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Someone makes an unexpected return, in order to save his one tru love.

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Slowly but surely, the burst of light which had once been bright and blinding, so much so that all who saw it had to raise their hands before their face to protect their eyes. But the brightness faded, until all that remained of its former power was a slight glowing ball of the still pure white light.

Then the gathered death eaters, Voldemort, Harry's former friends, and his family, began to gaze into the light, and saw afigure. A figure draped in a long royal blue cloak. Pulled up over his head and face was a deep hood, which concealed all the features of his face. Well apart from his eyes which were a blaze. A deep emerald fire. A fire which cheered the hearts of his or her allies - for the cloak made it impossible to tell the figure gender - and eyes which could put the fear of god into the hearts of the figures enemies.

The sight of the eyes was all it took for some of the gathered watchers to realise who the figure was. But surely it couldn't be him. Three of the gathered viewers had watched him draw his final breath. They desperately wanted to believe it. But it just couldn't be. It just couldn't.

However although some of the gathered viewers, one figure who had a scary resemblance to his snake familiar, had yet to guess who the cloaked figure was.

"Who are you? Who are you to stop my killing curse? No-one can do that. Well one person cou... but that matter is irrelevant" Voldemort screamed at the cloaked figure, "Who are you? Answer me. Damn you"

"I am who you fear and I bring what you fear" The cloaked figure responded wisely, "I am part of your past, your present, but you will have no future. For I am here to end your pitiful reign of terror".

"No-one can end me" Voldemort cackled, but with a distinct hint of fear, "You are either extremely brave or incredibly stupid. But never the less both will result it same event." Voldemort continue,"Your death" His finished in a abrupt manner, "Avada Kedavra". For the second time that day the sickly spell flew toward enough figure who could do nothing to prevent his fate, or so it seemed.

Then just as the spell seemed like it was about to it the figure, it was brushed aside, as though it were no more than asimple stunner not the most feared and deadly spell in the known wizarding world.

"You thought that would work" The figure sneered, "Did you miss my little show of protection the girl. The killing curse can do nothing to me. I cannot leave this world till my task is complete. It is fated so" the figure finished mysteriously.

"No-one can survive that spell. No-one"Voldemort screamed in frustration.

"Strange that I did then" The figure laughed.

"Not again. Avad..."

"Do not try. You will fail again. And then you will try again. And again. And again. Yet you will still fail. For it is not your destiny at this time to do the deed. Maybe in the future but not at this time or in this place" The figure said wisely, "Leave for no good shall come to you day. Only bad will come to you if you stay in this place. On this Iswear"

"You dare to order me to leave" Voldemort screamed bemused by this figure's tenacity, "Do you not know who I am. I am Lor..."

"Don't start that crap again. You are Tom Malvaro Riddle. You are one of the half bloods you so despise. Yet you still gallivant around proclaiming the brilliance of the purebloods. Do your little friends know about your past" The figure shouted as though he had finally lost his patience. "Run. Run hard"

With that the figure turned around, showing his back to Voldemort, a brave move, which angered most of Voldemort's supporters. They immediately began screaming to their lord that he should curse the unknown upstart. But they received a shock when they looked towards their Lord for up on his face was an emotion spread across his face that had rarely been seen on the face. A look of fear, natural uncontrolled fear. The figure know too much about the Dark Lord and it scared him, and when he saw what lay upon the back of the figure, he felt completely and utterly terrified, and all he wanted to do was flee.

"Let's go" He whispered turning to face his Death Eaters.

"But my Lor..." One brave Death Eater stepped forward to say.

"Leave. Now" Voldemort screamed at the Death Eater and the rest of them in general, and with that there were a series of pops as the large group of Death Eaters fled, with their tails between their legs.

And then it was Dumbledore's turn to step forward and question the mysterious figure, stepping forward to take a dominant role in what had been a bit of a back seat day for him.

"Thank you my boy. But who are you?"Dumbledore asked bravely considering the power he had seen this man possessed.

"That old man is none of your business. However I will consent to telling you anyway for I know that eventually you shall force me to tell you" The figure calmly said, but with a slight threat present in his voice.

"Now my boy. I only wish to know your name so that I can thank you. For tonight you have terrified my enemy almost to death and you saved one dear to many of us gathered today" Dumbledore said kindly.

"Dear to. You all abandoned me for my believe in my one love" Ginny screamed at Dumbledore and all those who continued to blindly follow him.

"Ahhh, you see it is for this girl and her believe that I came here today and did what I did" The figure said mysteriously,"I am returned from a place I journeyed to less than a week ago, but in that week I have learned of my destiny, my past, my future, and during this short period I have learned more than I ever did in the four years i spent in your world prior to it"

"But who?"

"I am what has resulted of one your biggest ever mistakes" The figure stated raising his long sleeved arms to his hood, "I am Harry Potter", and with that he dropped the hood from his face.

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