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The Cider House Rules (OCxMary Agnes)

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Set during the time Homer is away in the film, Mary Agnes tries to repalce Homer with a new orphan. Based loosely on the movie.

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(Set the winter after Homer leaves the orphange, not sure how long he was gone since I haven't read the novel. This pretty much ignores the main plot of the movie)

Mary Agnes and a few of the older girls were cleaning up the cafeteria on the ground floor of the orphanage in Maine. She was 15, the oldest girl in the orphanage that hadn't runaway. The oldest kid in the orphanage that hadn't run away. The only person within the orphanage that was in their teens was Buster, who was still a year younger than her.

Occasionally the other girls would tease her about her crush on Homer Wells, Dr. Larch's apprentice. Now that Homer had gone off to conquer the world she was stuck in this damn orphanage with these kids. She was too old. Too old to be adopted. Too old to join all of them outside for a snowball fight. But too young to leave.
It was winter now, the beginning of November. Her and a few of the older girls got the 'priveledge' to clean up the younger kids spilled milk in the cafeteria after lunch. Joy.
The orphanage was a grand old house. The bedroom's were upstairs, along with Dr. Larch's delivery room. Dr. Larch either took the unwanted child into the orphange or gave the mother's an abortion, illegal at the time.
Suddenly, as Mary Agnes was loading plates onto one arm the large front doors opened, sending a swoosh of cold air into the house, chilling her. Everyones eyes were drawn to the grand entrance in time to see one of the nurses struggling to close the huge wooden doors. Another nurse was with her, Mary Agnes' eyes fixed on what the second nurse was grasping. That was teh first time she saw him.
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