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Chapter 2

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The orphanage on the hill in Maine gets a new resident who MAry Agnes takes a liking to immediantly.

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The nurse finally closed the huge door then scurried off to go fetch Dr. Larch, head of the orphanage.
Everyone stood in silence, observing the other nurse, and the new guest. The nurse was probably well into her fifties, wearing heavy winter clothes and holding tightly onto the boy next to her, even though he was taller than her.
Mary Agnes studied the boy for a minute. He was probably about her age, 15. He was wearing a wool pea coat that was the colour of ash with the colour popped up and what looked like a white T-shirt underneath. No wonder he was so pale considering how freezing it was outside. His left eyes had a purplish-blue black eyes that stood out in contrast to his skin. He was thin, but looked to be in relatively good shape. The boy was wearing a black flat cap that was pulled down to partially cover his face. He had an annoyed look on his face and shook off the nurses hand. Everyone watched intently as Dr.Larch appeared to greet the boy in his white coat.
"My, my. My dear boy, what were you doing out there? You must be chilled to the bone." Larch said staring down at the young man who stuffed his hands in his pockets and stared off.
"Come now, let's have us a sit down." Larch said warmly to the new arrival, who clearly was resisting the urge to just run off.
Larch and the nurse began leading him to the left of the entrance, Mary Agnes' right, probably to Larch's downstair office.
Just as he was stepping out of sight the boy's eyes met Mary Agnes'. Before she could think to roll her eyes or look away or do something in response, his eyes shifted away.
Mary Agnes stood unmoving for a moment as she listened to the three sets of footsteps trail off into the hallway on the hardwood floor, then a door closed. Then Mary Agnes finished up the dishes.
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