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"I don’t need a single book to teach me how to read. Who needs stupid books? They are for petty crooks, and I will learn by studying the lesson in my dreams."

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Author's Note: Another update? Woahwoah. I'm on a roll.

somethingorother: Yes. I did my research while writing the chapter. Sam Adams Utopia is a real beer. lol.

ash360: Like I said above, it is real. But vodka has 40% alcohol in comparison to Utopia's 25%. I guess it's still a pretty big deal to be the strongest beer, though.


“Andy, can we drop out of school and join the circus?” MJ asked as she walked out of her third period class.

“What happened?”

“I forgot my lit book and Mr. Abelson bitched me out. Then it went downhill from there.”

“You bitched at him right back, didn’t you?”

As sweet as MJ was, when she got pissed, it usually triggered a horrible case of word vomit. And that word vomit usually resulted in detention.


“Whatever. A books are just a way for teachers to get someone else to do their work for them. I don’t need a single book to teach me how to read,” I sang. “Who needs stupid books?”

“They are for petty crooks, and I will learn by studying the lesson in my dreams,” she continued, smiling.

With a content sigh, she ran her fingers through her messy locks and turned toward me.

“…Thanks, Andy. I needed that.”

“No problem.”

I linked my arm with hers and we continued down the crowded hallway.

“Woah. What the hell happened to him?” I asked as we passed Alex.

A black eye was ridiculously apparent underneath the sunglasses he was wearing.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” MJ said, maneuvering around freshman clogging the hallway.

“Okay, now you have to tell me.”

“Jack hit him.”

“How much did he get paid?”

Although I didn’t know Jack very well, it was common knowledge that he and Alex were BFFs. Even when they were genuinely angry at each other, thrown food and insults about each other’s dicks was the usual extent of the damage.

“It wasn’t a bet or anything. Barakat punched him legit.”

“Is hell freezing over?”

She let out a chuckle as we rounded the corner.

“They were actually fighting over you.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I asked as we got into the lunch line.

“Alex got totally wasted and as you know, when he’s wasted he gets insanely horny. So in his drunken state, he started talking about how much he missed you and how good you are in bed. Jack—also drunk off his ass— got pissed off because he didn’t like the way Alex was comparing you to a sex toy. Then before anyone knew what was going on, they were fighting in the backyard.”

“Who did you hear this from?” I asked, as macaroni was plopped onto my tray.

“Patrick,” she responded following me.

“And who did he hear this from?”

“Nobody. He was one of the guys who had to break it up.”

I grabbed a milk, paid for my lunch, then waited for Mary to do the same.

“God, why are boys such morons?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” she asked, looking at me as if I’d grown a second head.
“I think it was cute.”

“Two drunk guys fighting at a party? Are you smoking during passing periods now?”

She rolled her eyes and ignored my comment.

“Jack was defending your honor.”

“He was drunk, MJ. And since when do I need my honor defended? Alex was only telling the truth: he missed me because I’m awesome in the sack,” I said, taking a seat at our usual table.

“Ugh, I give up!” she said, throwing her hands up in exaggerated frustration. “You wouldn’t know what a nice boy looked like if he punched you in the face.”

“Why would a nice boy punch me in the face?”

“Who’s punching Andrea in the face?” Kenny asked, taking a seat next to MJ.

“Nobody,” she replied, kissing his cheek. “I was just telling Andy about the epic fight between Jack and Alex last night.”

“Man, that was a clash of the fucking titans,” he said. “The both of them were drunk as fuck, but me and Patrick still had to tear them apart. Apparently they were fighting over a girl, but I have no idea who.”

“Did you think any aspect of the fight was cute?” I asked.

Cute? No,” he said, confused. “Have you been lighting up with MJ?”

“Nope, just wondering.”

With this, I shot her a satisfied I-told-you-so look.

Once again she rolled her eyes. Then, as if on cue, Alex took a seat a few tables down from us just as Jack entered the cafeteria. From the looks of it, Alex had gotten some punches in. Barakat had a split lip and a cut on his cheek.

Though everyone in the room continued talking, all eyes were on the two boys. As Jack walked closer to Alex’s table, I noticed that quite a few people were watching them. Just when we all thought hell was going to break loose, the lanky boy took a seat next to Gaskarth as if nothing had happened.

“Damn, I guess they really are best friends,” Kenny commented.

“Hey Andy, If I punched you in the face, would you sit next to me at lunch the next day?” MJ innocently asked.

“I don’t know. Wanna try and find out?” I sweetly replied.

“$20 says that Andy would put you in a body cast,” Kenny said, laughing.

“Ugh, you’re supposed to be on my side,” MJ said, pouting.

“I’m sorry, babe. But Andy wouldn’t take shit from anybody. Not even you.”

I smirked in triumph.

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