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The betrayers get given lesson.

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"Harry, my boy..." Dumbledore began to say, his eyes a twinkle like starts in the deep dark winter sky. He knew he had to win Harry back over to his side, if he had ever left it, that was. Harry had clearly been left bitter by his experiences and needed to be handled carefully if he were to not become the next Dark Lord.

"Run. And Run far old man. For this time around I am will neither tolerate nor allow your manipulations to occur. You always claimed to think of me as a kind of a son. But when you had the slightest hint that could have suggested I had turned dark you threw into a hell hole, where I was left to die. That it took my death for you to realise your mistake says it all." Harry calmly warned the Headmaster.

"Harry, you have no need to be as bitter as you ar..." Dumbledore began before he was once again interrupted by now enraged young Harry.

"No need. If I were bitter I ensure you there would be plenty of need. However, I feel no bitterness; I feel only indifference toward you and the rest of my betrayers. How can I truly hate or be angry toward a group of people I loved for so long" Harry sorrowfully proclaimed, his words immediately giving Hermione hope that their relationship could be perhaps reconciled, that was before he continued, "Actually I do not feel indifference, more disappointment, maybe even shame, especially toward you Black" Harry continued rounding on Sirius this time, "You always claimed to love me as a son, as the last living part of your best friend. Sorry former best friend" Harry said with a slight sneer, which brought tears to Sirius' eyes. "And yet you traded all that love in for a pathetic way of becoming free. Why did you not stand by me, as I stood by and believed in your innocence."

"Harry I didn't know" Sirius pleaded with his former Godson, in desperate hope of some kind of reprieve from the pain that his betrayal was causing him.

"Bull. Pure bull Black.You knew me. You knew what happened to my parents. Why would I ever go over to the dark side?" Harry sadly said, before it became Hermione's turn to face the wrath of the young wizard. "And you Miss. Granger. I loved you as a sister. Pure undemanding love. And yet as with my scum of an ex-godfather. You quickly through all that away. What was it you said to me as you watched me grasping at the burning pieces of the photos of my parents, 'You don't deserve them, you've disgraced their memories, I hope the dementors bring back all your memories of them', you knew what those memories would be didn't you, you knew that I would be forced to listen to my mother's dieing screams. It was torture. It was that memory alone that made me try and kill myself twenty eight times, before I became to weak to even try." Harry said disappointedly toward his former friend.

"You. Silly. Cow. You helped put my son through that. And burnt his only memories of me and James"Lily screamed at the bushy haired bitch, and she tried running at the hag before both James and Harry pulled her back.

"Mum calm" Harry gently said to his mother pulling her into a hug, before he rounded on the final main group of his betrayers, The Weasleys, but there were some obvious absences from the family group, Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, where were they? Then he saw the missing Weasleys all standing with their younger sister, hands on her shoulders protectively. So some of the Weasleys did have some brains it would appear, and then he began his rant toward the other, smaller group of Weasleys.

"I am glad to see that at least some of your family believe me. However out of all of the betrayers the pain is the worst from you three. Well actually mainly only Ron and Mrs. Weasley, as you Arthur were neutral but had to be seen to be supporting your wife." Harry said offering a slightly supportive glance toward Mr. Weasley.

"Do you know how much it hurts when a woman who has always called you her adoptive son, walks out on you. It burnt my heart. Your love Mrs. Weasley was only the other experience of a mother's love apart from the short time I had with my own. A mother would never abandon her child, but that was what happened with me. You just cast me aside like a old dress, something that you no longer loved or wished to see. And it burnt, it burnt so deep into my very soul" Harry coldly said to the Weasley Matriarch, reducing her to a sobbing mess by the end of his speech.

"How dare you talk to my mother lik..." Ron Weasley screamed toward Harry.

"Now we come to the main Weasley betrayer. Ronald Bilius Weasley. I always doubted your true reasons for being my friend ever since second year when at times it was clear that you felt it was me who had released the Basilisk. You befriended me initially purely because of my fame. Fame you seemed at times obvious to my hate of. Yet I thought we became true friends" Harry sadly said.

"We were" Ron pleaded.

"Then why did you abandon me at the start of fourth year." Harry said maliciously and that was all it took for Ron to finally break down into a blubbing mess. Harry then turned to the group of friends who stood supportively behind him.

"To those who stood by me, I offer nothing but thanks, as I know how many of you were driven away by your continued believe in me. But you can have no idea how much it helped in Azkaban when I felt deep in my heart that some people, even if they were very few, still believed in me" Harry said kindly, and then he began to walk toward the small wooden gate that led out of the graveyard, followed by his true love, family, and those few who had believed in him. Before a shout from Dumbledore turned him around.

"Where are you going my boy" Dumbledore said trying to disguise the panic in his voice, for his was about to lose his only weapon against Voldemort.

"Firstly, you no longer have the right to call me boy. And to answer your question I intend to spend some time with my family making up for all the years I lost with them. And then I shall complete my task. And in the process I may begin to have some reconciliation with my betrayers depending upon their future actions" Harry shouted back at his former headmaster.

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