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What could of been the end. (chap4)

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What happens at concerts. ^_^

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The concert. ^_^
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Christie's POV
I woke up in the shop, for what might of been the last time. Again I was awake before Carl was here to let me out. I got up and went around to sit in front of the desk. Not long later, Carl came and opened the shutters.

"Sorry I'm a bit late." He laughs, "Ready to get that wash?" I remember it's the Fall out Boy concert tonight, and my stomach twists. It's still pretty dark out, so it's early. I get up and Carl leads me through town to the big building. I walk in and a friendly looking woman greets me,

"Hello! Sorry, we're full." She frowns, "But there's food, and showers here, if that's okay?" I nod. And she hurries me towards the showers, Carl hands me my new clothes and then tells me to meet him back at the shop. I got washed, and got into the fresh clothes. It felt amazing. I thanked the woman, then left and walked towards Carl's shop.

"Hey!" He greeted me, he looked like something was up, "I have some bad news."

"Go on." I urged, sitting next to him.

"You won't be allowed to stay here, sorry." He didn't meet my eyes.

"It's okay." I sighed, he hugged me briefly. "Thanks for letting me stay, anyway." I smiled, crying inside, now I had no-where to go after this concert.

"Here." He handed me a hair drier. "Go into the back room, there's makeup and straighteners in there already." I nodded and then walked into the back room. I sat on the chair which was set up in front of a mirror and started to blow dry my hair, the layers were completely grown out and my hair was really thick now, so it took a long time to dry. Then I straightened it, and eventually applied my eyeliner and mascara. I looked the most healthy I had done in ages.

"Wow! You look great!" Carl smiled as I came out and sat beside him, "When are you going to join the line?" He asked me. I shrugged.

"As soon as I can." I laughed.

"Then let's go! I'll stay with you until the doors open if you like? I can close up the shop."

"Nonononono! I'll be fine, thanks again for all this." I smile.

"No problem! Come visit anytime." I got up and walked out, heading towards the edge of town center where the big arena was. I saw there were only a few people in the line, then joined at the end. I sat on the floor and listened to my mp3 player.

"OH EM GEE!" A girl behind me screamed, "That's the fucking hobo from outside the music store a couple weeks back!" She laughed, and her friends laughed loudly. I ignored them and listened to my music, then one of them tapped me, I unplugged the earphones and turned to face her.

"You do know this is a line to a concert, not hobo convention?" She laughed, and so did a few of the group she was with, but two of them looked at each other and then gave me a sorry glance. I smiled at them.

"Yeah I know." I shrugged. Then put my music back in.

"How ignorant." She said, I ignored her for the rest of the ten or so hours waiting, then the doors opened and we all rushed to the front. I got to second row and waited for the first band, everyone was pushing pretty badly and a few girls had to be pulled out. After the first band I was pushed and ended up next to the girl who had been mean to me. The second band came on and she "accidently" knocked my face, really hard. My nose started to bleed. One of the workers the other side of barrier saw me and tried to pull me out.

"No! I wanna stay!" I called, but regardless I was pulled out, completely gutted I walked to the back and tried to see the band dancing around on stage. Then it was Fall out Boy. All I could see was dots, but I still danced like a loony and screamed the words, irritating a few people, but not giving a fuck. Once or twice a few little teens screamed their love for Pete, it was really annoying. I didn't scream to Patrick 'cause I don't like being too loud about things like that.

Once the show was over I went around to the buses and waited with the other fans, it was raining a bit but I didn't care. I needed to meet them tonight, this was the last time I'd see them. I waited for ages and then they came out. I said hi to Joe, 'cause he was first to come near me. And he was kinda shocked when I didn't want a photo or autograph, just wanted to talk for a bit. Then he moved on to the other fans, after him I met Andy, and he was really friendly. Also shocked when I only wanted to talk. Pete was being nearly raped by his fans. So I didn't even bother trying. Then, Patrick came over to talk. And my life felt complete.

Patrick's POV
I woke up in the morning, dreading the blind date more and more. I got dressed into the first thing I found, not trying. Then walked to the back room, Joe was sitting next to a BRIGHT blond, heavily made up woman, a bit younger than me, and she was in one of the most revealing dresses EVER. A fake grin was on her face. I shot Joe a death glare and he smiled back. He tapped my back as he left and mouthed,

"Good luck." I went and sat by her.

"Hey?" I said,

"Patrick." She looked really smug and stuck up, I didn't like it one bit.

"Right, been fun knowing ya." I said, getting up to leave. She grabbed me and sat me down, sitting on my lap.

"But Joe told me to cheer you up." She said seductively, but still in a really smug way. I hated her guts.

"Oh so he hired me a fucking prostitute?" I nearly yelled, "That is NOT what I need." I said, pushing her off me, and then storming out,

"Your loss." She said, then walked out of the bus, shoving past me as she went. Surprisingly enough, everyone had gone from the bus. I sighed and sat in the back room, thinking. I knew life would be lonely, and busy. But i never thought it would get to me this badly.

Not long later it was time to go backstage for our show. I waited in the room, tuning up my guitar and singing something random to warm up. Of coarse all the attention with the set up guys was on Pete. And Joe and Andy were off somewhere with their girlfriends. It wasn't long until I had to go on stage, to be greeted by a million screaming fans, well not that many, but it sure looked it.

Christie's POV
Once the band had gone back on bus I felt really lonely. As the other fans went in their cars to go home, i went and sat on a curb. Missing Patrick's friendly attitude already. I sighed, so this was it? This was life? I didn't want it. I was talking myself into walking to the nearest bridge, and freeing myself. But then I heard someone standing beside me. I knew that voice. I always had. I froze, and answered Patrick. He handed me some money I didn't need. Suddenly I didn't want to die. I wanted to be with him. Forever. Patrick Vaughn Stump. You just saved my mother fucking life.

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