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Rex rgis Reverto Secui duos

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Harry reveals himself to the rest of the Wizarding World.

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Every person who was at that point residing in the main hall of the ministry - which at that point in time was over half of the whole ministry, as it was lunch time - turn to face the minister as he came out of his office, and the hall immediately fell into tense almost un-natural silence.

This was because everyone in the ministry; even the men who emptied all the departmental bins, knew that the minister very rarely left his office as of late. So for the ministry workers to see him in the open, as clear as you or I, had a very profound effect on them, as they quickly realised that Fudge leaving his office meant something very serious had happened.

This of course immediately increased the pressure on Fudge himself, mainly as he wasn't used to the prospect of having to address a crowd who were actually fully prepared to listen to him, normally they just ignored him or blindly followed whatever he said in the Prophet.

This atmosphere was immediately picked upon by those of Harry's escort whom had remained outside of Fudge's office, which was everyone but Harry, and Ginny kind of, as she had not entered the office itself but had remained by the door, in order to be with Harry when he was announced to the ministry in its entirety. Anyway back to the rest of the aforementioned group, most of the said group, everyone but Fred and George, had quickly released that people's nervous states would make them likely to lash out and be more dangerous, which of course threatened Harry's security. Fred and George, however, were far too busy falling about in hysterics at the minister's facial expressions - which at moment made him appear to be rather severely constipated- an expression which had immediately led to plans for a new kind of joke, for their shop.

At this point, however, we return to the minister with his rather alarming appearance, as he whispered in a squeaky, high pitched voice;

"Sonorous" Which although allowing the hall in its entirety to hear him, had the unfortunate side effect of making it rather plain just how scared he was.

"Quiet. Please" Fudge asked in the same high pitched pleading wine, although to ask for quiet was unnecessary, as the whole hall was already deathly so. "I have a rather important announcement to make. From this moment forth, I wish to make it plain that I stand down as minister of magic", this statement was greeted by cheers, which of course the idiocratic fudge saw no reason for. "This is because of the return to our political system, of a position thought long lost." This time Fudge's statement was received as he expected, with muttered speculation. "It is my honour to announce the king has come forth to claim his throne. I give you his Royal Highness King Harold the First of Magic, ruler of the magical kingdoms of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland."

At this point Harry stepped out from Fudge's office in a blinding light - similar to that present at his return to live - an accompanying the light, was an incredibly regal trumpet fanfare, which sounded as though it came straight from the heavens.

As he stepped out of the door Harry had also flowingly link his arm through Ginny's, in an obvious bid for her support, which she willingly offered. At this point the blinding light also enveloped Ginny, a clear sign of her position as the future Queen.

Then as harry and Ginny reached the point where Fudge was stood, the light began to fade and Harry gave a small curt bow to Fudge, as Harry had to officially acknowledge his former steward. He then turned to face the waiting crowd and began to explain what he hoped he would give them as their king.

"Right. First let me say that I have no plans to rid the ministry of its power. Obviously I will have over-riding power in matters I consider of great importance. I also intend to reappoint aminister or The Steward of the Magical Kingdoms of Britain, as he shall be known from now on. In fact I will resolve this matter now. Where is Mr. Arthur Weasley of the Department of Muggle Artefacts" Immediately Arthur stepped forward from the front row, where he stood with his son, Ronald.

"What is it you wish of me?" Arthur asked dejectedly, expecting to be openly humiliated for his small part in Harry's betrayal.

"I wish to ask if you would be willing to take on the role of, The Steward of the Magical Kingdoms of Britain." Harry asked in a kind tone, which clearly showed Arthur that he need not fear the wrath of his new King.

"I would be honoured to accept such aposition your Majesty" Arthur replied loud enough for the whole hall to hear, before asking in a hushed tone, "But why me, your Majesty?"

"Three main reasons, firstly you're the best man for the job. Secondly it gives us a chance to repair some of our former relationship. And finally you proved me with an easy route to beginning to forgive the rest of my betrayers in order for me to heal my heart, so that Imay move on" Harry whispered back, his voice full of wisdom.

"Again honoured your Majesty" And he truly was, to have been given the chance to repair the bond he used to have with the boy he had and still did consider a seventh son, and also for the opportunity to see his only daughter, more regularly, as well as the rest of his sons.

