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Catching Up

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Harry catches up on what he's missed.

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"Now that we have that matter resolved..."Fred asked rather bluntly.

"How the hell..." George continued picking up from where his twin left off.

"You managed to escape..." Charlie followed on from his younger brothers.

"Death" Bill finished.

"First tell me how the hell you did that?"Harry asked unbelievingly, "In fact leave it, it would only spoil the magic".

"Well come on Mr. Potter. Spill the beans"The currently gold haired Tonks asked.

"What would my dad know about this? I'm far too young to be Mr. Potter" Harry answered jokingly.

"Are you implying that I'm... OLD" James said glaring at his son. "I'll have you know me and your mum are exactly the same age as when we died. Sooo in your face" He finished sticking his tongue out at Harry.

"Mature James" Remus laughed

"If we can get back to..." George began

"What we were discussing" Fred finished, both revealing a rare mature side rarely shown by the twins.

"Right, right. Well I suppose it would be best to start at the beginning..." Harry began before he was interrupted.

"That is usually were a story starts" James butted in.

"Funny" Harry snapped, "Well when Arthur disappeared as the Saxons overrode Britain, he had not died or purely vanished. Instead he and Merlin performed an ancient rite, which would preserve their souls and minds, and transport them to the in-between world between this world and the next. They would then wait there until the arrival of the one who would be their heir apparent, as he arrived at the time of Britain's greatest peril."Harry began.

"When I arrived in the in-between world, Iwas immediately presented to Arthur and Merlin himself, and told of my task and destiny." He continued in a mysterious voice, "But that wasn't all I also met the four founders; Slytherrin was a bit of a surprise I think he was disgusted with the actions of his heir - Voldemort - so much so that he has disowned him, leaving me as heir to Slytherrin due to my link to Voldemort. So now my name is officially Harold James Potter-Gryffindor-Slytherrin-Merlin Heir Apparent to the Magical Throne of Britain."

"What?" Lily squealed "Merlin".

"Yes mum, the ceremony performed to make me Arthur's heir also made me Merlin's as well so I know own all they once owned and know all they once knew" Harry said in a slightly noble manner.

"So what is the magical kingdom of Britain?" Remus asked curiously - never having heard of such a realm before.

"Well sadly the Magical Kingdom of Britain has been shrunk since its formation I when wizards first arrived in Britain, so much so that at the end of Arthur's reign it was made up of the Scottish Highland, the Welsh Mountains, Cornwall, and Ireland, so it has remained since. So while official rule those lands, it is the Magical King of Saxony in Germany who controls the rest of Britain, though there has been no heir to that title since before Arthur. In fact I am now the only Magical King left in the world; all the other lines have long since died out. The last being the Tsar Nicholas of Russia." Harry said wisely.

"Whoa" Bill said overwhelm by what he had just been told, as it seemed had been the rest of the room.

"Right. Ummm. Okay." Harry tentatively began again, "In the in-between realm I was taught all the skills I would need to defeat Old Voldie and was preparing to return to this world. When, he decided to interrupt my little burial, of which I was informed of by Merlin. I then waited to see how things went, but when I saw him threaten Ginny I know I had to do something, so I returned. And you know the rest from then on." Harry finished bashfully.

"You've had a hell of an adventure mate"Charlie whispered slowly, "If it was anyone else i would have thought it impossible".

"Ahhh our Charlie..." Fred began.

"Always the big..." George continued. But before either could finish the statement Ginny butted in.

"Under stator" Ginny smugly added.

"Hey that was our line little sis'" The twins moaned slightly annoyed, but glad that she had returned from the shell she shrunk into after Harry's death.

"Right so lets get this straight" Tonks began, "Your the magical ruler of a large chunk of Britain, heir to Merlin and two of the founders, and you have returned to kill Voldie" She said quickly in a single breath.

"Yep that's about it" Harry said lazily

"How can you be so calm about this?" Remus asked unbelievingly.

"What will come, will come" Harry said happily as though these five words explained it all. "Now what's happened since I've been on my little trip?"

"L-little trip" Remus stuttered unbelieving of his adopted nephew's laid back attitude.

"Shut up dear" Tonks said kindly to her husband giving him a playful slap across the head.

"Well, how much do you know of what happened after your internment in Azkaban?" Bill slowly asked.

"Actually, not much. So let's start from after my trial" Harry said oddly joyfully.

"Well obviously Voldemort got stronger without you there to threaten him" Charlie began.

"And most of wizarding Europe cut all links with the ministry. Led by France and Bulgaria, after Fleur and Victor's parents used their powerful positions in said countries to support your cause. In fact you should probably write to Fleur and Victor and thank them for their support." Bill continued.

"I will do. Don't you worry" Harry said gently but forcefully.

"And to be honest I can't really think of anything else that happened during your internment, of course Voldemort killed people but no one you'd know. So I suppose we come to what happened after your death" Bill said.

"Right I'll do this bit" James butted in."Well at first the papers praised your death. But of course as soon as they discovered your innocence, they immediately changed their tune as did most of magical Britain. In fact many called for a day of national mourning." He said chuckling at the irony of magical Britain. "And then the ministry announced afull posthumous pardon, and gave us a massive compensation package for our loss"

"Then of course Sirius and the rest of the betrayers began begging for forgiveness. Not that they got it" Remus spat.

"Calm. Remus, it doesn't matter that's all in the past." Harry said reassuringly.

"Then of course there was your funeral, to organise" James began sombrely, "I nearly died myself that day having to dig your grave"

"You dug the grave? Didn't the church organise that?" Harry asked bemused.

"No dear in it is wizard tradition that the friends and family prepare the grave" Lily said gently.

"And then of course we had just finished the service when good old Voldie turned up..." George began having cottoned on to Harry's nickname for that Dark Lord.

"And started having his little gloat." Fred finished.

"And then he attacked Ginny" All four Weasley brothers muttered darkly, showing just how terrifying they could be.

"And then you arrived and saved me" Ginny finished happily, "My Hero" She added leaping into a hug with him.

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