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Chapter 3

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In this chapter Mary Agnes tries to learn more about the new addition, while the boy's of the orphanage have another idea.

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Mary Agnes' day dragged on from that point, it seemd to bother her more than the others. Who was he? Why was he here? How did he get here? Is he going to move in? The questions plagued her until she laid in bed that night in the girls dorm.
After the nurses would leave the old house would really come to life.
"Did any of y'all see that new boy?" a girl asked to the darkness.
"Uh-huh, saw him with my own eyes!" another replied.
"What was he doin' here?", the voices began to blend after that. It would be a long night for every person that actually wanted to go to sleep.
(Skips to morning)
All she had concluded from the 2am discussion last night was that no one knew anymore about the boy than she did.
Breakfast was loud as usual, Mary Agnes ate silently at the one table that hadn't filled its seats. Then someone sat down across from her. She didn't even look up for several moments until she realized she didn't know her the person was.
Slowly her dark eyes scrolled up, he was sitting there, arms folded across his chest. His dark brown hair looked naturally spiky, his eyes were blue. He was wearing a white T-shirt and burning a hole into the table with his eyes. Mary Agnes stopped chewing her food for a moment to study him. He didn't even look at her, or acknowledge anyone's presence. He didn't have any food in front of him so he just stared down at the table.
A few of the other girl's at the table had taken notice of his arrival, whispering amongst themselves and staring wide-eyed.
Buster sat at the other end of the table, watching the boy in an almost angry way. Mary Agnes swallowed the lump in her throat and looked back down at her tray nervously. The slices of bread stacked on the corner caught her eye. She grasped one of the slices and held it out to him, going into the lion's den.
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