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A Worthy Opponent

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An un-invited guest makes an appearance.

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A worthy opponent

As the slow mournful parade wound its way through the various headstones, slowly making its way toward one specific grave. But as they got closer and closer to the grave they noticed the graveyard begin to change, before it had been peaceful and serene, but suddenly wind picked up, throwing leaves around between the headstones, dark clouds appeared in the sky and partially blocked the sun throwing the churchyard into semi-darkness. Then as the mourners draw closer to the grave they saw what had felt a miss in as they left the church.

There at the foot of the grave shrouded in a black cloak with their face concealed by a pure silver mask, stood a single solitary piece of evil tainting the holy and peaceful nature of the place. It appeared the death eaters had come to say goodbye.

Then from behind a particularly large headstone stepped out the one man they had no desire to see that day, from behind the prominent grave marker stepped one Tom Riddle. His slanted snake eyes full of twisted delight at the departure of his nemesis. With a slow careless swish of his phoenix feather wand he conjured an image to anger the gathered mourners. There across a ghostly headstone appeared the words;

Harry Potter


Betrayed 1995

The Boy-who-died

The coffin was immediately lowered and surrounded by the mourners who seeked to protect the body. Drawing their wands as they did so and shakingly pointing them toward, Voldemort. However, as they did so they notice fifty or so death eaters rise from behind various headstones as they sought to protect their master.

"Ha, you think I come to defile his body. No now how is gone I shall respect his passing after all for one so young he was a worthy opponent" Voldemort harshly cackled, "No now I come to look upon your sorrow and to feel the power your loss gives me".

"He is dead, we have suffered. Can you not just leave us be" Lily Potter shouted sorrowfully.

"Ah, yes, Lily Potter and James Potter, you certainly have suffered dieing and then only being brought back to witness the death of your only son. I shall leave you be, for you have certainly suffered enough" Voldemort replied almost kindly, "However some in your group shall not be so lucky. Certain blood traitors. Who have escaped my grasp before. Shall not be so lucky again." Voldemort spat his eyes rolling towards Ginny.

Her brother tried to surround her in protection, but Ginny pushed through them and spoke directly to Voldemort,"Fine then Tom, do it send me to join my love, after all it is what I desire. Do it. I demand it so."

"Ha, girl, your love for him makes you foolish" Voldemort bitterly responded.

"No. Love gives me power. Love is power. Lily's love saved Harry. Mine even sustained him for awhile in Azkaban. There is nothing which love cannot accomplish"

"Love. Love. Love. You are beginning to sound like Albus. I do believe I preferred the timid old you whom I possessed all those years ago" Voldemort cackled.

"My love for Harry changed me. It gave me power. It made me strong" Ginny shouted powerfully.

"Enough of love, love cannot save you now"Voldemort screamed.

"Ah, of course you despise love dear old Tom for it is the one thing you have never had or will ever have. You have power, fear, and strength. But you will never have love."

"Enough.Crucio." Voldemort screamed his patience finally snapping, as he sent the sickly red spell flying from his wand toward Ginny.

"Ahhh", was all they heard as Ginny's scream reverberated around the graveyard.

"Foolish child" Voldemort, "You are all fools, well most of you anyway, you have all helped prevent anything from stopping me now. By destroying the boy you have given infinite power and nothing can stop me. He was the only one, ha, all I had to do was kill one of his friends, and you all suddenly thought he had turned dark. Ha, tis a shame, but the boy would never join me, not that we wouldn't have been great together"

"Harry would never have joined you he was too pure to commit any evil, too untainted to believe your lies, he was as innocent as a new born babe", Dumbledore calmly said, finally defending the boy he had thought of as a grandson.

"Ahhh, Dumbledore, you can preach that now. But I seem to remember one of my spies informing me you didn't even ask dear Harry what had happened. You thought he had turned dark like I did. In fact my spy told me that before you even handed him over to the aurors, you allowed certain pupils and ex-pupils of your dam school, to say good bye in their own special way", at this Ron and Sirius' eyes dropped down, "Did you enjoy smashing his ribs in Black? Did you enjoy putting him under crucio, Mr.Weasley?Both of you are nearly as bad as dear old Bellatrix" At this Sirius began to sob, disgraced to be compared to his ex-convict cousin, yet he knew what the Dark Lord said was perfectly true.

"You have destroyed your only chance. Iwould have enjoyed killing the boy. So alas, I will just kill his soul mate"Voldemort shouted pointing his wand towards Ginny again, "Avada Kedavra". He screamed blast the sickly green spell at Ginny.

"Ginny. Nooo" Molly and Arthur screamed but there was nothing they could do about it, the spell was already only five metres away from Ginny and nothing they could do would stop it.

Then out of nowhere a brilliant white burst of light appeared, between the speeding spell, and Ginny. Mere seconds before the spell would have reached her. The spell however did not continue on its path, instead the burst of light seemed to absorb it and then dissipate the magic it was made off. This seemed to affect the light as it brightness immediately began dullen before their very eyes.

This was all it took for Lily Potter to immediately run and grasp her adopted daughter into a hug protecting her from another spell from Voldemort.

And then the burst of light began to fade altogether.
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