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Gerard the Go Go Dancer??

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Hehe, Frankie and Gee alone, and what Gee does for a living....:D

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"You are staying the night" Gerard whispered in my ear, I blush. I roll the whole kiss thing off, he had to be joking. Just a friend, a really attractive friend, but still a friend.

"Okay.." I mumble. I look around and see that Bob, Ray, and Mikey are now kicking some Zombie ass in a Video game. I feel someone grab my hand. Its Gerard. He pulls me into his room. Its pretty big, basement like, and there is little light. He sets me on his bed, I sit there, still. I dont know why Im so uncomfortable. "So Frankie-" I look at him, No one has called me Frankie, since 3rd grade. "What kinda music do you like" and that one question led to hours of talking.

We like all the same things too. Comics, Video games, Misfits, Hoodies, and Mint Chocolate Ice Cream. I even found out he is bisexual, but perfers guys. Why did a little voice in my head just yell "YAY!" when he said that?. I even found out he is a GoGo Dancer, like a stripper, minus the stripping. With his body he could strip, not that I think about it...
"I'm taking a shower, okay? maybe we could go somewhere afterward" He says to me. I nod.
He slips of his shirt and walks into the bathroom. I hear a loud noise and then I see his pale frame in the doorway, "Sit on the toilet and keep me company". I look at him, to see if he means it. I just obey and do what he tells me.
He gets undressed and I cover my eyes. "Its not fair to peek" I say. He giggles.

He sings in the shower too. Amazing, even wet. I see a little plastic drawer. I open it and find a mess of eyeliners in shade of reds, blacks, greens, and bruise-ish purple, along with white face makeup, and deep rusty red eyeshadow. I giggle.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He yells.I turn he has his head sticking out of the shower and has the curtains covering everything else. He is smirking. I smile.
"Looking at your collection" I say in an overly posh accent. He laughs and I hear the water go off. I cover my eyes again, and before I know it he is dressed, looking sexy too.
"I wanna take you somewhere" He says. He lets me where his jacket, and I watch him put on makeup like a pro.
"Do my makeup?" I ask. He nods and makes my eyes look amazing. He hugs me briefly
We walk out. Gerard tells Mikey something like "Going out and if you say something smart I'll beat you" at least thats what I heard.
We get in the car and we drive for a while, listining to Misfits. We pull up to a brick building, a bar, and its has a loft which is on the top floor, big windows.

"Where are we?" I ask nervously. Im underage, and kinda scared

"This is where I work" He says wryly with a smile, and grabs my hand tightly

Oh here we goo!
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