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"Let's go makeout with her friends. makeout with her friend's friends."

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Author's Note: Another update for those of you still interested.

tryingtohard_x: You'll find out what happens at the party in this chapter.

somethingorother: Yep. Now that Alex is out of the picture, it leaves space for Andy to move on.


“Andy, are you sure you wanna go to this party?” MJ asked as I put my make up on.

“For the last time, yes,” I replied, applying mascara to my right eye. “It’s at Justine’s house and everyone knows she’s good for the expensive liquor. Don’t you remember her birthday?”

“Yeah, yeah. The absinthe and the cristal—”

“And the Hennessy and the Johnnie Walker,” I continued. “It’s not everyday that we have access to that kind of booze.”

I put some lipgloss on, then surveyed my work in the mirror. Perfect.

“But along with all the expensive booze, come the cheap boozers.”

This was her subtle way of saying “Alex is going to be there.”

“And your point is?” I asked, turning around to face her.

“Hey, I’m just trying to look out for you,” she defended, holding her hands up. “I know the both of you are usually fine after you go your separate ways, but your break up with Alex wasn’t the usual ‘We’re done for now, but in a month we’ll see how things have changed.’ It was ‘Hey, I’m done with being your personal sex toy. Find another girl to blow you.’”

“First of all, it wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t angry, and for once, he wasn’t an asshole. Second, why the fuck does it matter that he’ll be at the party?”

“Alex plus alcohol equals mega horny, so this party will go down one of two ways: he’ll be jealous that you’re hanging out with other guys and try to win you back with his drunken charm, or shamelessly flaunt his newly single status by making out with every girl at the party. Either way, it’s going to be awkward.”

“It’s going to be a huge party. If he wants to find me, I won’t have a problem avoiding him. And do you honestly think I care if he makes out with other girls?”

“Whatever you say.”

Just as I opened my mouth to say something, the lights on MJ’s phone started blinking, indication that she had received a text message.

“Kenny’s here,” she cheerily said.

“Then lets vamanos,” I replied, pulling on a pair of flats. “They’re probably finishing up the cheap stuff right about now.”

With that, the both of us headed downstairs and out the front door. Thirty minutes later, we arrived at Justine’s house. Music was blaring. Liquor was flowing. And tons of kids were already crowded inside.

While I headed straight for the kitchen, MJ and Kenny quickly disappeared into the crowd of people dancing in the living room.
I wasn’t even 10 feet away from the door when Lucas, Justine’s brother, approached with a smile.

“Andrea, glad you could make it,” he said, two shot glasses in hand. Still holding the drinks, he carefully wrapped me in a hug.

“You know I never miss out on a party, especially one at your house,” I replied.

“Ha, that’s actually why I’m over here. Justine heard about your breakup with Alex, so she sent me over with this.”

He handed the small cup in his right hand to me.

“Aw, thanks,” I said, gratefully taking it. “Is this what I think it is?”

“Only the best of the best for you, m’lady.”

Grinning, I downed the shot of Johnnie Walker.

“I’m guessing that you want a refill, but I’m expecting to dance with you later,” he said, poking my side.

“Alright,” I chuckled. “See you later.”

In the kitchen, I could swear I was in heaven. The counter was stocked with not only Johnnie Walker, but Jose Cuervo, Hennessy, Ketel One, and just about every other kind of liquor I could think of.

“Andy, you look like a kid at Christmas,” Justine commented, opening a bottle of Patron.

“Christmas is nothing in comparison to this.”

I walked over toward the counter and she wrapped me in a hug.

“I got the shot you sent over.”

“Like my dad says, nothing cures heartache like tequila,” she said, pouring each of us another shot.

“To your dad, and his awesome taste in liquor,” I said, raising my glass.


As the burning sensation took root in our throats, we set our glasses down.

“Damn, that was good,” I said.

“Glad you think so, but I have something that I think you’ll like more…”

With that, she unlocked one of the lower cabinets and pulled out a kettle-shaped bottle. My eyes went wide when she set it down.

“Holy shit. Is that Sam Adams Utopia?”

“The world’s strongest beer,” she said, smirking.

“I’d say. It’s 25% alcohol.”

“Since it’s beer, I’m tempted to chug it, but for once I think we should nurse our drinks.”

“I agree. Only 8,000 bottles made, right?”

“I see that you’ve done your research.”

“What can I say? I get bored in my digital imaging class.”

After splitting the beer with her, I headed out to the dance floor. Once I arrived, hands were pulling at my hips. I was never the type to turn down a drink or a dance, so I moved along with whoever it was, even before looking back. When I did look back, however, I was met with a pleasant surprise.

“Hi,” I said smirking. Cute brunette boy, for the win.

“Glad I found you again.”

“The feeling’s mutual.”

After a few songs, we picked up from where we had last left off— his lips were on the side of my neck as our hips moved in synch. The beat changed to something slower, then transitioned into N*SYNC. Cute brunette spun me around so that I was facing him. I wordlessly slipped my arms around his neck and he rested his hands on the small of my back. While we swayed to the beat, he tucked loose strands of hair behind my ear. It was a simple, but nonetheless cute, gesture. Another fast song came on afterwards, but before I could start grinding into him once again, I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

“I believe you owe me a dance,” Lucas said.

“Alright,” I said, playfully rolling my eyes.

“It was nice bumping into you again,” I said, after pulling away from cute brunette. “By the way, I’m Andrea.”

“I’m Joey.”

“It’s nice to finally know your name.”

“Same here.”

With that, I waved goodbye to Joey as Lucas pulled me toward the center of the dance floor.

“So you were getting all hot and heavy with Joey, and you didn’t know his name?” Lucas asked, laughing

“One, we weren’t hot and heavy—he was just kissing my neck a little. Two, when you’re that cute, names don’t mean much, anyways.”

“Jeez, you’re such a whore,” he joked, taking hold of my hips.

“You’re just jealous that I’m getting more action than you are.”

Just as we started dancing, Alex conveniently came into view. I’m pretty sure he didn’t see me, or anyone else for that matter, with the exception of the brunette attached to his lips. As he pressed her against the wall, I was swimming in emotions. I felt dumb for feeling jealous, jealous because he was so easily over me, but grateful that I’d finally gotten out of that fuck and fight cycle.

“Screw Alex,” Luke said, noticing where my attention had been directed. “Well not literally, but you know what I mean.”

I laughed at his comment and pressed my body closer to his. As Mindless Self Indulgence bounced off the walls, the whole room started singing along with Little Jimmy Urine.


I found the whole state of affairs pretty ironic since Alex and I considered it ‘our song,’ and it seemed like an eerie recreation of the day we’d met. As you probably guessed, the momentous occasion took place at a party: I was dancing with Lucas when this song came on. Then, out of nowhere, Alex stole me away. And as I mentioned earlier, I’m never the type to refuse a drink or a dance. After we were done with the latter, we headed to the kitchen and exchanged names over the former (shots of tequila, to be exact). Then the rest was history.

The song continued, but I refused it to ruin my good mood. So instead of complaining like a bitch, I sang along with everyone else.


Even if it was ‘our song,’ I found myself smiling like an idiot by the end of it.
After all, I am amazing in the sack.

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