the mix. It played Iron Maiden, then Eminem, then Bring Me The Horizon, then Hey Monday, and then My Chemical Romance. Then finally Fall out Boy. I sat listening to my music until the battery died, then fell asleep.

Patrick's POV
We had a few days without an shows. And then another two, on the 6th and 7th of March. Then I think we carry on touring. I only really pay attention to where we are on the day, and then the next few days after that. I was still feeling really lonely. And the others had noticed.
"Hey hey hey Stumpyy!" Joe smiled, coming to sit with me.
"Alright Joe?" I asked, laughing.
"Doing just dandy!" He grinned. "How about you?"
"Great." I chuckled. I wasn't sure whether the use of the word dandy meant he had been smoking again, or he was just being Joe. I decided it was a combo of both.
"You seem down lately man. What's up?" He asked.
"Nothing." I lied, and shrugged.
"There's something up. Dude. I know. You are sitting in here. Doing nothing. No laptop. No music. No paper to write music." He pointed out, I hadn't been in the mood to write in a while.
"He's lonely." Pete said as he walked in. He sat the other side of me. My cheeks reddened a bit.
"Awe poor 'Tricky." Joe hugged me, then Pete hugged me from the other side. Knocking off my hat.
"Geeeze." I chuckled. "I wonder if Andy will come in and crush me too."
"No he's over with Rita in the hotel room." Pete said into my hair, still hugging me. I try to push them off.
"Get off." I laugh.
"Not until you stu-stu-stop being lonely." Joe says, he has his head on my shoulder and his big afro is in my face. I go to say something, but then get his hair in my mouth, I try to spit it out.
"You are so cute when you are trying to spit out Joe's afro." Pete laughs, now looking into my face.
"Personal space?" I remind them. Pete kisses my forehead then pulls away,
"Not lonely anymore, thanks Joe." I say and he lets go. Then he puts my hat on my head, back to front. I spin it around slowly.
"No! Cooler this way!" He spins it back around. I shake my head, but leave it. Just then Pete's phone goes off. I catch a glimpse of the screen, it's Ashlee. He picks it up,
"Hey babe!" He smiles and there is a sparkle in his eye. He covers the speaking bit of his phone, "I gotta go." He smiles to us. Then walks out.
"So... Patrick.... Vaughn..... Stump...." Joe says.
"Don't you have a girlfriend to go be on the phone to?" I laugh.
"Yes." He nods.
"BUT! BUUUUT! I'd rather hang with you." He grins. "Remember the good ol' times?" He asks. I nod.
"They were good. Then touring came, and then you all got too busy." I sighed.
"But now we aren't busy. So what's new 'Trickers?" He asked.
"Nothing really..." I shrug.
"Not found the right girl yet then, eh?" He says,
"No not yet. Not really looking." I smile weakly.
"Ohh." He says like he figured something out. "Found the right boy?"
"No Joe. For the hundredth time. I am straight." I say.
"Okay. Then why not go online?" He asks. I raise my eyebrows.
"What do you mean?" I chuckle.
"Dating websites..." He urges.. "the cupid with the www. and the slash slash." He says.
"No. Again Joe. No slash." I joke.
"Ya'know what I mean." He nudges me. "Go online?"
"Maybe another time." I shrug.
"Bit late for that Patrick..." He shifts his eyes a bit.
"What?" I say, suddenly curious.
"I've set you up on a date." He says it like it's a GOOD thing.
"No. Fucking. Way." I say. Eyes wide.
"Yes. Fucking. Way!" He laughs. "Tomorrow. Hour before show. She'll be here." He winks. "Good luck." He taps my back. Then leaves. I know he means to be nice, but this is, too much. I don't want to be here tomorrow. Blind dates suck. I laugh to myself. I better get on with it. Just to keep Joe happy.

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