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Rex rgis Reverto Secui unus

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Harry reveals the new him to Fudge.

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There was a soft puff as Harry and Ginny fell out of the ministry fireplace, Harry showing his well known finesse and style in the use of the floo system. Harry felt reassured however, when he noticed that his father didn't seem to particularly enjoy this method of travel either, as his slightly dishevelled robes payed testament to.

Harry could immediately tell he was in for an interesting couple of hours or so, at the least. The ministry was packed, people popping out of the surrounding fireplaces every couple of minutes and then rushing off to their own departments and offices. Everything was ahive of activity; from the tiny, frail looking old man attempting to sale copies of the Daily Prophet to passing ministry workers, to the tall, forbidding looking vampire who strolled majestically through the crowd as everyone parted to allow him through.

But this busy crowd differed drastically from that which he had experienced when he was quickly rushed from the lower levels of the ministry to court number 10 for his trial. Back then the crowd had been screaming their anger at their supposed betrayer, whilst also appearing, however, to be delighted that they had caught you-know-who's right hand man, all the while oblivious of what they were condemning the 14 year old, Harry, to.

Now, however, the crowd seemed subdued, over shadowed by the rise of the Dark Lord, which they thought they had stopped by imprisoning their form saviour. They all now realised their error, would the boy-who-lived still save them, or would he do what they deserved and leave them to die.

Although, most of the crowd who had met the young boy-who-lived prior to his Azkaban sentence felt sure that although Harry might ignore them and cast them aside, his heart had always been too pure to just stand by and watch innocent people die.

"Come on Harry" Lily said to her son,"We haven't got all day".

"Alright mother I'm coming" Harry responded rather angrily.

"Now, now Harrikins..." George cat called.

"...temper, temper" Fred finished in the same sing-song voice.

"Shout up the pair of you" Bill and Charlie send at the same time both reaching out and hitting the twins across their heads.

"Oww..." They twins began in unison.

"Right lets go" James stand in an commanding manner, totally ignoring the twins exaggerated cries of pain.

So the party set off toward the main hall of the ministry building, outside of where Fudge's office was located, and near to where the worker's cafeteria was, so of course this was where the biggest crowd would be.

Slowly but surely the group cleaved apath through the crowd toward their destination, Harry and his parents only not being recognised due to the clever use of glamour charms that Bill had had the foresight to cast over the three.

So it was that after 3 or 4 minutes of walking the reached the main hall of the ministry. There they came to a halt directly outside of Fudge's office. Whence harry gave the door a gentle rap, and slowly opened the door to the office, at which point Bill slowed allowed the glamour charms to fade, and Harry reappeared in his normal appearance though it had gained a certain majesty since his return.

"Who is i...?" Fudge began, immediately stopped when he noticed who had entered his office. Before he came to his senses and screamed "Out, out. You have no right to be here. I'll call the guards"

"Ahhh, poor old fudgy. You can cry all you like but it won't work as I have silenced the room. And even if your guards did hear you, my family guard your office door themselves to prevent entry"Harry said in a calm but powerful voice, "And as for rights. I have every right to be here, as you will find out momentarily", he finished before walking around fudge's desk to reach up and take a sword from above the fireplace.

"What are you doing you crazy boy?"Fudge squealed ashamed at being shown up by a teenager.

"I am doing what is my right" Harry responded in the same powerful voice. "I Harold James Potter do claim my position as descendent of King Arthur the first of Magic, and hence my right as magical ruler of the old kingdom of Britain" and as he finished a blinding white light filled the room, and the sword which Harry grasped in his hands began to glow red.

"B-but. But how?" Fudge stuttered in disbelieve.

"That is for me to know and you never to find out. Just know that I am descendent from Arthur and therefore am magical king of Cornwall, Wales, Ireland and, the Highlands and Western Isles" Harry said in a proud majestic voice. "Now I believe you should go and tell the world of my return. For I believe it may come as a shock to many. Especially acertain old meddling fool".
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