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Harry explains his return.

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"Harry. Is it really you", Ginny whispered unbelievingly, standing on balls of her in preparation to run to the unmasked figure who claimed to be and looked stunningly like her deceased lover. However, although part of her just wanted it to be him so that they could run away together, but she just couldn't believe it she had seen him die, seen him draw one final painful breath. He had died in her arms but now he was back, but surely he just couldn't be, oh, it was all too much, she just didn't believe that her heart could cope with the disappointment if it wasn't him.

"Yes. My love. It's me and none other", Harry replied with a beaming smile, as he opened his arms wide, knowing what it was his lover desired, but notice the slight trepidation in her voice. He had been waiting for this moment desperately hoping to return to the arms of the one, who loved him, and of course to see parents again, but he hadn't dared believe it would happen; he had spent so long in his new home.

"Harrrry" Ginny screamed as she leapt into his arms and kissed him passionately on the lips. Before his mother and father draped their arms around the pair of them, completely the perfect image of aloving close nit family.

"But... how no one returns from death Harry" Hermione bravely said as she stepped forward towards her former friend, a brave move who one commit such a betrayal.

"Lord Potter if you please Miss. Granger"Harry coldly answered his former friend, no hate visible in his voice just ablank emptiness, no emotion, no hint of the caring Harry that had been clearly visible during his interactions with Ginny and his parents.

"Pardon" Ron stepped forward, angrily shouting at his former friend. Him be his usually self had failed to realise the significance of the emptiness of his former friend's words. However, Hermione had not been so unobservant, she knew what the hollowness of that voice meant. She could have coped with anger, maybe even hate, but nothing, what could she do. She knew he had ever reason to be angry, to be hateful, but he wasn't there was just no emotion, no feeling that she could work on removing.

Oh how she wished she could have that relationship with him back, they had been the brother and sister to each other that neither of them had ever had as only children. He had been her first friend that terrify day when he had rushed into a girl's toilet to save her when he was only eleven, admittedly Ron had helped to but, he had not always remained a constant friend as Harry had. She had recently begun to realise that if it had not be through the shared bond they had through Harry, and after he had gone to Azkaban their friendship was no longer what it had once, Hermione shrank away into her books, and Ron had become an arrogant self obsessed fool -not that he hadn't always been - but when Harry left everything crumbled.

She had even begun to at last doubt his guilt but she felt reassured by the support of Dumbledore, by his regular proclamations of his certainty of his former mentee's guilt. Even then she still continued to have a slight niggling of doubt but her believe in authority prevented this believe going any further. How she wished she had done things differently.

But why was Harry so blank towards her, sure she had betrayed him, but that would create anger, and then she remember the most terrible thing she had done to him. He had been given it by one of his first friends - a friend who had since disappeared during Harry's imprisonment- at the end of a horrific event, especially for an eleven year old. It was one of the few links he had to his parents, a few precious photos that were all he had to remember his parents by. And she his friend had callously burnt them, and sickly delighted in his screams of anguish, laughed as he clutched at the burning photos, not only had her actions on that day scarred him mentally she could tell, when he revealed the palms of his hands she saw the horrific burns, that were the physical evidence of the horrific nature of the personal attack by his former friend.

The burns were horrific great welted purple scars, where the burning paper had melted the skin away, had Azkaban healed them, no why would they? He had been the traitor, so the burns had been left to become infect and permanently scarring.

What a fool she had been.

"My apologises, Lord Potter, but how can you be back? You died. People just don't return from the dead. And when did you become a Lord?" Hermione meekly said, slight not understanding how he had become a lord, he was still a mere boy even if he did look more like a man now he had returned.

"Ahhh, well that is an interesting story. For a start I can return because I never truly left this world. My mind and soul were too broken to pass on; I was crippled, and need to help myself before I could pass. But I couldn't come back; I was stuck in limbo between this world and the next. And it was then that things got interesting. You, Miss. Granger, may be familiar with the tale of King Arthur and his round table, and although the round table may be a myth. The tale of the man himself is not. He was aroman of Britannic descent, and he fought long and hard against the Saxon invasion, however he could not hold back their hordes and he disappeared" Harry calmly began to explain, before he continued, "He was the last truly magical King of England, although some monarchs since have had slight magical power, none could match Arthur's strength. However, this is off the plot, ever since his disappearance it has been said that at the time of the Britain's greatness need he will return. That time has come, although it is not him, himself, but avassal. I am that vassal, my Lord found me in the neither land and trained me, and now I have returned. I would have returned so soon but the danger presented against mi Lady forced my hand" Harry finished.

"So you are the voice of Arthur and he was really, Lord" Hermione said unbelievingly.

"Yes and I have returned to rid this world of Tom Riddle. To live my life to full and then to leave this world" Harry replied bluntly.

"But...but" Hermione failed to respond her mind boggled by what Harry had just said.

"And I have news for you Dumbledore" Harry rounded on Dumbledore, "Your blessed Order of the Phoenix was once the Holy Order of my Lord, just as modern Kings have the Order of the Garter . And has since been corrupted over the years. I shall allow its work to continue, however, if its work doesn't improve shortly my Lord has given me permission to cease its operation". Harry's words shocked Dumbledore to the core he had always thought of the Order as his own privet army, but now this had been taken away. The whole world was falling down around the betrayers, and Dumbledore quickly realised this was only the beginning.

Harry had the power and knowledge of Merlin and Arthur at his beckon call, he was now an immensely powerful young men, but with years and years of long forgotten ancient magic.

He was defiantly a man to be feared.
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