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Taking the Oaths

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Harry recieves the oaths of fealty from the Ancient Houses of Magical Britain.

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Chapter 21

Taking the Oaths

"This, my people, is the beginning of a new age for Wizards" Harry announced in a very regal manner his voice carrying throughout the crowd. "Gone is the age where those who claim to be our betters will damage and destroy our lives. Gone the days when we would fear to walk the streets, the days when we would fear to say a name for the fear of the repercussions. Gone are the days of Voldemort, from this day on begins the age of the Kings, and with it the return of glory and true honour to our realm. For it is 'our' realm, I may be its king but it is your homeland, and never again will the homeland by under the power and at the mercy of one man. The King has returned and so will this land's glory." He finished shouting his final sentence.

For the briefest of moments there was silence in the auditorium, then slowly and quietly at first the applause began, as all the witches and wizards who were gathered processed what had been said. Then as all those gathered realised the implications of what the King had said, there was a tumultuous round of applause for the king's wise words.

"Now that the King has returned, so will some of the traditions of old" Harry began as silence once again fell over the auditorium. "I now call upon the Ancient Houses to send forth their representatives, as we prepare as nation to return to the glory days of old. Firstly I call upon the most Ancient House of Black to send forth its Lord" At these words Sirius stepped forth from the front of the crowd, utterly bemused by what his former Godson was doing now.

"My King" Sirius said, as he bow his head before Harry.

"Do you Sirius Orion Black do you and your house pledge to support the King and his armies in the fight against the tyranny that has overrun this realm as of late?" Harry said once again in same regal manner, which was so befitting of his new status.

"Aye, my King I pledge to support your cause, however I cannot speak for some the rest of the Black Household, as some of our family has already sworn allegiance to the Dark Lord" Sirius said fearful of how Harry might react to the last part of his oath.

"I speak only of those who still bare the'Black' surname, which those you speak of do not. And this goes to everyone when I say do not call Voldemort 'The Dark Lord', for he is no Lord, and the title is unbefitting of the man and his actions" Harry said wisely, "However, Igratefully accept your oath Lord Black" With these words a flash of light surrounded the men, showing the bond that had now been formed between the two. After the light had fade Sirius slowly and silently rose and returned to his place at the front of the crowd.

"Next I call upon the Laird of the Highland Clans, for I know that all the Clans swear allegiance firstly to the Laird of the Highlands" Harry said his voice full of respect for these ancient clans, and their chiefs. At his words a burley, and tall, dark haired man stepped forth from the crowd.

"I am Iain Robertson, current Laird of the Highlands my King" The man proclaimed with a thick but gentle Highland accent.

"I feel I shall require much of the wizards of your clans in the upcoming war. For your peoples are some of the few in Magical Britain who still remember and train in the ways of the old imperial army" Harry began almost sad at what he may have to put these people through. "So it is that I most humbly ask for your oath and the support of the Great Clans"

"The magic of the Clans has always been tied to the King, we have waited all these years, and now we will gladly be at your side, to the return of Glory to our lands which has been gone for so long now." The man said kneeling before his King. Once again a flash of light surrounded the men, this time more brilliant and bright, showing the how ancient the magic was that had just been reunited.

So it was that the ceremony of oath swearing continued, with all the families, Clans, and even Tribes of magically Britain swearing fealty to their King. Some such as the Irish and Welsh Clans Tribes rose proudly to make their oaths, filled with home at return to the glory days of old, when they had been more prominent, and whence they had always been right at the Kings of Old's sides. However, some of the pure blood families of England were less happy to make to swear fealty unwilling to submit to another after so long holding power over others. Yet all the families called fore did eventually make their oaths, and so it was that the ceremony began to come to a close, until four tall blond haired men came fore.

"My Lord, we come from the Scandinavian Countries of Northern Europe to ask you most respectfully, to unite our countries into your Kingdom. We of course which to remain semi-independent in the management of internal affairs. However, our countries have also suffered greatly during this last war, and now we which to help end it. Alas though we need you to unite our countries under this common cause, and as a descendent of the old Kings of Britain and Scandinavia, we ask you to return our countries also, once more to the glory days of old" One of men said in a similarly regal voice to Harry's.

"Who are you to offer me this Honour?"Harry asked respectfully.

"We are the over Lords of the Ancient Houses of our countries, similar in a way to your Laird of the Highlands"Another of the men said in a similar regal tone to the first.

"Very well, I shall amalgamate your countries into my Kingdom as principalities, and as such I shall appoint each of you as Prince of your own country. Therefore you shall each be responsible for the houses of your countries swearing fealty to me, via yourselves in your roles as Princes" Harry said having quickly pondered the situation, and realised the benefit of having more allies, despite Voldemort's dwindling power. He then received an oath of fealty from each of the new Princes. Whose descendents would now represent Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland within the magical Kingdoms of Britain and Scandinavia.

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