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Harry gets ready to reveal the new him to the rest of the Wizarding World

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"Harold James Potter" Lily screamed from the bottom of the stairs, "Get down here now".

"What's up?" James casually asked as he strolled out of the kitchen having just eaten breakfast.

"Your son. That's what's up" Lily responding angrily, whilst poking her husband's chest. "He knows dam well that he needs to go to the ministry, and announce the return of Britain's magical king. And he agreed yesterday that he would go today, I mean its almost two weeks since he returned"

"Leave the lad alone. He's just enjoying having a family and nearly normal life. I mean, Christ, we returned from the dead, then he did it himself, it must have been stressful on the poor kid"James said stubbornly defending his son, even though he knew how his wife would react.

"Leave him alone. Lad. Poor kid" Lily screamed indignantly, "I've left him to sort out this business for the past two weeks. And he's 18 not a 'lad'. And finally he is by no means poor in any sense of the word" She finished drawing a deep breath. "Oh and if you ever take the Lord's name in vain again..."

"But. But you're not even religious" James spluttered still recovering from his wife's verbal assault.

"No buts. Just go your son" Lily shouted.

"Alright. Alright" James muttered and as he started off up the stairs, mumbling about mad women.

Reaching the second floor he knocked gently on his son's and likely future daughter-in-law's door.

"Hey, love birds rise and shine" He cheerful said in a sing-song voice as he opened the door, to the site of Harry and Ginny - well Harry in particular - pulling the covers over their heads.

"Piss of dad" Ginny mumbled "It's too early"

"No it's not. Harry has to go the ministry today" James cheerfully told his son, partly because Ginny had already started to consider him as a second father. "Don't you Harry"

A soft "Hum" came from the general location of Harry.

"Yes. Now get up. Before your mum comes and gets you. She's already shouted at me"

"I'm up. Don't let her shout at me" Harry shouted, immediately awaken by the prospect of his angry mother - a matter never to be trifled with.

"Right" James said happily, "Come have some breakfast and then you can get your royal robes on. Oh and your armour, Dobby volunteered to shine it for you last night"

"Right give me a minute." Harry muttered"And remind me to thank Dobby"

"Okey dokey" James happily replied as walked out of the room and began to close the door, but before he quite did he heard harry mutter something about his father being far too happy in the mornings. At this he immediately smiled.

So it was that four hours later - 'armour takes a bloody long time to put on' as Harry had put it earlier - that Harry and rest of his assorted family; including all the ex-Weasleys, Remus and Tonks, his mum and dad, and of course Ginny, stood by the fireplace, ready to floo to the ministry.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Ginny asked in a comforting voice, sensing Harry's nervousness.

"No. But I'm as ready as I'll ever be"Harry replied in a timid voice.

"Don't worry little Harrikins..." Fred began.

"We'll look after you" His twin finished.

"You too aren't helping you know" Bill said trying to fill the role of responsible older brother, but failing.

"Yes Mum we know" Both twins said in asickly sweet voice.

"Right let's get back on track" Lily calmly said taking control of the situation, before her husband and Remus managed to add to the mischief. "Are we all ready?" To which there were a few quick muttered responses.

"Right if Remus and Tonks go first" James said which was answered with a slight whoosh as the couple jumped in the fire.

"Then the assorted red head males" Lily carried on, to which there were only two whooshes as Fred and George managed to get temporally lodged in the fire place, before James gave one of them a sharp kick to push them into it.

"Right now me and your mother will go through Harry and then follow on" James stated in an controlling manner.

"Good luck" Lily said pulling her son into a quick embrace before her and James stepped gracefully into the fire.

"Right let's do this" Harry said sounding alot more confident than before, and he gently pulled Ginny into the fire with him before calming saying. "The ministry of Magic".

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