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Crowning Moments

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Harry is Crowned as the King of the Magical Kingdom of Britain.

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"Remind me again why I have to wear this again?" Harry complained, as he stood in front of the mirror tugging at the tight high rising collar, which dug into his neck.

"Because they're after the official robes of the Magical English Monarch. And as it's your coronation you have to wear. Now stop complaining" James responding, getting bored of his son's moaning, although he did think that the robes were hilarious.

Harry a long flowing imperial purple cloak, with a point, vertical high rising collar. The cloak was fastening across his upper chest by a delicate gold chain. Underneath the cloaks rich pleats of the cloak, a set of shining white robes clung tight to Harry's body, constricting his movements, and just aggravating him even more. All in all Harry thought the get up was pointless and designed purely to annoy him, James meanwhile was struggling to contain his glee, at the position his son had been placed in.

"Let's just get on with it" Harry said storming out of the room, with a flick of his cloak - almost reminiscent of acertain greasy haired potions professor - which of course immediately lead to James collapsing to the ground in fits of laughter. "Come on you smug git"Harry called from outside the room, so James picked himself up with little tears of laughter sliding down his cheeks.

The pair then walked along the light, airy corridor of Potter Manor, before walking down the main staircase down to the entrance to the Manor. They only had to wait for a couple of minutes before they turned to face and look up the stairs, to watch the loves of their lives walking gracefully down the stairs.

"You look stunning darling" James said to Lily as he pulled her into his arms. Meanwhile a similar thing was going on between Harry and Ginny.

"Masters you must be going" Dobby said loudly breaking apart the happy couples.

"Yes, Sir" James and Harry said at the same time snapping to attention, which earned each of them a smack around the head from their respective partners.

"Fine. Let's go" James huffed, annoyed that Lily had, once again, interrupted his fun.

"Okay we'll go first" Harry said putting his arm around Ginny's waist as the pair of them stepped into the floo, to go to the ministry.

"Let's do this thing" James said happily leaping into the fire, and screaming out a quick Woohoo, as he shot away through the floo.

"And I married him" Lily muttered to herself as she stepped into the floo.

After arriving in what used to be the minister's office, Harry and Ginny were greeted by the newly appointed Steward of the Realm, Arthur Weasley.

"A Good morning, I hope my Lord" Arthur said in the formal tone that most people would be expected to use when talking to the Magical King of the British Isles. However, Harry was having none of this.

"Enough of the Lord business, Arthur. Istill expect my friends to call me Harry" Harry said graciously; sense that this was what he had to do to patch up relations between, him and one of his former father figures.

All Arthur said in reply was, "As you wish Harry". But inside, he felt the wounds his heart had had since Harry had gone to Azkaban heal. Perhaps the boy he used to think of as a son was willing to forgive his faults. It was all too much for Arthur and a small tear fell from his eye.

"Daddy, you don't need to cry" Ginny said as she pulled her father into a massive hug, as she also realised the significance of what Harry has said, he was healing the rifts that had existed since his spell in Azkaban.

"Arthur, I miss the relationship I used to have with all your family" Harry said emphasising the 'all' in particular, "I think it's time that relationship returned" He ended extending his hand to shake Arthur's. However, to his surprise, Arthur did not shake his hand, but instead pulled him into a huge hug.

"Thank-you Harry, you have no idea how much this means to me" Arthur said happily.

"Trust me I have every idea how much it does" Harry whispered to himself, as a smile spread across his face.

At that exact moment a very sooty James and angry looking Lily shot out of the fire, breaking up the reunion.

"What happened to you two?" Harry asked quizzically, his eyebrows raised.

"Your father decided to scream 'Woohoo'instead of saying the right bloody destination, so I had to go rescue him. We were just lucky that...Ummm business was closed." Lily said angrily her fearsome eyes aimed at her husband the whole time, "If it hadn't, the whole thing would have been beyond embarrassing".

"Ummm...I'm pretty sure I don't need to know anymore" Harry said cautiously, his eyes turned towards the red tassel that was draped over his father's ear, "And Dad you might want to get rid of the tassel" He finished nodding towards said item, at which point his father looked suitably embarrassed, and removed the offending item.

"Okay. I think perhaps it is time for us to begin" Arthur said hesitantly, "I just go get things started", He said before walking out into the main hall of the ministry. This of course made Harry immediately nervous and he was about to complain before Ginny silenced him was a kiss.

"Stop, worrying" She said as she pulled back from the kiss.

"Fine" Harry huffed, slightly annoyed that the kiss had ended, but his complaints were once again ended when a loud shout broke through the momentary silence in the room.

"It is my honour to present..." Arthur began, at which point Harry stepped towards the door realising what Arthur was wanting him to do, "His Majesty Harold James Potter the First" at which point Harry stepped through the door with Ginny on his arm, and a bright white light shining around the pair of them.

Harry and Ginny then walked to the front of the seated crowd, at which point Ginny broke off and sat down on the front row, whilst Harry proceeded to kneel before Arthur, who was to the one to crown him.

Arthur once again began to speak, "We are gathered here today to witness the return for the first time in a millennium of a King to the Magical Throne of Britain. Does anyone know of any reason why this man may not be appointed High Ruler of the magical peoples of the British Isles?" At which point no-one in the entire hall made a sound, "Good, then we shall begin" Arthur said steeping forward to begin the ceremony.

"Yr anrhydedd, balchder, a diogelwch ydeyrnas yn gorwedd yn eich dwylo, a ydych yn tyngu I anrhydeddu dasg hon"Arthur said, speaking the ancient welsh that had once covered so much of the West of England and all of Wales, this tradition of anointing all Kings in the three ancient languages of the realm was a long tradition.

"Rwy'n tyngu I anrhydeddu dasg hon hyd eithaf fy ngallu" Harry said annunciating each word loudly so that the whole hall could hear easily.

"Chun geall leat riamh forsake t
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