He was also thankful that some of Harry's other betrayers had been given the chance to apologise. Although he did have to admit that he thought his final son, Ron, and the leader of the Order of the Phoenix, Albus Dumbledore, might struggle to do so, due to their stupidity. However, Arthur had watched as the news of Harry's innocence, then death, and finally his return, had destroyed Hermione and Sirius from the inside out, and knew that only some of kind of forgiveness on Harry's part would prevent their deaths.

At this point, however, another figure stepped out from within the crowd. The figure was dressed in glaring purple robes, with what appeared to be silver rabbits dotted across it a rather disconcerting pattern.

"Dear boy. I am sure I could find somebody much more suitable, for the said role" Dumbledore said in his calm grandfatherly manner, clearly trying to hide the fact that he didn't believe Arthur was capable of maintaining the work of such a role.

"Huh" Harry muttered quietly as he refocused on the matters in hand, having drifted off at the bemusing sight of Dumbledore's robes. "I, however, feel that this man is perfect for the role, and that is final. I was to have a Steward who is from the light, but one who is not under your thumb so to say."

"But, Harry, my dear boy. Surely you will listen to your wise, old headmaster" Dumbledore said in the same apparently caring voice.

"Ex-headmaster" Harry hissed under his breath loud enough only for Dumbledore to hear. "And, no. I will run MY government. As I wish" He then continued now loud enough for the hall to hear, "And you would do well to remember that Mr. Supreme Mugwump. Also you should remember I have the power to remove you from all of your positions of power, including from your blessed school."

This of course immediately shut up Dumbledore, who loved his position as headmaster too much to risk losing it. In fact this was one of the few positions he held for reasons other than the power that came with the roles, he was headmaster because he genuinely loved to watch young wizards and witches becoming brilliant young men and women.

"I apologise, your majesty. I forgot myself"Dumbledore responded in a hushed voice, after a couple of minutes of thought on the matter of the new king. He had resolved perhaps it would be best to leave the young man to his business, and perhaps if he got into trouble, offer some council, but only then. For Dumbledore had begun to realise he couldn't to regain the kind of relationship he had with Harry in past, and that no longer required constant advice and direction, he had lost that need now that he had become such a brilliant young man.

But Dumbledore did want to try and regain some kind of relationship, with his former pupil, partly because Dumbledore, deep in his heart had always continued to love harry, but during the boy's internment he had convinced himself that he no longer did, and the love had actually gone away temporally. But now that he had realised his error, the love had returned, and the knowledge of what he had done to one he loved was crushing Dumbledore's frail old heart.

Old Dumbles also wanted to try and at least partial rebuild his lost relationship with Lily and James, especially Lily, as ever since they had arrived at his school, and even more since their death, he had loved them fully, and like they were his own.

He had lost so much with his, at times brash, and often highly opinionated attitude. He knew that he would never regain any former of his lost friendships unless he stopped this or at least controlled it. He also realised that he perhaps needed to show Harry that he no longer desired all the power that he currently had, in order to show Harry how he was willing to change, and to remove one of the issues of contention between them.

"Actually in regard to my position as Supreme Mugwump, your Majesty. I believe it is time for me to stand down from said role, and allow some of lessyears than myself to gain experience in the position" Dumbledore said slightly sadly, but also with a hint of happiness that he could spend more time at the school he loved so much.

"Your loss will be a sad one for my government. I trust you will be willing to help and offer advice to your replacement if they require it." Harry said, sounding slightly sad at the loss."Okay, then, to the position of Supreme Mugwump of the Wizengamot, I wished to appoint Miss. Amelia Susan Bones of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement"Amelia nodded her acceptance, and there was a small cheer around the hall.

"Right, now I am going to return to my home. I will be contactable via the Steward, but other than urgent issues, Iexpect the ministry to run as normal" Harry began before pausing momentarily, "Actually I have one more issue to deal with" He began calmly, before shouting so loud that most of the hall were nearly deafened. "If ANYONE here has every been a death eater, I recommend they leave NOW. And escape with their lives, for if they stay. I WILL kill them" At which there were a few pops, as various death eater ran for their lives.

"Good, I'm glad that sorted. Now I will say goodbye" Harry said before enveloping Ginny in a hug and disappearing in aflash of pure white light, to be followed by the apparition pops of the rest of his group who had gone to the ministry with him.
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