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Discussions of the Heart

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Harry discusses his return with those who believed in him.

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Ginny leapt on Harry - wrapping her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist - as soon as he walked into the room. She was so happy to see him again, that she cared not that his parents were sat on the small two seater couch, and that her brothers were scattered around the room lying on the floor and sitting on various chairs, along with various other people who had believed in her soul mate's innocence.

"Your back. Your back. You're really back"Ginny whispered, almost as though if she were too loud she would lose him again.

"I'm back. Don't panic, I'll never leave you again. I can't lose that love again." Harry said in a calm soothing voice, trying to stop Ginny's panic.

"It was torture. I cried for the whole day when you died. It nearly broke my heart. If your mum hadn't been there I think I would have quickly followed you." Ginny said quietly opening her heart to him quickly. "It was all just too much. First losing to Azkaban, and then gaining hope when I was taken their thinking something good had finally happened. Then your mum and dad told me what had brought me there, and it tore my heart apart."

"I'm so sorry. I would never have left you alone in this horrible world if I had any choice. But I couldn't hold out; my mind, body and soul were broken beyond repair. And I had to leave. I couldn't hold out. The pain was too great." Harry gently told her in a reassuring voice.

"It wasn't your fault, so you have nothing to be sorry for. However your betrayers have plenty to apologise about, and even then I doubt I could forgive their actions truly." Ginny said sorrowfully, clearly missing her parents even though she would never admit it.

"Don't set your future in stone yet. I aim to perhaps forgive my former friends if they earn it for my soul will not recover if it contains bitter feelings toward the people who were and still are part of my life." Harry said in a wise voice, for he had been told of this before he departed from the in-between world that he had resided in since his death.

"But... even after what they did" Ginny said unbelievingly.

"Especially after what they did, although they show no outer sign of it they too have suffered. I think perhaps Hermione the most, I noticed how she seemed shocked by my emptiness, I think she had immediately thought I would be angered toward her, and she had planned for it. I think she is devastated by the betrayal of her trust in authority, I think she had begun to doubt my guilt but only continued with it due to her blind faith in Dumbledore". Harry calmly said some of the good feelings he still felt toward his former friend revealing themselves.

"And...and my bother" Ginny tentatively asked sensing this might be a more difficult subject.

"I don't really know. I mean it would be so much more difficult, he didn't betray me because of any blind faith, more of adifferent kind of blindness in that he ignored all of our former friendship. Ithink it will be the same with Sirius he was my godfather and should of believe me, along with the fact that he had been to Azkaban and knew what it would do to me, and then when I found out what had been his reward for betraying me I didn't know what to think" Harry downhearted said.

"Lets leave all this for now" Lily said from across room interrupting the couples converse, "It is no good talk of what is to come, let us instead focus on the present", she finished sounding concerned for all the troubles her little baby was having to deal with.

"It's alright mum. Don't worry." Harry said, getting up and pulling his mum into a deep hug.

"Harry when you need us we'll all be there for you. You needn't worry about being alone ever again" Remus said kindly his voice full of sympathy and love.

"Never again" The rest of the room quickly affirmed in unison.

"Thank you. I think there may be a day in the not so distant future when I may have to call upon that promise" Harry said happily but in a slightly foreboding manner.

"Don't worry. We'll be there." James said reassuringly.

It was at that moment that Harry realised his life had become what he always wished it were. He was loved, he loved. He was protected, and he had things in his life to protect. He had a life to live and fight for. How now knew that after his battle with Voldemort he would have something to come back to.

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