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Note My ideas

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Just something you might help me with

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Um just a note...I get ideas I was thinking about starting another Frerard (NOO!!) and I want it to be in high school also...I got the basics down...everything...but With this story I want to do at least 2 more chapters of this before I go off and spend my time of my other idea...Here is what I have.....Gerard will be the shy, artistic outcast..who has been wronged, so he doesnt trust people that much,and he will be a VIRGIN and Frankie will be popular, musical, gets all the girls, and guys...and basically gets laid.

Frankie will be friends with other than everyone (Brendon Urie, cus hey who doesnt like Bden?) and Gerard has Mikey and Ray....

Maybe do a bourding school kinda thing

I think Frankie will notice Gee and want to be with him.....I think....

If you could just tell me, give me your some ideas on what I could put in it...that'd be amazing...

Thank you
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