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Fantasies 14 and 15

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Fantasies 14 and 15

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More Fantasies

Fantasy 14: Mirrors Don't Lie (Kingdom Hearts)

Notes: The first and third lines of each verse are for Reno and the second and last are for Axel.

A shadow he had never seen,
A person he had never been,
Feeling each other's presence,
The one who is his essence.

Finding him face to face,
Meeting his inevitable fate,
Similar expressions, identical hair,
It was happiness and despair.

"Who are you?" the original asked,
And the other his identity masked,
"Why do we look alike?"
"I'm nobody," he replied.

A chuckle and an amused laugh,
To disappear, would fate pass?
"You're somebody," unknown connection.
It was acknowledgement from his reflection.

Paths crossed and went on,
It was doubt that stopped,
Unknown, yet somebody for sure,
Mirrors don't lie, he could assure.

Fantasy 15: Similar (Zombie Loan)

"Hey Shito!"

'Great,' Shito had failed his mission to leave his room, get some food and return unnoticed. "What?"

"We're buddies, right? We can tell each other anything." The way Chika chose to start the conversation wasn't too unusual, not lately.

"What do you want?" That day Shito wasn't feeling up to being around people, he rarely was, but that day he just needed some alone time.

"I was wondering," Chika began but Shito stopped him.

"Not that again."

Chika blinked than realized what Shito was talking about. "I wasn't going to ask that." Apparently Shito did not like being repeatedly asked who he liked.

"I don't want to play Umo." What else could it possibly be?

"That's too bad, but that wasn't what I was going to ask."

Shito knew there was no escape. Chika would follow him around all day if he didn't get some form of reply to whatever curiosity he had developed this time. "What is it?"

"It's okay if you tell me. I won't tell anyone and we're buddies, so we can trust each other with secrets like that. You can tell me the truth and I'll still be your friend!"

Shito didn't like where this was going, but he wanted to get it over with anyway. He gave Chika an impatient glare and his zombie hunting partner immediately got the message.

Chika took a deep breath and asked in all seriousness. "Are you a vampire?"

"What?" Shito knew he should expect all sorts of odd questions and comments from Chika, but that caught him a little off guard. More so because Chika sounded completely serious about it, as if he truly believed there was a possibility of it being true.

"I mean, were you a vampire before becoming a zombie?" Chika clarified the question.

Shito stood there silently glaring daggers at Chika and resisting the urge to punch him.

"Did you used to be a vampire? Are you still a vampire? Or more like a zombie vampire. It's just that the other day Reno said he suspected that Vincent is a vampire and the two of you look so much alike, I thought maybe you were a vampire too!"

"It is best if you do not try to think unless you have a brain."

"Is that a yes or no?"

Shito concluded that letting Chika spend too much time with Reno was not a very good idea.


Disclaimer, I do not own Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts or Zombie Loan.

About Fantasy 14, Reno and Axel meet and Axel knows right away Reno is his "somebody," but Reno doesn't know anything about Axel. When Axel tells him he's nobody, Reno says that he's somebody. Since his somebody said so, Axel believes it and doesn't feel so much like a nobody anymore.
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